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Rebirth After Being Abducted – Chapter 36.1

Translated by: Oinkoink

Names mentioned in this chapter:

– 苏秦 (Sū Qín) – Female Lead

– 黎川 (Lí Chuān) / 黎教授 (Lí jiàoshòu) – Male Lead

– 非非 (Fēifēi) / 云非 (Yún fēi) – The Fool

– 于雯 (Yú Wén) – Su Qin’s dorm mate/ classmate

– 言一晓 (Yán Yīxiǎo) – Su Qin’s dorm mate

– 孟思思 (Mèng Sīsī) – Abductee

– 王琳 (Wáng Lín) – FL’s mother

– 李现 (Lǐ Xiàn) – Graphic Designer

Chapter 36.1 – Human Traffickers

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Su Qin was not familiar with Li Xian in her previous lifetime, hence she didn’t know about his virtue. She actually dared not trust men too much, moreover it was such a remote outskirts area. If by chance something happens, she will be up the creek*.

[T/N: 叫天天不应, 叫地地不灵 (Jiào tiāntiān bù yìng, jiào de dì bù líng) –  Literally meant – Cry out to the heavens, but the heavens don’t respond. Cry out to the earth, but the earth is impervious/be in severe trouble with no means of extricating oneself from it]

Su Qin and Li Xian arranged to meet at the bus terminal at six o’clock tomorrow morning. Talking over with her mother, she asked her to post a day-off on Taobao store tomorrow and asked her mother to go with her.

After the other party went offline, Su Qin saw the QQ group flashing.

This QQ group called ‘A Litter of Piglets’ was set up for the National Day’s trip by Yan Yixiao. During the seven-day National Day holiday, Yan Yixiao organized a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland.

This trip was chaperoned by Yan Yixiao’s father. Besides Meng Sisi and Yu Wen, there were also several boys from Yun Fei’s dormitory.

Yun Fei hesitated whether to go, so he asked Su Qin in the group, “Su-su, are you going?”

[One Su]: I’m not going. Everyone go and have fun. I have to help my Mother with something and go tuition too. I don’t have time to have fun and will also spend a lot of money going to Hong Kong. My family is not well-off, so I won’t go. You guys have fun.

[Angel of the Heart]: Su Qin, I’ll bring back a gift for you!

[Sisi]: Sister Su Qin, then don’t tire yourself out these few days. Take note to rest.

[Yu Wen]: What about Yun Fei? Not going?

Yun Fei didn’t speak again but poked Su Qin privately, “Su-su, if you’re not going, I won’t go either.”

This is a good opportunity to bond with the classmates, so Su Qin urged him, “Feifei, this is a good opportunity to experience the big world. I heard that Hong Kong Disneyland is a very fun place and you have never been on a plane, right? You should go experience it. Feifei, previously in the village, although you pretended to be foolish, you never rejected talking to other children ah. On the contrary, why did you refuse to play with everyone after coming to the city?”

Yun Fei was silent for a long time on the other side of the computer.

When he first came home, he was curious about everything; the buildings in the city, computers, handphones … His father took him to meet some friends, brought him to befriend other children, and to make amends, he bought him a lot of toys that he had never played before.

Thinking that he no longer had to act foolish anymore, he could play with other children unrestrainedly. He took the initiative to befriend other people and came forward to play games with some children at the parties.

He tried very hard to make friends with the children, but those about the same age were unwilling to play with him.

He later found out he was so out of touch with the society that he didn’t understand anything, and he couldn’t even maneuver the video games the children were playing. He was pointed at and ridiculed by a group of children, and was called a fool by those outspoken children.

He wanted to have friends. But the harder he tried, the more he was disdained.

He brought the toys that his father bought him to play with those younger children, wanting to share with them and felt it would be easier to befriend them. But when he looked for them with those stuff, he heard those mocking words.

Those mocking words still resound in his ears.

“He’s so stupid ah and don’t even know that? Is he a country bumpkin from the countryside?”

“Yeah, I don’t want to play with him. I definitely don’t want to play with such a country bumpkin who doesn’t know anything.”

“Haven’t you heard? As a matter of fact, Yun Fei was brought back by his father. He is precisely a countryside’s bumpkin.”

“Not only is he a country bumpkin, he’s also a fool. I definitely don’t want to play with him. I pretended to play with him as he always brings us a lot of new toys.”

“Hahahahahaha … “

He truly took those kids as his friends, but why were they just taking advantage of him?

Fool, country bumpkin. These mocking words were like brambles and thorns on his backs, making him depressed. Gradually, he began to reject socializing, spurning those children and felt hostile to any stranger around him.

Only after meeting Su Qin again did he regain the feeling of having friends.

The girl does not shun him and caresses his head with her hand.

He felt Su-su’s kindness to him was genuine. Getting along with Su Qin, he doesn’t have to deliberately fawn, even when he acts spoiled, she will just dismiss it with a smile.

He enjoys being around Su Qin, as if she is the only one in this world who is really nice to him.

