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Rebirth After Being Abducted – Chapter 38.1

Translated by: Oinkoink

Chapter 38.1 – Evidence

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This phrase caused the atmosphere in the dormitory to become strangely serious.

Looking at Su Qin who was talking, Yan Yixiao placed the [Safety Handbook] on the desk and put down her school bag. She shivered inexplicably seeing Su Qin’s serious expression, “Su-su, why do I find your words so grim.”

Su Qin pushed the washed fruit to the middle of the desk and said, “You should not think that the human traffickers and abductions are far from you. Those devils are actually lurking around you.”

Even Meng Sisi stopped smiling too and said, “Yes, this didn’t happen to you, but that doesn’t mean it’s non-existent. Yanyan, Mosquito, you should be careful when traveling in the future. It would be better not to walk alone in remote places at night, and don’t easily trust some needy people who ask for help, and more so not to go anywhere remote with them. You can help them by seeking assistance from the police for anything, don’t trust any needy people too easily.”

Seeing the two roommates became serious so suddenly, caused Yu Wen and Yan Yixiao to gaze at each other in dismay. A gust of wind blew in the dormitory and the room was filled with a sense of eeriness, making them both shudder.

Finally, it was the happy-go-lucky Yan Yixiao who broke the silence and said, “Aiya, please don’t discuss such a terrifying topic, okay.”

Yu Wen also said, “Mid of next month is the midterm exams and there is not much time left now. Since everyone had enough fun, we should focus and do well. Yanyan, your grades are better than Sisi’s, and you’re both in the same class, so help her with her homework. If you don’t understand anything, just ask me, okay?”

Yu Wen is the student-in-charge of class studies, and also the English class representative. She usually cares about everyone’s study besides being fashionable.

After Yun Fei returned from Hong Kong, he became obsessed playing basketball with his roommates, and the number of times he clung to Su Qin gradually decreased as he started to have his own social circles and friends.

Sometimes when Su Qin went to Class 12 to wait for him to go to the canteen for dinner, that fellow would come out of the class with a basketball and told her he wanted to go play basketball, then ran off with a group of boys.

Watching the teen, who was holding the basketball, led and ran very fast away with other male classmates, Su Qin felt angry and gratified too.

Angry because this guy was being ‘rebellious’, he actually ran to play basketball without even having his meals and for not caring about his own health at all. Perhaps he was afraid of being inculcated by her, so he ran very fast.

Feeling gratified because Yun Fei seems to have mingled with the circle of boys.

He is the tallest and has become the focal of their class basketball team. Although he still doesn’t speak much to the female classmates, he is able to mingle with the male classmates.

After the National Day, the class’ studies became very intense.

Su Qin, after all, had studied the high-school syllabus once, hence she was able to understand better as revision listening to the teachers during class again. Sometimes she would do the new syllabus courseworks as prep study during the evening self-study, to find out where her weaknesses were, and would ask more questions in class to fully grasp the key points.

After all, she had gone through high school and was learning the course again, thus it was no longer a preparatory revision. Hence, her studies had progressed rapidly in Li Chuan’s eyes, who shortened his tutoring from four hours to two.

This year’s Class 1 wanted to compete with the Whiz Classes, and the teachers of each subject paid great attention to the performance of each student.

Su Qin has a serious subject-partiality, thus becoming the focus of the science teachers. After every lesson, the few science teachers would call her name to ask if there was anything she didn’t understand. In order to allow the teachers of various subjects to pay less attention to her, Su Qin would take the initiative to ask questions. She would go ask even if there weren’t any questions to ask.

The teachers like to focus on calling her to ask “How’s your study”, and she herself often goes to ask the teachers questions too. In the course of time, some top students in class began to ‘dislike’ her, thinking that she who has bad grades still pretends to be a good student and show off her diligence in front of the teachers.

Because Su Qin asked Teacher Yu a few difficult math problems a few days ago and she managed to work out those latter, Teacher Yu felt slightly at ease with her. After the math lesson today, Teacher Yu left the classroom immediately with books in his hand and unlike normally, he didn’t call out Su Qin’s name to ask if she had anything she didn’t understand.

As a result, this instead caused the students to feel strange.

When Yu Wen asked Su Qin to go to the toilet together during class break, other classmates gathered around to talk about it.

“The math teacher today didn’t even ask Su Qin if she understood. You said, is it because she is too stupid? Causing Teacher Yu to give up on her?”

“How smart can she be to get ranked second last in class? Zhang Tao, who was ranked bottom, has already moved to Class 7, so why is she still in Class 1? She will surely drag our class down during the midterm exam.”

A girl named Long Xiaoxue, who was doing her homework, heard her deskmate discussing Su Qin with two classmates behind, stopped writing too as she turned around to joined the gossipy group:

“I heard that Su Qin came in through special means. Yun Fei from Class 12, didn’t his father donate half of the building? Aren’t he and Su Qin cousins? I guess that’s how they got in. Half a building hey, isn’t that worth two special places?”

