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Rebirth After Being Abducted – Chapter 31.2

Translated by: Oinkoink

Names mentioned in this chapter:

– 苏秦 (Sū Qín) – Female Lead

– 黎川 (Lí Chuān) / 黎教授 (Lí jiàoshòu) – Male Lead

– 林晓茵 (Lín Xiǎoyīn) – One of the support teacher / ML’s ardent pursuer

– 包包 (Bāo bāo) – daughter of the Female Lead with the Male Lead

– 刘伟雄 (Liú Wěixióng) – Li Chuan’s fellow schoolmate (Panda)

– 张亚竹 (Zhāng Yàzhú) – Li Chuan’s fellow schoolmate (Old Zhu)

– 春春哥 (Chūnchūn gē) – Li Chuan’s fellow schoolmate

Chapter 31.2 – Stationery

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Su Qin spread out her hand, several pens of different colors lay in the palm of her hand, which were quite girly.

Li Chuan was perturbed by the few cute pens in the young girl’s palm. He felt that Su Qin at this age is really a little zestful and cute, hence he couldn’t help but reach out to rub her short hair.

“Let’s go over there.”

Once the two of them left, the female classmate of Lin Xiaoyin said, “It’s Li Chuan and that young girl again, they have no liaison? I don’t believe it. Yinyin, do you need me to check out that girl for you?”

Last time Li Chuan had publicly commented in the Fifth cafeteria that she looked like a ‘toad spirit’, which was a big blow to her. She disappeared for a few months and went abroad to fix her facial features. When she came back, she changed a lot in appearance, with a sharp chin, upturned nose and sexy lips.

The fact that Li Chuan didn’t recognize her was normal as he simply didn’t look carefully at atll.


Su Qin’s youth had long passed in her previous lifetime, and she was closer to her daughter’s childhood.

She often hung out with her daughter, watching animations with her, telling her fairy tales and would also bring her daughter to stroll around toy stores and stationery shops. Probably influenced by children’s fondness, the stationery she chose was also rather childish.

Those she picked were little kids’ cartoon book covers and the notebook covers were also dazzling animated girls.

Li Chuan was profoundly aware of the age gap with his future wife. He coughed lightly and asked her, “Do you like cartoons?”

“Yes ah. At home when I have nothing to do, I like to be with … “ Su Qin almost had a slip of tongue, “Watch it with my mother. When Teacher Li was young, didn’t you watch cartoons?”

“Yes, but not this kind.”

“Huh? What kind of cartoon does Teacher Li like?”

“Saint Seiya.”

“Oh … all of us girls will watch Sailor Moon.”

Su Qin then bought some cartoon stickers, which were all Baobao’s favorite characters.

Looking at these cute things was just like seeing her adorable daughter. Even though she doesn’t have the courage to bring her to this world again, but, she doesn’t want to forget her.

If she forgets Baobao, won’t the little girl feel very sad?

Li Chuan glanced at the stickers in her hand, which happened to be his daughter, Baobao’s favorite [Peppa Pig and Suzy Sheep] and he took a few more glances at it.

In his previous lifetime, his daughter liked to stick the pink pig on Su Qin’s face and the little sheep on Li Chuan’s, then patted their cheeks with her chubby hands and spoke in a babyish voice, “Su-su and Chuanchuan will be Peppa Pig and Suzy Sheep la ~ you guys have to love each other and not fight, okay? From now on, you have to go hand-in-hand to school and eat hand-in-hand!”

Li Chuan always looked helpless. He was a university professor who was tormented by his daughter like this, it was rather humiliating.

Yet Su Qin still liked to drag him to take photos together and posted them on WeChat Moments, where those of friends would tease him.


Seeing Li Chuan kept staring at the pink pig stickers, Su Qin said to him, “Teacher Li, give me the back of your fist.”

With a puzzled look, Li Chuan clenched his hand and reached over.

The girl took off a pink pig then ‘slapped’ it on the back of his fist and also stuck the sheep on the back of her hand.

She then bumped her sheep sticker fist with the man’s fist.

Su Qin said, “Teacher Li, isn’t your handphone able to take photos? Come, take one and send it to me later.”

Li Chuan didn’t understand her reason for doing so.

Su Qin explained, “A testimony of our friendship!”

Li Chuan was stunned, laughed out loud and took out his handphone to take a photo.

