Rebirth After Being Abducted – Chapter 39.2

Translated by: Oinkoink

Chapter 39.2 – Injured

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That trafficker is Li Qiancheng, whose leg and several ribs were broken, and was still unconscious due to severe concussion after falling from the 4th floor window. He had been detained by the police.

Once Su Qin returned home, she showed Li Qiancheng’s photo to Bobo, who quickly recognized the man.

She said, “This man was called Old Qian by them. The day I escaped, it was precisely him who was responsible to keep watch on us. But he left for no apparent reason which gave me a chance to fend off the dog and ran out.”

Su Qin carefully sorted the few key points and then speculated, “Because of his mistake, the entire hideout was discovered. Hence he is certainly the culprit now after making such a big mistake and the criminal gang is probably looking for him too, wanting to teach him a lesson. After Zhang Cheng found Li Xiulan, she simply exposed Li Qiancheng in order to cheat one thousand informant fees, since this person is not with their gang anymore. As for why this Li Qiancheng would suddenly show up wanting to kill Zhang Cheng, if I guess correctly, Li Xiulan should have deliberately leaked the news, saying that Zhang Cheng had gotten his information. So in order not to disclose himself, he went to look for him …

“This Li Xiulan is really vicious.”

It sounded reasonable, but there was one point that Bobo couldn’t figure out, “The information was disclosed by Li Xiulan, why would Li Qiancheng seek revenge on Zhang Cheng? Moreover, by exposing Li Qiancheng’s information, won’t Li Xiulan be afraid that after Li Qiancheng was arrested, he would release the gang’s information to the police?”

Hence, Su Qin was even more certain of one point, this Li Xiulan was only on friendly terms with the human traffickers, perhaps merely playing the role of a mastermind and did not directly participate or involved in the abductions, thus there is no evidence pointing to her even if the whole gang was caught. Otherwise, she would not have exposed Li Qiancheng for 1,000 yuan.

She is probably the legendary selfish swine teammate who only thinks of her own benefits. But when it comes to safeguarding herself, she is extremely shrewd.

Bobo asked, “Su-su, then what are we going to do?”

Su Qin wanted to bide their time and wait for the police news.

Thanks to Su Qin’s photos, the police have identified three suspects for the moment and have already begun to arrest them.

Su Qin asked Teacher Tang for an absence from Sunday night self-study and only returned to school on Monday morning because of Zhang Cheng while Li

Chuan, who was far away in the USA, felt uneasy for Su Qin and asked Panda to fetch Su Qin to school on Monday morning.

Being used to it, Su Qin didn’t feel anything wrong. Contrarily, Panda felt Li Chuan was playing the game of raising a wife and felt that Li Chuan was insidious and a beast in human form!

On the way to school, Su Qin asked Panda who was driving, “Panda, are you skilled with computers?”

Panda rolled his eyes subconsciously. This question was equivalent to asking a butcher if he knew how to kill a pig?

“What do you think? Younger Sister Su Qin.”

Su Qin asked him, “Suppose I want to use a person’s IP to put up a post, can you execute this?”

“What do you mean? You want me to hack someone’s computer? Posting with the other person’s identity?” Panda asked.

Su Qin nodded, “Yes. Precisely impersonated that person to put up a post. If someone checks her IP, they will know it’s her doing and it’s she who posted.”

“Okay ah. No problem ah.” Realizing something was not right, Panda asked her, “Younger Sister Su Qin, you are unlikely to do something bad, are you?”

Su Qin asked him back with an innocent face, “Do you think I’m that kind of person?”

Panda spoke righteously, “We hackers have principles in theft and will absolutely not use technology to do bad things.”

In the days after Su Qin returned to school, she asked her mother to inquire about Su Zhengguo’s situation.

As she expected, after Su Zhengguo and Li Xiulan got married, they lived in Li Xiulan’s house which had better condition than his.

Li Xiulan bought a house in the city and had a computer set up at home. Having applied for a QQ account, Su Zhengguo would chat online and play QQ’s ‘Fight the Landlord’ whenever he was free on weekends.

Using some means, Wang Lin got Su Zhengguo’s QQ, added Su Zhengguo with another ID and chatted coquettishly with him. After determining that Li Xiulan had a computer at home, Su Qin had her own plans.

She waited, waiting for an appropriate opportunity.

The human trafficking transit hub had been rooted out, causing the traffickers to lose all their resources on hand, so they needed to hasten their feat. Losing that eleven, they had no explanation and intended to find another eleven as replacements.

Li Qiancheng provided 6 traffickers’ information and the police began a vigorous hunt. Three of the underlings were arrested while another 3 were at large.

