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Rebirth and Redemption Chapter 6.1

Chapter 6.1

After the homeroom teacher agreed, Chu Feng first placed Rong Yun in his (CF) bed before going to Rong Yun’s bedroom to pack.

Rong Yun’s bedroom was not far from his, only four doors down near the stairs. Because Rong Yun was prepared to return to school to study Friday after school, his books were still in the classroom.  He (RY) also planned to finish his meal before returning to school, so his keys were still left in the dorm. Chu Feng first knocked on the door to see if anyone was in the room. If there was no one, then he would go downstairs to find a housekeeper.

The bedroom door was quickly opened from the inside, and the other side was surprised to see Chu Fend. Chu Feng knew this person was in his class but could not recall his name. Without exchanging greetings, Chu Feng immediately entered the room. All three residents were present which somewhat surprised him. When the other two noticed Chu Feng, they did not dare take initiate in saying hello, but the bewildered expressions on their faces were obvious.

“Which one is Rong Yun’s desk?” Chu Feng asked.

The boy who opened the door pointed to the desk left of the door.

The desk was clear of items as the books were on the bookshelf. The bedsheets were light blue and looked very refreshing.

A small suitcase was located on the lowest level of Rong Yun’s wardrobe. Chu Feng took the suitcase out and began to pack things into it. Rong Yun had very few things; the items in his closet were just enough to pack into the small luggage case. Bedding and books could be directly moved with no hassle as the distance was so short.

The other three people in the dormitory watched Chu Feng’s actions and did not say anything. With their indifferent attitudes, they continued doing their own things.

Chu Feng clanged at these people, aware of their attitudes toward Rong Yun. These three people clearly did not return home over the weekend, and Rong Yun did not return for two days. And despite Chu Feng immediately entering the room to pack Rong Yun’s things, these three people could not even muster a single question, showing their disregard for Rong Yun. He guessed their attitudes was primarily related to rumors about Rong Yun being gay, but in any case, living together in the same form for two years should not produce this apathy. It was as if Rong Yun never lived there in the first place. It was obvious that Rong Yun was never comfortable here. Chu Feng felt even more confident in his plan to have Rong Yun move in with him else Rong Yun would become depressed sooner or later.

However, these three people’s attitudes at their age may be superficially correct. If they appeared close to Rong Yun, they may become involved in the same gay rumors and be scorned. But in Chu Feng’s eyes, this was childish and ridiculous. Same sex love should not be discriminated against. There was no need to make such a clear line of distinction in high school. Once you entered society, this attitude would make life difficult. It was this kind of thing that could not wait for you to relearn later as not everyone could be able to do so.

Once he finished packing, Chu Feng exited to the room just as Si Xian was returned.

“Helping Rong Yun to pack his luggage?” Si Xian amusingly asked as he watched Chu Feng dragging the suitcase out. He (Si Xuan) recognized that this was Rong Yun’s room. He also knew that Rong Yun was moving into their room.

Si Xian was very gentle. Unlike Rong Yun’s clean and graceful aura, he had a noble temperament. At first glance once could tell that he would make a good tutor. However, because of his young age, he was not prickly but easy to get along.

In the previous world, he was accepted into a good university while Chu Feng and Gui Heng studied abroad so they became less close. Later, Si Xian became a director and entered the same industry as Chu Feng, so their interactions slowly increased. However, Chu Feng also felt like they lacked the closeness they had before. In fact, Si Xian was a very good friend. He (SX) wasn’t irritating, but as long as Chu Feng encountered an issue, Si Xian would try his best to help.

“Home come you came back so early?” Generally Si Xian returned to school before dinner.

Si Xian smiled and said: “I heard that Rong Yun wanted to move over, so I came back sooner to see if you needed any help.”

“Perfect.” Chu Feng did not treat him as a guest and thrust the small suitcase over to him. “You carry this. I will get something.”

He (CF) originally planned to move the suitcase and books first before carrying over the bedding. Si Xian came back just in time to save him another trip.

Carrying Rong Yun’s things together, the two people headed off to the bedroom together. Si Xian asked, “Rong Yun?”

It would be more appropriate to let Rong Yun move his own things over.

“He has a little cold, so I let him rest in the bedroom.” Chu Feng replied.

Si Xian nodded in understanding and smiled. “It is rare to see you willing to help others pack their bags.” Chu Feng had the attitude of a young master, so it was already impressive enough if Chu Feng packed his own things.

“Well I can’t let a sick person pack up.” Chu Feng made a reason to excuse himself.

“That is true.” Si Xian agreed.

Rong Yun was lying in Chu Feng’s bed but he had yet to fall asleep. Chu Feng’s bed had some kind of dry warmth that Rong Yun really liked. In fact, lying in his crush’s bed for the first time made him a little emotionally excited.

As soon as Chu Feng entered through the door, he saw Rong Yun had yet to fall asleep in his bed hugging his covers.

Being seen hugging a blanket with such a red face made Rong Yun very embarrassed, but when he saw Si Xian come in with Chu Feng, he could not continue hiding in bed. He saw up with a bush and avoided looking at Chu Feng.

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