Su Qin realized the problems from Yun Fei’s disjointed words.

The boy could not speak out those words that were buried in his heart, yet he could express them in writing.

She spoke comfortingly, “Feifei, there are some circles that you can’t blend into, it’s because you’re not cut out of the same cloth. They’re just a bunch of white-eyed wolves* who don’t deserve to be your friends. But think about your roommates, you treat them well, aren’t they good to you too? This type is exactly friends ah. Sisi, Yan Yixiao, Yu Wen, they all want to be your friends too. It’s just that, you shut yourself off, that’s why no one is able to enter your world.” 

[T/N: 白眼狼 (Báiyǎn láng) – metaphor for ungrateful and thankless wretch / ingrate

“Feifei, go with them on this trip. You are the oldest and tallest boy among them. You must play the role of a big brother, taking the initiative to protect and take care of them, just like you did when you were in the mountain village, like taking care of me, okay?”

Yun Fei, “I’m afraid.”

Su Qin said, “Just take things as they come. If you can’t get along, then be a passer-by. Life is so long, it’s okay to be alone and it’s enough to cherish and appreciate those around you.”

Yun Fei pondered for a moment and responded with an “En”.

“It’s your first trip, so enjoy it. Time will give you what you want. Don’t shut yourself off because you’ve been hurt. Don’t be afraid of being alone too. There are billions of people with different personalities in this world and there is always someone willing to be your friend.”

Yun Fei responded with an “En” again.

Six o’clock the next morning, Su Qin and her mother arrived at the bus terminal on time.

Carrying a computer bag over one shoulder, Li Xian, who was in a shirt and long pants, waved at the mother and daughter under the street light at the terminal’s entrance.

Wang Lin who was walking beside her daughter asked in a low voice, “Su-su, will there be any issue with this man? Going to such a remote area.”

“Don’t be afraid, he is alone and there are two of us. Didn’t we bring the self-defense items with us? Don’t be afraid, Mom, you are an adult, show your aura.”

Wang Lin nodded and immediately showed her imposing aura as she walked in front of her daughter.

Wearing a woman’s suit and a pair of low-heeled shoes today, her hair was tied up high and she strode with great momentum. Su Qin gave her a heavy makeup and red lipstick. When Wang Lin didn’t speak, she did have a bit of the female boss’ aura.

Walking up to Li Xian, Wang Lin smiled at the young man and took the initiative to extend her hand as instructed by her daughter, “Hello, my last name is Wang, Wang Lin.”

Li Xian, who just graduated not long again, usually socializes with designers and this was the first time he met such an imposing female boss that he felt somewhat intimidated at once. Both his arms trembled when he shook the female boss’ hand, “He … Hello.”

Wang Lin was amused with arching eyebrows seeing the young man’s nervousness, “Don’t be afraid, young man, I don’t eat people.”

The woman smiled amiably, but under the heavy makeup, the smile was more like a knife hidden in cotton.


The bus was driven out of the city and onto the dirt road, swaying all the way.

En route, Su Qin felt car-sick and vomited several times. Two hours later, they arrived at the printing factory in Sangzao Town.

The factory was not big and rudimentary, enclosed by red bricks on all sides. There was a row of workshops directly opposite the gate, which were filled with dust due to workers carrying all kinds of printing materials.

The machines were operated mechanically, while the workers were responsible for sub-assembly and transmission. The three of them were brought into a simple office next to the workshop by the boss where the dust was somewhat less.

There was a thick layer of dust on the table and chairs, which no one dared to sit on.

The owner of the printing factory is a middle-aged man. Wearing a pair of slippers and a blackened white T-shirt, he spoke with a mouthful of black teeth and a wrinkled smile, and was quite easy-going.

The boss has already made samples of the packaging box as well as two types of packaging bags. Placed on the workbench for comparison, the aesthetic of the paper bag is indeed better than the non-woven fabric.

The pattern on the non-woven fabric appeared dull color with a profound shoddy imitation.

The boss said, “The pattern of your non-woven tote bag is too novel, which is not conventional and the price is 50 cents more than the general non-woven tote bag. Furthermore, your paper bag is not using the twine but ribbon handle, which of course is pricier, about 30 cents more.”

Su Qin picked up the samples for a look. The paper bag’s effect was indeed quite high-grade, plus the ribbon handle, this style was not the least inferior to those souvenir stores’ gift bags.

“Little Su, the paper bag’s effect is indeed better, looking even more upscale than Dior, Chanel’s paper bags. How about we just order this one?”

The satin ribbon tote was proposed by Su Qin and Li Xian had to admit that the girl’s aesthetic taste was as avant-garde as his.

Su Qin did not rush to make the final decision, but turned around and asked her mother, “Mom, from your standpoint, if you are going shopping, which one of these two totes would you choose?”

Wang Lin, who did not speak from the beginning, heard her daughter’s question and replied after thinking about it for a while, “If it were me, I would choose the non-woven one. Although it is not as nice looking as the paper bag, it is better in sturdiness. If a woman usually goes to work, she can take this bag to pack vegetables, rice packets as well as other items. But this paper bag can’t hold heavy items after all, so it might be a little … useless?”

