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Rebirth After Being Abducted – Chapter 30.1

Translated by: Oinkoink

Names mentioned in this chapter:

– 苏秦 (Sū Qín) – Female Lead

– 黎川 (Lí Chuān) / 黎教授 (Lí jiàoshòu) – Male Lead

– 非非 (Fēifēi) / 云非 (Yún fēi) – The Fool

– 孟思思 (Mèng Sīsī) – Abductee

– 于雯 (Yú Wén) – Su Qin’s dorm mate/ classmate

– 言一晓 (Yán Yīxiǎo) – Su Qin’s dorm mate

– 徐航 (Xú Háng) – Military Training Instructor (Team 1)

– 吴杨 (Wú Yáng) – Military Training Instructor (Team 2)

Chapter 30.1 – Tanned Person

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As soon as Team 1 students heard their instructor’s voice, they immediately got up and looked at him with joy.

Xu Hang came over, helped Yun Fei up, then turned towards Wu Yang and stopped in front of him.

“Instructor Wu, since you are teaching my students, then, shouldn’t your students be taught by me?” Xu Hang looked straight at him coldly with a compelling aura.

The two men’s gazes were like drawn sharp knives, ripping a long gash in the air.

Staring at him, Wu Yang said, “Instructor Xu, no matter whatever reason, students are not allowed to lash out first, this is the rule. Your students broke the rules, are you treating the rules as dirt too?”

Xu Hang did not argue about who is more at fault with him, but just said, “Since both sides are at fault, both must be punished. What are the reasons for Instructor Wu to favor and side your students?”

Wu Yang’s tone was firm, “From the beginning to the end, I never said I would favor my students. Instructor Xu, my students did not abide by the rules, the fault lies with me. I will take the responsibility and run 30 laps with the weight for my students.”

Staying in the countryside for many years, Yun Fei’s stamina is much better than his city-dweller’s classmates. But he has really reached his limit running 15 laps, so tired that he vomited white bile.

If Instructor Wu really ran 30 laps for those classmates who called him a ‘fool’, he could willingly accept and called him a ‘Joe’.

Xu Hang is also fiercely protective of his students and cannot allow his students to be bullied.

He said, “How about this Instructor Wu, your team likes to compete with ours so much, why don’t we have a stamina match. If you lose, let your students apologize to my students.”

Wu Yang raised his hand and halted in the air as Xu Hang gave him a high-five.

Looking at the two instructors running laps in the field, Meng Sisi tugged at Su Qin’s clothes with a worried look, “Didn’t Instructor Zhang say that Instructor Wu sustained injuries? Will this cause his injury to worsen ah?”

“Else? You still want to run for him ah?” Yu Wen felt her heart seized too as she turned to look at Su Qin, “You were really impulsive just now. Not to mention others, it’s not easy for us to get into Yunzhong, if Instructor Wu makes a big fuss about this, don’t you ever think about starting school.”

Su Qin understood the reasoning, but also knew that no matter how ‘wicked’ the instructor named Wu is, he won’t really lodge a complaint to get her and Yun Fei be expelled.

A man who is able to become a special force, even if his personality is eccentric, will not be nasty to that extent.

Hearing that the instructors of Team 1 and Team 2 were having a stamina match, and this matter implicated the honor of the whole team, the students who were folding quilts in the dormitory building ran out and gathered around the field-track to cheer on the two instructors.

Getting bullied, Yun Fei couldn’t swallow this anger. After a short rest, he grabbed the camo jacket and waved it in the air, “Instructor Xu, come on!”

Due to the excessive avidity, the veins of the boy’s forehead protrude.

Students of Team 1 were all startled by Yun Fei’s shout. They all thought he was aloof and introverted, thus didn’t expect his ‘cheering’ could be so fervent.

The students were all spiritedly driven, especially the male students and they started yelling, “Come on, Instructor Xu.”

Students of Team 2, certainly unwilling to lag behind, also shouted, “Go, Instructor Wu”, with a fervor of wanting to surpass them.

Both sides’ enthusiasm was so intense that neither side was willing to give way.

The bald headed Administrator Zhao of the Academic Affairs Office heard the thunderous shouts on the sports field and came over with hands behind his back. He stood beside a student and asked in a low voice, “Student, what’s the situation here?”

Meng Sisi didn’t look back as she grabbed Administrator Zhao’s hand and began to shake it, “Never mind what the situation is, just follow us sisters and shout ‘Come on, Instructor Xu’!”

Hand grabbed and shook by Meng Sisi, Administrator Zhao used his other free hand to hold the frame of his glasses and coughed lightly, “ ….. “

Administrator Zhao asked unhurriedly again, “Are you guys engaging in fellowship bonding?”

This voice …..

The surrounding students turned back to look at Administrator Zhao. Some of the boys were so frightened that they couldn’t control themselves and called out “Bald-head Zhao”.

Meng Sisi, who was holding and waving Administrator Zhao’s arm, was also stunned when she heard the voice. Turning her head and seeing the old man she was grabbing on, she laughed awkwardly and put his arm down slowly, “Zhao … Administrator Zhao.”

The past few days of military training, old man Zhao has come over to inspect often and the students have nicknamed him, “Bald-head Zhao”. 

As if not hearing the students call him “Bald-head Zhao”, Administrator Zhao glanced at the two instructors on the field and asked, “Are you guys having a fellowship bonding event? Such a huge spectacle.”

The students looked at each other in dismay, no one dared to tell the real situation.