The 3 at large are the two men and one woman in Su Qin’s photo: Brother Gang, Skinny and Wang Zhen.

Now that their identities have been exposed, the 3 fugitives talked over. As they are already fugitives anyway, they will all be imprisoned if they are caught, why don’t they enact one big deal, immediately grab a few and smuggle them out of the country.

Since they are a criminal syndicate, there is inevitably a vast organization behind them.

On New Year’s Day, Yunzhong had two-day off, but students of Class 1 were transported by bus to the newly built Grand Theater in the city west for performance.

For Yunyang City’s New Year’s Day performance, a total of 24 participating schools each picked out a class where more than 1,000 students gathered. On that day, the Grand Theater was packed and many parents brought their children to watch the performance.

The show started at 7pm and ended at 10pm.

Having learned that Su Qin was going to participate in this performance, Li Chuan deliberately returned home a day earlier. He didn’t have time to rest after getting off the plane. He just changed his suit and brought his few buddies to the Grand Theatre.

Since Li Chuan had acquaintances, he got 4 tickets in Area A and those seats just happened to face the stage, so he could clearly watch the performance above.

Coming in with a coke and popcorn, Panda sat down and looked around. He realized almost all the adults in the audience were here with their children and only the four of them, the single dogs, were sitting in a row, which was a peculiar scenario.

Old Zhu whispered, “If I had known earlier, I would have brought my niece to watch and it wouldn’t be so awkward.”

Chun-chun looked around at the parents with children and felt a little embarrassed too, “Boss, you’ve agreed to bring us to watch a show, you are not that stingy, are you? I wouldn’t even want it even if you give me these New Year’s Day performance tickets ah.”

Panda stuffed a handful of popcorn into his mouth and spoke with a snort, “You guys really think the Boss brought you guys here to watch the performance?”

He took out a red banner with white wordings from his bag and tossed it to Chun-chun, “We’re here to show our support.”

Chun-chun pulled the banner apart and it read awe-inspiringly “Go Yunyang High School Class 1!”

Chun-chun, “ ….. “

Old Zhu, “ ….. “

Panda smiled and turned to ask Li Chuan for credit, “Boss, don’t you think I’m great? I’ve even prepared the support banner for you.”

Li Chuan, “ ….. “

The performance began.

The opening program was a performance by a famous pianist from Yunyang City, playing tunes that children were fond of. The students performed on stage in turn, some classes put on fan dance, some presented the choir ‘I Love My China’, while some performed hip-hop dance and recitation … In short, there were all sorts of performances in which the three men fell asleep watching it.

Li Chuan still sat upright, staring fixedly at the center of the stage.

While Panda leaned on his shoulder and began to snore a little. Chun-chun leaned on Panda’s shoulder and Old Zhu leaned against Chun-chun’s shoulder, all of whom had fallen asleep.

Next to Li Chuan sat a 5-year-old girl.

The little girl raised her small face and asked him innocently, “Uncle, why are the three little friends you brought here asleep ah?”

Li Chuan’s icy face finally showed a warm smile as he whispered, “Because they don’t know how to appreciate art.”

“Humph, I’d have guessed so.” The little girl hugged her pair of arms and wiggled her pair of short legs, and said, “Uncle, why didn’t you bring girls here? Baby girls would appreciate art very much while baby boys don’t understand.”

Li Chuan spoke very patiently, “Because Uncle only has baby boys around ah.”

The little girl scratched the back of her head and was a little confused, “Huh? Uncle doesn’t have any baby girls? But my mommy said that every daddy has a baby girl like me ah.”

Li Chuan looked at the little girl. Remembering something, he laughed out too, “Uncle had a cute baby girl like you, but unfortunately, I lost her and I don’t know if she is able to come back again.”

The man was suddenly sad and the rims of his eyes reddened.

The little girl’s small hand grasped the man’s big hand to comfort him, “Don’t be sad, Uncle. Uncle is so handsome, the baby girl will definitely come back!”

“Really?” Li Chuan smiled bitterly.

The little girl nodded her head enthusiastically, “Yes! You can trust me. We, baby girls, have a little magic box in our brains that all of us baby girls around the world can communicate with each other. Uncle’s baby girl told me that she will definitely come back to look for you, so you should not feel sad.”

The girl’s soft little hand grasped his hand, making him feel incredibly warm. Once upon a time, Baobao also grasped his hand like this and always liked to comfort him in such a naive way too.

The little girl’s mother thought it was funny and said to Li Chuan, “Our family’s little girl has a bountiful imagination and always says she has a little magic box in her head. I really can’t do anything about her.”