“Madam Wang, let me interrupt, “ Li Xian, who has a different standpoint, interrupted her and said, “Our paper bag looks very upscale and you women all have vanity, won’t you be in high-esteem carrying such a bag out? Right? So, I am more in favor of using paper bags.”

Li Xian realized that he seemed to have remarked improperly thus shut his mouth immediately and looked at Su Qin.

Su Qin looked up and asked the boss, “Boss, can this non-woven fabric be coated? If it is coated, will it appear more upscale?”

“This color and design of yours is indeed better if it is coated. But with a quantity of 1000, the printing plate and machinery fees will add up to a thousand, which is not cost-effective.” The boss paused and pointed to the paper tote bag and said, “I personally recommend that you better use the paper bags.”

Su Qin made a prompt decision, “Can you make one non-woven coated bag for us to see?”

The boss nodded, “No problem, but it will probably be done in the afternoon. I’m afraid you will have no transport to go back, do you really want to do it?”

“En, do it. Can we get accommodation here? We can pay for the boarding and meals ourselves.” Su Qin asked.

Boss, “Yes, there is, but the conditions are not that great. There are a lot of mosquitoes this season, you guys better be mentally prepared.”

“It’s okay, we’ll trouble the boss.”

At five o’clock in the afternoon, the boss delivered the coated sample to their common room.  

Paper, uncoated non-woven fabric, coated non-woven fabric, three types were laid out together for a comparison.

After the coating, the color on the non-woven fabric was no longer so dull and the tactile quality had improved too. If it was an ordinary design, even if the non-woven fabric was coated as such, it probably would not have the upscale quality but this design of Li Xian, the distinctiveness was the use of colors, which could instantly seize women’s favorable impression.

However, the cost of a non-woven coated bag is nearly a yuan more than she predicted.

Su Qin hesitated again and again, then clapped her hands, “Make a thousand non-woven totes and five hundred paper bags first.”

After 5.30 pm, there is no transport back to Yunyang City from Sangzao Town.

Although it is a town, it is actually a rural village with convenient transportation. The residences behind the factory are still all tile-roofed houses, with a few scattered self-built buildings.

The boss is a kind and honest person, who served them a dinner of wild rabbit from the mountain back. After a contented dinner, he brought the three of them for a stroll in the mountain back and picked some seasonal fruits to let them bring back to the city tomorrow.

Outside the tile-roofed house, there are many planted jujube trees with branches full of bright red jujubes, all thumb-sized and look heartening.

Li Xian climbed the tree happily. Pulling his shirt out of his belt and lifting it revealing his belly, he used his shirt to pocket the jujube.

Wang Lin looked at him amusingly, “This young fellow appears gently quiet, but was like a monkey climbing the tree.”

Su Qin was also speechless looking at the person on the tree.

She didn’t expect Designer Li would not pay attention to his appearance as such?

Li Xian was picking the jujubes from the tree and the boss climbed up too, and also pocket the big jujubes with his clothes. The two big men were having a great time picking the fruits.

At this moment, a young girl with tousled hair and dirty face rushed out of the tile-roofed house on the side and a big wolfhound was chasing after her.

Mother Wang Lin was badly frightened and hugged her daughter to hide aside.

Catching sight of Su Qin’s group, the girl seemed to see hope as she rushed towards them then grabbed Su Qin and hid behind her, “Sister, save me, save me.”

The big wolfhound pounced towards Su Qin’s group. Practically instinctively, Su Qin pushed away her mother, who was hugging her, and the young girl, who was grabbing her, and quickly took out the homemade chili water from her pocket and sprayed it towards the big wolfhound.

With chili water in its eyes and nose, the wolfhound madly circled in place with its tail tucked down and howled, “Ow ow ow.”

Li Xian, who was picking fruit from the tree, was so frightened that he cried out “Wow wow”. He, who is always afraid of dogs, almost slipped and tumbled due to apprehension.

Picking up a wooden stick, Su Qin hit the wolfhound’s head. Striking it hard, there was a ruthless aura in her eyes.

Su Qin only stopped when the big wolfhound ceased moving.

Due to exerting herself too much, her arms were shaken numb.

Jumping down from the tree, Li Xian pushed the spectacle’s frame on the bridge of his nose before grabbing the boss’ arm with tremble, “Bo … boss, don’t the people here leash their dogs ah?”

That young girl knelt down with a thud in front of Su Qin. Pulling her clothes, she spoke sobbingly, “Sister, you save me, save me. I was tricked here.”

The boss was the first to notice the oddity that he glanced at the house before beckoning to Su Qin and the others, “Go, hurry back.”

Su Qin perceived it too and pulled the girl to go back.

Not knowing what was going on, Li Xian glanced at the vicious dog’s body and quickly followed them out of here too.

Wang Lin followed her daughter blankly. Staring at the back of Su Qin’s head, she felt even more unfamiliar about this daughter.

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