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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 1

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It was only afternoon, but the sky began gradually darkening. Not long after, thunder roared, followed by pouring rain.

A teahouse in Shanghai was fully seated, and the people drank hot tea to disperse some of the chilly air.

A hot pot of tea was placed on the table near the window. A lady with good looks wore a porcelain colored Qipao (TL: AKA cheongsam). Her fingers were slim and long, and she toyed with a small exquisite gun in her hands.

The people below ate snacks as the storyteller’s saliva spattered in all directions with a look exultation.

“Speaking of Lu family’s third young master, as normal civilians, who had not heard of him before, the Third young master was originally the previous provincial military governor’s third son. One year ago he took over the provincial military governor’s position…..”

“But today, the one I want to talk about isn’t the famous Lu third young master, but the only woman by his side.”

“Speaking of this madam, we need to start from the sensational wedding from 5 years back…”

Everybody knows that Lu third young is cold and detached, and doesn’t near women. Lu Huai rejected all talks about marriages, the Lu family was worried sick for his marriage matters.

One day, out of the blue, Lu Huai said that he wants to marry a girl.

This unknown lady Ye Chu, with no parents, no one to rely on had been noticed by Lu third young master. No matter how unhappy the Lu family was with Ye Chu, they still agreed to this marriage.

When the news of their marriage was spread on the second day, all the tabloid companies were trying hard to dig up Ye Chu’s family background. Strangely, they could not find anything on her.

Ye Chu this person is like a blank piece of white paper.

Ye Chu’s past seemed to be intentionally hidden by someone, raising the suspicions of others. But this was the matter of the provincial military governor’s family, no one dared to continue their investigation.

The public only knows that this girl who popped out from nowhere claimed the heart of Lu third young master.

No one viewed this wedding well, but their marriage lasted for 5 years. Till now, Ye Chu was still the only woman in Lu third young master’s heart.

The storyteller spoke enthusiastically, the big hall was filled with noise and excitement. The common people love gossip and towards this past event, there were many who were familiar.

A man proudly spoke: “Not long ago, I was at Mi Gao Mei Ballroom drinking, and I personally saw Third young master.”

“Lu third young master doesn’t near women, how would he be at the ballroom?”

“Could it be those rumors were false?”

This person shook his head: “I was at Mi Gao Mei Ballroom for nearly half the night, and did not see even one woman get close to Third young master.”

On all sides, there was only silence for a few seconds, they were even more curious. How charming is Ye Chu, that even Lu third young master is so smitten by her.

The rain got lighter, but the patter of rain did not stop.

The lady by the window was silently listening on. Lowering her head to sip on the tea, the corner of her lips rose in a faint smile.

The teahouse was very lively, but she only continued toying with that small gun.

Ye Chu appeared unconcerned, but she was slowly frowning.

A married couple very much in love…. Common people used the most beautiful words to describe this marriage, but Ye Chu knows, her title as the provincial military governor’s wife was just an empty one.

These five years, the two had never been a real couple. The love that outsiders saw was the result of their acting.

Lu Huai and her were a fake couple, this was their unspoken secret.

The discussion of the people were getting louder, and someone was unhappy with the storyteller, saying that these stories were not fresh.

“What you have said are nothing new to us.”

A group of people agreed.

“That’s right, these unimportant matters, what’s the point in saying them?”

“Do you actually have something fresh to say or not?”


The storyteller was not hurried, seemingly already had some plans. His facial expression was unchanged, and mysteriously swayed his fan.

“What if I said I want to talk about the secret of the provincial military governor’s residence? Does this count as fresh?”

The teahouse got quiet for a moment, everybody was waiting with expectation. He was very satisfied, and continued.

“It was rumored that the wife of the provincial military governor is unparalleled in appearance. Her talents and ability are above average, but her background is questionable.”

Ye Chu set aside the teacup, lifting her eyes towards the storyteller.

“Ye Chu is a lone girl from Jiangnan, but how would Lu third young master marry a common girl with no background?”

“After inquiring from many people, I finally know the truth. This wife of the provincial military governor doesn’t have a common background at all.”

The storyteller looked around, leaving people hanging for awhile then said: “Do you remember the rich merchant Ye family who announced bankruptcy back in the days?”

“Ye second miss, is also called Ye Chu.”

Ye Chu gazed into the distance and smiled. The smile at the corner of her lips were cold.

At this time, a black sports car stopped at the doorway. A tall man walked into the teahouse. He was wearing military uniform, below the lowered army cap was a solemn and cool face.

That man had a pair of clear and deep eyes, straight nose (TL: the author used 鼻梁修挺 which Idk what’s a proper translation… but it basically means he has a beautiful nose lol), his lower jaw was well shaped.

His temperament was cold to the extreme. He made a sweeping glance and the teahouse suddenly fell into silence.

This was Lu Huai.

Lu Huai’s gaze was slightly heavy, an invisible pressure hung in the air. Then his sight fell on Ye Chu.

The porcelain colored cheongsam accentuated her figure, a white slender neck, exquisite facial features, glowing white skin…. Every part of her was perfect.

Lu Huai walked towards Ye Chu, using his army uniform to cover her thin and delicate shoulders, acting as if no one else was present as he hugged her waist.

