Rebirth After Being Abducted – Chapter 39.3

Translated by: Oinkoink

Chapter 39.3 – Injured

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Li Chuan looked down at the little girl and said to her mother with a smile, “It’s good for children to have bountiful imaginations.”

Just as his words faltered, the MC’s voice came from the speaker.

“Following let’s welcome Yunyang High School’s Class 1 students, who will perform the [Yong Yule, reminiscing Jingkou Beiguting’s past].” 

After the MC retreated, the students of Class 1 came on stage from both ends of the stage. The girls wore the Tang dynasty’s hanfu while the boys wore lined chinese robes. After the students stood in a fan-shape, three more teachers and a student came up respectively.

The one playing erhu was the P.E teacher, Teacher Yu played the long flute while Teacher Tang the guzheng and the student played the drums.

The prelude was drumming, like the bloodshed fight on the battlefield and followed by the musical instruments, Su Qin and the girls started singing first:

“Throughout the ages, there were no heroes to be found, and Sun Zhongmou was here. In the dance and song pavilion, the wind was always blown off by the rain.”

Once the girls paused, the flute tuned in and the boys began to sing:

“Grass and trees under the setting sun, the streets of common, where slaves of humanity once lived. Back then, golden spears and armored horses swallowed thousands of miles like the tiger.”

When they sang the phrase “golden spears and armored horses swallowed thousands of miles like the tiger”, the drum sound followed and with the tunes, it had the momentum of the golden spears and armored horses swallowing thousands of miles like the tiger.

Once the majestic momentum fell, the erhu and guzheng sounded, and the girls began to sing:

“Yuan Jia hastily bestowed the wolf as an official, who won the imperialist north. In forty-three years, Yangzhou Road’s beacon fire was still remembered.”

The phrase “bestowed the wolf as an official”, with the sound of erhu, inevitably caused a little sadness in everyone’s heart, as if they saw Emperor Song Wen fled south in haste, after the Han Dynasty attacked the Huns, but unable to seal the mountain to merit the wolf official.

The erhu melody was mournful, accompanied by other instruments and tunes, there was a sense of grandeur. The last phrase was a chorus of the boys and girls:

“Can one endure to look back, under the Buddha Beaver Temple, there is a piece of Shenyashe drums. Who can ask, can Lian Po still eat when he is old?”

After the song ended, all the instruments stopped and the students recited the poem verse again. At the end of that moment, the audience’s thunderous applause lasted for a long time.

Even the 3 guys who were sleeping beside Li Chuan were awakened by the heroic phrase “golden spears and armored horses swallowing thousands of miles like the tiger”, and once the performance was over, they all applauded dumbly too.

When all the students of Class 1 got off the stage, Panda rubbed his sleepy eyes and asked Li Chuan, “Boss, when’s Younger Sister Su Qin’s class turn?”

Li Chuan, “Those who just got off the stage.”

“What? Then why didn’t you wake me up just now? I didn’t even flag my support banner!”

Li Chuan was amused by the fatty’s reaction, “You really want to flag your support?”

While the two were talking, the little girl’s mother went out to answer a phone call. Sitting for a while and seeing that Li Chuan ignored her, she leapt off the chair and followed her out too.

The little girl ran around outside, but couldn’t find her mother when she ran to the toilet with a group of students.

Su Qin’s class performance was very successful and they were praised by the leaders once they got off the stage. Performances were still going on inside and Su Qin went to the toilet with several female classmates. When she came out, she happened to see a man picking up a little girl and left.

Being carried by a strange man, the little girl reacted and started to cry, shouting out “Mommy”.

Su Qin took no notice originally, but she saw the man’s face in the mirror while washing her hands. It was precisely the man in the photo, who had been identified as the trafficker Skinny who specialized in training the dogs for the human trafficker.

Su Qin’s heart skipped a beat. She turned around and intended to chase after him when she happened to see Yu Wen and Sisi came out, so she quickly informed them, “Yu Wen, you go and ask the security guards to close the doors, just say there are human traffickers abducting little girls. Sisi, you come with me to look for the security guards.”

The two of them didn’t know what was going on. Hearing Su Qin say so, they didn’t have time to ask and hurriedly did as she said.

The trafficker carried the little girl into the hall.

The hall was dimly lit and there were many people. The man disappeared once inside the hall. There were only three exits in the hall, one main exit and two emergency exits.