Seeing that the students were not forthcoming, Administrator Zhao glanced around and asked, “Who is your teams’ acting captain?”

The small built, Yan Yixiao, stepped out of the crowd and raised her chubby hand, “Me … me … “

Administrator Zhao, “What’s this situation is ah?”

Yan Yixiao coughed lightly, “Report … report to Administrator Zhao, the two instructors are having a stamina match and the students of both teams are cheering on their instructor!”

The two beady eyes of Administrator Zhao narrowed slightly, “Really?”

All the students answered in unison, “Yes!”

After a few days of military training, the students not only improved a bit of their physical fitness but had also learned to be united. Even though the male students didn’t like Yun Fei very much, during moments like this, they all started to protect him and no one snitched.

Many minutes later.

On both sides of the sports field track, students from Team 1 and Team 2 stood on each side while old man Zhao stood in the middle as the boundary line. He raised his fist and shouted after the students, “Come one, Instructor Xu!”

All students of Team 2 turned their heads to look at him with faces full of grudges.

Administrator Zhao could only raise his fist again and shouted, “Come on, Instructor Wu!”

In the end, neither won the competition. As both were injured, they were urged to stop by another instructor.

Wu Yang’s students felt guilt-stricken because their instructor was punished for helping them and they took the initiative to apologize to Yun Fei.

At 8 p.m, the night breeze was gentle on the sports field.

Students of both teams sat opposite each other and sang songs on the sports field. What they sang was not the military song, but the current pop song by Shin band, [Love till death].

The captain of Team 2 got up to lead the song, regardless whether he was in tune or not, he shouted at the top of his lungs, “I want to love even after death, not content if without restraint!”

According to the rules, the captain of Team 1 had to stand up to counter too and then both the teams would sing together.

Yan Yixiao is lovely with a soft voice and her stature is small. She is the class’ Pikachu elfie. Facing the big boy of Team 2, she blushed and couldn’t utter a single lyric for a long time.

Her classmates cheered her on:

“Come on ah, Team Captain, show your strength!”

“Team Captain! If you don’t have the vigor, use your sweet voice to fight back!”

“Come on, Team Captain! Just try your best! Leave the rest to us!”

“ ….. “

Clenching a pair of small fists, Yan Yixiao took a deep breath and shouted out, “How deep is the feeling, only then, can I express it! Out!”

Although she didn’t sound as loud as the other party’s, at least she took out ‘top of the lung’ fervid.

Students of both sides sang loudly too and no one gave way to anybody, the vehement was superb. Sitting cross-legged too, Xu Hang and Wu Yang looked at each other and felt proud of their own students.

After the singing and a short break, Xu Hang started to tell the students about being a soldier.

Meng Sisi listened earnestly and asked him, “Instructor Xu, why did you choose to be a soldier ah? It’s a peaceful time now, there isn’t a need to go to war.”

Tilting her head to lean on Su Qin’s shoulder, Yu Wen heaved a sigh, “Instructor Xu, we are not going to be soldiers nor going to war, so why should we have military training ah?”

Su Qin nodded her head too and complained, “What’s the point of torturing a bunch of kids?”

The students then discussed their opinion actively.

Glancing at the students, Xu Hang’s gaze was blazing like a torch and his words were resounding.

“Iron-blooded men, cannot just think about sticking the bayonets in the ground, but also must think about grabbing the weapons to defend the country. Our country had been bullied because we were weak. If we want peace, we must improve our own strength. Is the military training just to torture you all?”

“No. Military training can enhance your physique and at the same time let you all know that your willpower can be so resilient. Of course, from the perspective of our national defense strategy, it’s to improve your survival ability in times of war. At least when confronted with a real war, you will not add additional burden to the military, medical and other departments.”

“Only the strong can stop the war.”

“With wise youth, the nation is astute; with abundant youth, the nation prosper; with strong youth, the nation is powerful; and with independent youth, the nation can stand on its own. We soldiers protect and defend the country while you students study hard.”

The phrase “Only the strong can stop the war” caused Su Qin’s heart to pound. She looked carefully at that Instructor Xu in front of her and suddenly felt that the image of this person had become lofty.

Xu Hang fished out a bullet necklace on his neck and said, “This bullet was taken out from my body. It was the first time in my life that I was shot and it’s very memorable.”

Seeing Yu Wen leaned her head on Su Qin’s shoulder, Yun Fei pushed her head away, with an expression of ‘don’t lean on my Su-su’s shoulder’.

Yu Wen, “ ….. “ wants to hit people.

Meng Sisi raised her hand and asked him, “That … Instructor Xu, I think my physique is pretty good. I want to go to the military academy and become a specialized troop in the future. Can … can you give me the bullet necklace ah? Take it as a little encouragement to me, I will go to the Special Forces to find you in the future!”

Xu Hang looked at the young girl. The corners of his mouth curved up as he took off the necklace and spread it in the palm of his hand before handing it to the young girl.

The students looked enviously and shouted, “I want it too, Instructor!”

Meng Sisi took the necklace and put it around her neck happily.

Xu Hang spread his hands at the students and smiled, “You guys study hard. Instructor will give it to you all if there’s a chance in the future!”

Having said that, Xu Hang looked at this group of children and knew that he might not have a chance to meet them again. This military training and the most profound impression was of course the first group of students who he personally ‘punished’, the four girls and one boy.

Su Qin looked at that instructor, who she initially had a bad impression of, but now, there is somewhat a change of view.

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