The girl’s fist was small and tanned while the man’s was big and fair. The contrast between the two was as distinct as a marinated stewed egg and a hard-boiled egg.

It was obviously a childish act that he held in contempt, yet he somehow found it sweet and cute.

One hour later, Li Chuan returned to the company for a meeting.

The company has expanded from three rooms with two foyers to a building, and the number of staff has also multiplied from dozens at first to over hundreds, which is no longer small scale.

The company’s flagship product ‘31 Security Safeguard’ has basically stood firm. As long as the subsequent collaborating negotiations with the computer manufacturers and several large internet companies are finalized, the market share of the product will be even greater.

Able to manage a new company to achieve such a level in half a year’s time, even his few fraternity brothers could not help but suspect that this guy had cheated as he had actually trampled on Golden Shield ‘easily’.

In the previous lifetime, the founder of Golden Shield stole his research results and Li Chuan, who had lived one lifetime, has accumulated a lot of experiences that every step taken was clear and stable.

His business plan for the company was also very distinct and he would not take the similar path as Golden Shield.

In the future, it will be increasingly difficult for Golden Shield to survive under the attack of several internet companies, and Li Chuan believes that if he wants this path to go smoothly, he must develop other businesses.

In the future world, network security is relevant to everyone. He intends to gradually develop smart living security, intelligence home security and household management safety services under the premise of ‘31 Security Safeguard’.

The heads of various departments entered the conference room and Li Chuan turned on the projector. Holding the back of the chair and hadn’t even opened his mouth yet, “Boss, the pink pig on your hand?”

Li Chuan instinctively flung his hand behind and coughed lightly, “Each department hands in their KPI first.”

Mr. Li’s image as a cold-faced boss in the company is obvious to all and when everyone saw the pink pig on the back of his hand, they wanted to laugh but dared not and almost suffered internal injuries.

When the meeting was over, the others left the conference room and only a few founding members remained, Chunchun asked Li Chuan, “Boss didn’t you buy a new car? Why are you still riding Old Zhu’s battery-assisted bike?”

Panda raised his eyebrows, “What do you know ah. The boss is recalling the sorrows of the past and savoring the joys of the present. Owning a luxury car but still riding the battery-assisted bike, this is the highest level of pretentiousness!”

Su Qin returned home with big and small bags. Seeing her with short hair and ‘tanned’, Wang Lin felt incessantly heart ached. One fair and delicate girl got sun-tanned into this.

Knowing her daughter is coming back today, Wang Lin specially cooked a table of dishes.

While Wang Lin filled the bowls with rice on the balcony, Su Qin sat in front of the computer to check the ‘assignment’ that she left for her mother. Taobao’s sales have been pretty good these past two weeks. Although the boutique style clothes she altered did not sell as fast as those ‘Entire Store 55’, they did earn a lot since the price was there.

Sixty nine pieces were sold in half a month with a total sales of over 10,000 and the commission she received was over 3,000. Deducting her mother’s salary, she still had more than a thousand left.

According to the current development, she has saved enough money for three years of high school fees.

However …? This money is sufficient to feed a family well, but to her, it is still far from enough.

In this era, there is no Weibo, no WeChat and major live telecasts have yet to be launched. The internet trend has yet to come and she felt extremely difficult to market Taobao now.

Holding the rice bowl, Su Qin was lost in thought for half an hour when she suddenly thought of something. She took two mouthfuls then abandoned the bowl and went to the computer.

Wang Lin saw her daughter’s preoccupation and thought she was going to chat online so she urged her, “Su-su, eat first and then play with the computer later.”

“You eat, I have to hurry up and write a detailed plan.”

Wang Lin felt that her daughter seemed to have changed since returning to the city. Seeing her slumped in front of the computer and scribbling speedily, she no longer urged her and let her be.

Su Qin spent half an hour writing out a rough plan and got stuck. Feeling bored, she turned on QQ and saw that Li Chuan had sent her a message.

The man sent the photo to her via QQ.

Peppa Pig and Suzy Sheep, one small tanned and one big fair fists.

Su Qin curled up the corners of her lips and sent him a message back, “Thank you, Teacher Li.”

Li Chuan replied with a ‘cute’ emoji.

Su Qin thought, if Baobao was here and saw these two adults acting so ‘childish’, would she laugh at them?

On the other side, Li Chuan, who was sitting in the boss’ chair, stared at the pink pig on the back of his hand and was also thinking about this.  

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