Su Qin’s deskmate is a fatty named Guan Dongdong. Hearing the group of classmates discussing his deskmate behind her back, he got very upset and yelled at them, “Hey, you guys are discussing your classmate behind her back, aren’t you embarrassed? You guys somehow are Class 1’s students, have some dispositions of Class 1 students, okay?”

The girl named Long Xiaoxue snorted, raised her eyebrows and scolded him, “Damn fatty, you are unlikely to have a crush on Su Qin, are you? I saw you bought two packs of spicy strips yesterday and shared one with Su Qin. Being such a stingy fatty, if you don’t like her, would you give her the spicy strips?”

As soon as Su Qin and Yu Wen stepped into the class, they heard Long Xiaoxue’s words.

Yu Wen was so angry that she wanted to step forward to argue but was pulled back by Su Qin. Seeing Su Qin, the group who discussed her quietened down like chickens and buried their heads in homeworks. The embarrassment of being caught speaking ill of others made them all fall into silence.

The bell rang and the teacher had yet to come, but the class reigned with absolute silence.

Su Qin did not fight back. She knew she was the weakest in the class now and one who held the class back. No matter what she said, no one in class would stand by her. Only by improving her midterm exam result would she have some right to speak out.

Arguing with others now would be arduous and fruitless, which most likely caused her classmates to say “Su Qin, you’re the only one with loads of sh*t.”

During physics lesson, Su Qin was praised for completing her assignment well, which resulted in someone whispering, “Did she copy it?” 

“Definitely copied. Sharing the dormitory with the student-in-charge of studies is precisely relaxed and henceforth not afraid of making mistakes.”

The physics teacher was in fact dubious with Su Qin’s assignment, but when he recalled how she usually asked questions actively, the doubts existed but he didn’t express them.

Addition to the attentiveness of students’ literacy, Yunzhong also attaches importance to their hobbies as well as physical development.

There were three P.E classes and three computer classes every week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays evening self-study, students could opt to go to the computer room or the library after completing their homework.

The teacher in the computer class teached the students Office software, which posed no problem for Su Qin. She would take this opportunity to use QQ to communicate with Wang Lin and Bobo about work matters.

Wang Lin had already gotten up to speed with those matters. When she usually has time, Wang Lin will stroll around the shopping malls, browse through fashion magazines looking at the fashion trends and start to learn clothes matching.

When Su Qin returned home every week, she could notice her mother’s changes.

First her mother cut her long hair and dyed it light-colored. Then her mother started wearing high-heels frequently and attempted trendy apparels. Her mother’s temperament has changed a lot too.

Her mother started using some basic skin care products and cosmetics, and would even follow the magazines’ beauty tips, applying cucumber on her face and washing her hair with the rice water.

Su Qin usually doesn’t like to dress up, but she is really good-looking. Even when she is tanned with short hair, she is still a little beauty and there are many boys in class who have a crush on her. But because of her poor studies, they dared not express it for fear of being disdained.

Being inherently beautiful, her mother Wang Lin is naturally not bad either. After she learned how to dress up, her temperament and attractiveness caught up too. Whenever she went shopping, the salespersons thought she was a rich Taitai.

Wang Lin didn’t shed a tear again since crying after meeting the mistress that day, and her state of mind got better day by day. These days, although she never mentioned Li Xiulan and her ex-husband, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t mind and has let go of the past.

She has kept it all in her heart.

Living with Su Qin for a period of time, Wang Lin’s thought is almost close to Su Qin’s and has the mind of a liberated woman. Moreover, Su Qin’s weekly meeting will talk to her about some marketing methods too, hence she then has a plan.

Su Qin often said that those online ads shouldn’t be a hard-sell tactic but must be flexible, and the best was to advertise unostentatiously.

While Su Qin was away at school, Wang Lin had an idea. After discussing it with Bobo, she thought it was feasible and went to write an article online to test the water.

Wang Lin uploaded the before and after transformation photos on the internet using the ID ‘Su-su’s Mom’, and posted a thread titled [Husband cheated while Mistress got upgraded, and I being the Initial Wife …]. 

Seeing this thread, the netizens with the mindset of watching melodramatic family gossip clicked on it.

After clicking on it, it appeared to be a confession which briefly narrated how her husband cheated and the domestic violence she endured, while the mistress pretended to be dead and sent her child to her side. She even posted a previous photo of her life vicissitudes with gray hair on the temples.

This realistic encounter, coupled with the vicissitudes appearance of a woman with graying at the temples, made netizens so angry that they cursed “Let the bitch stay forever with the dog”.

This thread became popular in Tianya later. Wang Lin also began to update the post unendingly and live-stream the changes in her life after the divorce. She said she could not cave in and decided to stand up, so she started to work hard to transform herself and make herself more beautiful!

After that, she uploaded a lot of her transformation photos.

In the previous photo, the woman had long unkempt hair, graying at the temples, dull lifeless eyes and the vicissitudes of a fifty-year old.