They entered through the main exit and one of the emergency exits was to the backstage dressing room, where the trafficker could not enter, hence he could only go through the other emergency exit.

That emergency exit was on the left side of the stage which led directly to the parking lot outside. If he exited that door, then it would be too late to try looking for the little girl again.

The performances still continued on stage and Su Qin chased all the way. She dared not shout out loud, lest the trafficker would hurt the little girl. Talking on the phone with Yu Wen all the way, she was slightly relieved to learn that the emergency exit was blocked off.

When she and Sisi rushed to the exit, there were 4 security guards blocking it. Su Qin and Sisi dared not get too close and just watched from a few meters away.

The little girl was choking with sobs in the trafficker’s arms and Skinny pretended to be the little girl’s father as he dealt with the security guards, “Brothers, let me out quickly. My baby is crying for her mother and I have to take her home. If she keeps crying like this, I’m afraid she will disturb other people watching the show.”

The security guard looked at him suspiciously and asked the little girl, “Little Girl, is this your father?”

The little girl just cried and shook her head, unable to say anything.

The trafficker stomped his foot and bewailed, “If I am not her father, are you her father? Comrades, let me out quickly. My wife will beat me up if I return too late. I sneaked out to watch the performances with my child, do you think it was easy for me?”

Seeing that he sounded valid, the security guards were convinced and prepared to let them go.

On the side, Su Qin and Sisi were torn with anxiety and intended to rush over, but Li Chuan was a step ahead of them. Throwing a fist on the trafficker’s face, his eyes were blood red with anger, “Motherf**ker, avoiding Laozi after owing Laozi’s money for 2 years and you finally showed up? If you don’t pay me back today, don’t think about leaving!”

Li Chuan then kicked the man’s knee. Staggering a few steps back, the man stood up straight with the little girl in his arms and spoke with an aggrieved look, “Mr. … Mr … are you mistaken? I don’t know you, how can I owe you money?”

“Don’t you try to deny it! Tian Zhengnan, if you don’t pay me back, don’t even think about leaving here.”

The man’s voice was loud and clear, and many people in the audience swept their gazes over.

Thinking that it was not chaotic enough, Li Chuan picked up the flowerpot next to him and slammed it on the speaker by the side, making a muffled ‘bang’ sound.

Since the place where they were causing disturbance was not far from the stage, the MC saw the incident here and came over to see what was happening too. The MC instructed the security guards, “Why are you guys standing in daze there? Get the people out!”

Li Chuan grabbed the microphone from the MC, pointed at the trafficker and cursed furiously, “Tian Zhengnan, if you don’t pay back today! Don’t think about leaving!”

Due to the yelling, the loudspeakers in the hall were all Li Chuan’s voice. The cameramen also sought after the sound and moved their lenses to this emergency exit corner. The faces of the trafficker, the little girl, the security guards, Li Chuan and the MC, were all reflected on the big screen.

As soon as the trafficker looked up, he saw his own face on the screen and panicked, and hurriedly said, “Mr, I’m really not the person you are looking for. If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you my ID card. I’m really not Tian Zhengnan.”

Saying that, the trafficker turned his head to the security guard, “You help me carry my daughter, I’ll get the ID card.”

The security guard took the little girl from him and quickly retreated a step back, fearing that the two men would fight and hurt the innocent. The trafficker had just pulled his wallet out when he rammed hard into a security guard and tried to run out through the emergency exit.

However, before his foot could stride out, his back collar was grabbed by Li Chuan. Dragging him back, he was kicked towards the stage.

The man fell backwards on the back stage and he was numb with pain.

The whole audience was in a burst of uproar.

This was Yunyang City’s cultural performances and there were many municipal leaders on the scene. Seeing such unexpected violence, they quickly demanded the security to stop it and asked the cameramen to move their cameras back to the stage.

Yet, just as the cameras shifted to the stage, the little girl’s mother rushed over and stated on the microphone, “That’s a human trafficker, trying to abduct my daughter! Arrest him quickly!”

There was another uproar in the audience. As soon as they heard there was a ‘human trafficker’, they immediately hugged the child beside them.

The cameramen moved their cameras back again hearing about the ‘human trafficker’.

Li Chuan and the security guards had the trafficker under control. Pulling his necktie off, Li Chuan tied the man’s wrists. After all these, he asked the MC to go on stage to calm the audience, “Parents, watch your children and leave the hall in proper order after the performances.”