The later photos, she had her hair cut short and dyed it light-colored, with red lips and white teeth, as well as with a rosy complexion. Although she had a few wrinkles at the corners of her eyes, she smiled confidently. Dressed in trendy clothes, her whole person was very classy, like a celebrity.

She posted 15 photos of her transformation, with six of them carrying Taobao store ‘Yunyi Clothing House’ tote bags. As the design was good and looked like branded with a visual appeal too, some netizens then noted down ‘Yunyi Clothing House’ and even searched what that brands on Baidu.

Bobo, who was impersonating a netizen, started the momentum below and pretended to ask, “Su-su’s Mom, what clothing brand are you wearing ah? It’s so beautiful. As you said, you have a monthly salary of more than a thousand, where do you get the money to buy so many beautiful clothes ah?”

[Su-su’s Mom] replied to [BoboGril], “It’s because the clothes are not expensive ah.”

[BoboGirl], “Is it? These clothes look quite exquisite, does it cost more than 500 a piece?”

[Su-su’s Mom] replied to [BoboGirl], “It’s not expensive. The clothes on me don’t even exceed 200, I bought them on Taobao. As a matter of fact, I’ve been a housewife for so many years, I’m not good at matching clothes. I bought all these from Yunyi Clothing House and their complete sets all matched well.”

Due to the post’s massive traffic, many netizens immediately went to search ‘Yunyi Clothing House’ when they saw the replies to this comment below. As Wang Lin had previously posted small ads for the Taobao stores on many forums, many relevant information popped up once netizens searched on Baidu and from the advertisement links, they then entered the Taobao store.

Su Qin was shocked when she saw this thread in the school’s computer room. She did not expect her mother could write such a good ‘advertorial’.

Thanks to this era, the public still has no concept of ‘advertorial marketing’ at this moment and without doubt, there would not be any ostracizing, instead most people were taken into the ‘gully’.

Wang Lin’s writing style was not particularly good. Her narration was very simple and mixed with lots of emotions, precisely prompting others’ sense of empathy.

The netizens were furious for her and took up the butcher knife for her; they were also happy for her and encouraged her to enliven her life. Ultimately, it actually turned into a motivational thread.

Driven by the popularity of the previous ‘Fashion Match-up’ and the subsequent ‘Abandoned Woman’s Counterattack’ posts, Yunyi Clothing House was considered sensationalized a little too. When revenue was added up at the beginning of November and that previous month, Taobao’s sales volume actually exceeded 2,000. With a net profit of about 30% a piece, Su Qin got more than 25,000 after deducting the staff wages.

Chen Meixin, however, was greatly surprised by this sales volume, which had far exceeded her imagination.

Taobao store sales are still rising steadily. Since Taobao’s marketing and all matters are managed by Su Qin, she is tantamount to being the group’s leader. And Chen Meixin just assumed the role of assisting in fashion selection and purchasing the merchandise in passing.

As Taobao’s volume gradually increased, Chen Meixin will go to the factory to choose the styles based on Su Qin’s requirements when she has time. After all, she is holding 70% of Taobao’s shares and nevertheless has to pay some attention to the Taobao store.

The frequency of new styles on Taobao is not fast at all, plus Chen Meixin has her own connections. So even if Su Qin goes with her to select styles in the factory, it will not waste too much time either which can be done on just one Saturday.

Without doubt, having more sales on Taobao, there are also occasional bad reviews.

At such a moment, Bobo will use the method taught by Su Qin which is ‘pestering’ customers mode. Using her soft little sweet voice to speak coquettishly on the phone, telling the customers that bad reviews will cause her salary deduction, while she has elderly as well as younger brothers to support, her life is not easy, and in hope that the customers will be lenient. They can return the goods if they are not satisfied or change if the sizes are incorrect.

Customers will generally relent and change their reviews.

In just half a month from the end of October to mid-November, Taoabo’s sales have exceeded 2,000 and the sales volume is still rising. Su Qin designated Bobo and Wang Lin the positions of Customer Service Manager and Marketing Manager respectively.

Although it was rather funny, the two were downright driven having these ‘titles’ and they were looking forward to Taobao’s growth, so they could quickly recruit people and become the veritable ‘Manager’.

As the head of the marketing department, Wang Lin spares no effort doing online marketing and publicity. Due to the increase of the store’s sales volume, their workloads increased too and they were so busy every day that they only slept for two hours on their busiest days.

But Wang Lin is not afraid of tiredness as she treats it as her own career while Bobo is more fearless. It’s okay if she is exhausted since she is at home anyway and she cherishes this job very much too.

When it was payroll time, Wang Lin and Bobo received double wages and also overtime pay. Wang Lin didn’t care much and Bobo felt particularly content.

Due to the increased amount of merchandise, more than 200 pieces had to be packed every day. Wang Lin and Bobo were too busy, so they looked for the idle elderly who lived in this building to help them pack the merchandise in the warehouse and paid them 2 yuan per order.

Making money and even having something to do, these elderly were all delighted to do so.

The two women are extremely hardworking, serving the customers during the day and checking the packages in the warehouse at night before letting Chen Meixin get the courier to pick up the goods the next day.

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