The male MC’s deep-toned voice was heard from all the speakers with a sense of comfort.

Panda looked at Li Chuan on the stage, took a sip of Coke and said emotionally, “Isn’t the Boss too handsome? Heroic ah, he’s certainly tomorrow’s headline!”

Once Li Chuan got off the stage, Su Qin immediately greeted him and asked, “Teacher Li, when did you come back? Are you hurt?”

Straightening the collar of his shirt, Li Chuan shook his head and said, “No. Your performance is over too, I’ll take you home.”

Su Qin, “Then, I’ll go inform Teacher Tang.”

This was the first time Meng Sisi saw Li Chuan being so heroic, especially his flying kick, which was quite dashingly agile and it looked like he had practiced before.

Su Qin went to inform Teacher Tang, who then agreed she should go home first after making sure that it was Li Chuan who would send Su Qin home and also told them to be careful on the way.

On the way home, Panda drove while Chun-chun sat in the front passenger seat. Old
Zhu, Li Chuan and Su Qin sat in the back.

Su Qin let out a sigh of relief and said to Li Chuan, “Teacher Li, it’s too dangerous for you to do that.”

“What about you? Aren’t you two girls in danger following the trafficker?” There was no warmth in Li Chuan’s voice, but a sense of censure.

Su Qin looked up at him, “How could it be the same? Before we rushed over, we had already notified the security guards and we did not caught up rashly, instead, you were too impulsive.”

Li Chuan’s voice was low, “If it wasn’t me at that time, you would have gone over too, right?”

Su Qin did not deny this.

Li Chuan placed his hand on top of her head and rubbed it, “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything beyond my ability.”

Getting her head rubbed, Su Qin lowered her head, puffed out her cheeks and breathed out.

She had many things she wanted to say, but found it hard to speak out.

Early the next morning, all the major media headlines reported the news of human traffickers’ appearance at the Grand Theater last night.

Once this news came out, it raised the parents’ awareness and even junior high school children were not allowed to go and return from school alone. Kindergarten teachers became even more vigilant, and disallowed any relatives to come pick up the children, and only parents with furnished information in the school were allowed to pick them up.

Several high schools did not allow students to leave after school because of this incident, and students had to settle their meals in the school. When they return home on Saturday morning, parents must come to pick their children up from their classes.

As this incident caused such a commotion, the police took the matter very seriously and launched a wide city manhunt for the fugitive traffickers ‘Brother Gang’ and ‘Wang Zhen’.

Since Zhang Cheng had the hotel rental records of Li Xiulan and Brother Gang, she was summoned to the police station.

Li Xiulan was a very shrewd person, and expressed that she had been deceived too and was intimidated. Claiming that Brother Gang had some influence in the local area, she had no choice but to heed and spent the nights with him. She thought the other party was just a thug, but didn’t expect him to be a human trafficker.

As Su Qin expected, the police had no substantial evidence to prove that Li Xiulan was also involved in the crime.

Returning home from the police station, Li Xiulan caught sight of Su Qin once she reached the front door.

The girl glared at her fiercely, as if wanted to eat her.

Clenching her fists tightly, Su Qin practically hissed the words out of her teeth, “The police can’t punish you, but you will inevitably receive retribution one day.”

Seeing no one around, Li Xiulan walked slowly towards her in high heels, “Little Yatou[1], don’t you blame me. If you want to blame, blame your good-for-nothing father.”

Su Qin stared at her and her gaze was knife-like, “You have a child too, why are you so vicious? Do you know what’s it like to be abducted? Do you know the desperation of being abducted to Dashan?”

Li Xiulan let out a laugh, “You have to thank me that they didn’t sell you abroad to be a prostitute, how am I being vicious?”

“You admit it?”

Li Xiulan laughed again, “What am I admitting to? Really a little girl, still trying to set me up and wants to play recording with me? Or once I admit it, a group of police will jump out around here and surround me? Have you watched too many TV series?”

After Li Xiulan left, Su Qin released her clenched fists and the slight tender heartedness she had no longer existed.

Su Qin thought, retribution is something one must push forth for the perpetrators to gain the most divine vile consequence.

Su Qin thought, it’s time for her to suffer this vile consequence.  

[1] 丫头 (Yātou) – is now used to describe a ‘cute girl’, but it’s best to use this word only for young girl, especially those who are close to you — since it’s very informal.