His lowered voice became gentle because of her presence.

“Wife, let’s go home.”

The people in the teahouse were in a daze, staring at the sports car that was leaving helplessly. They were stunned, no one cared about what the storyteller said previously.

He doesn’t near women, but submits only to her.

The two sat in the car, and no longer had any physical contact. Lu Huai started the car, Ye Chu was quiet, there was no interaction as usual.

A deal was a deal, all those affections was just an act.

The rain had stopped, and the sky had darkened as it turned dusk. The sports car had driven to a famous mansion area, garden villas were on the sides of the long and wide street.

The ground was still wet, Ye Chu’s high heels lightly touched the ground and Lu Huai also got down the car.

They came to a villa enclosed by brick walls, the outer walls seemed to have been recently revamped. It was said that a few days earlier, a certain high ranking official’s mistress moved in.

This used to be Ye family’s residence, it was the place where Ye Chu lived for more than 20 years. Ye family had some standing in the Shanghai’s business world, and from young she was raised as a pampered girl.

After she turned 16, that enemy appeared and caused Ye family’s gradual downfall. Her father committed suicide and her mother got depressed and eventually died…. At this point, Ye Chu came to a realization, all her past experiences were actually from a novel.

This novel is called <<Pretty in pink>>, someone from her school lent her the book before. Ye Chu had transmigrated into the supporting character of this book, and now the story had developed to the point where the Ye family fell.

 The female lead was called Ye Jia Rong, Ye family’s third young miss birthed from a concubine. She was not favored since young, and was the typical white lotus.

Supporting character Ye Chu was the favored and pampered second young miss. Ye Chu was very good to Ye Jia Rong, but Ye Jia Rong took it as if she was pitying her.

Though main lead Ye Jia Rong accepted Ye Chu well intentions, but she was unwilling. Due to the female lead halo, the male lead Mo Qing Han had fallen at first sight with her. After knowing the circumstances the female main lead was in, he destroyed Ye family.

Male lead Mo Qing Han is the illegitimate son of the Lu provincial military governor. He lived for revenge. The male lead started from the bottom rank of the military, and moved smoothly through the ranks thanks to the halo of the main lead.

Not only did the male lead killed Lu provincial military governor (TL: from here on out, I’m just going to call Lu governor), he also killed his step elder brother Lu huai.

After Ye family had fallen, other than Ye Jia Rong, not a single person could live comfortably. In the end, the male and female lead lived blissfully ever after.

In simple terms, this is a book about a man seeking revenge fell in love with a white lotus and removed all obstacles for her.

Thinking of this story, Ye Chu remembered the supporting female character’s end. Female lead Ye Jia Rong took away all that belonged to her, leaving her a fate worse than death.

At that time, Ye Chu desperately wanted to change her ending. Before the male lead killed Lu Huai, she successfully warned Lu Huai and saved his life.

Lu third young master was the biggest villain in the novel, and had the power to shut out the heavens. They made a deal. She would become his fake wife, he would teach her martial arts and helped her practice guns, giving her a new identity.

After a few years of fake marriage, Lu Huai took over the governor position.

And Ye Chu became the current governor’s wife. These years, she barely achieved peace and stability, and could not calm her heart.

Ye Chu only avoided the ending in the novel, but the Ye family members were all gone and would never return. She came back to Shanghai, but could not even near Ye Jia Rong.

Hatred rose within Ye Chu, her nails sank into her flesh but she didn’t notice the pain.

The tall and cool man beside her turned towards her. She was still covered in his army uniform, looking even thinner.

Lu Huai’s gaze swept across her, and saw that her fingers were suffused with red, her white knuckles revealed her unwillingness.

He spoke: “Ye Chu, we should leave already.”

Ye Chu lifted her eyes towards Lu Huai, making eye contact. Lu Huai’s gaze was light, but seemingly could see through her. Very quickly, she recovered her usual calmness.

“Dong Shen Shi booked a banquet at He Ping restaurant, wanting to meet us.”


“After the banquet ends, let’s have a talk.”

Though she didn’t know Lu Huai’s intentions, Ye Chu still nodded: “Ok.”

They each had thoughts in their minds and entered the car together.

The sports car slowly started, the two were both deep in thoughts and did not notice there was a car that slowly caught up from behind.

The dark and gloomy sky started to pour again. The rain came fast and the wind blew into the car, bringing in big rain drops.

The sky was as black as ink, the car drove to a remote road. At this time, that car suddenly increased their speed, rushing straight into Ye Chu’s car.

The car tumbled out of the road, glass shattered. Due to the powerful collision, Lu Huai immediately stretched his arms to hug Ye Chu into his chest to protect her.

But the gasoline leaked and someone threw a lighted match in their direction, causing a loud commotion and the sports car immediately exploded!

A huge car accident happened at Shanghai’s Scott road, no one in the car survived.

Lu governor and his wife Ye Chu passed away in the car accident. After the funeral, the rumors of the two gradually came to an end.

­The author has something to say:

This novel is fictional, not related to historical events.

Ye Chu is someone from the Republic of China (1912-1949), transmigrated into a Republic of China novel <<Pretty in pink>>. She originally walked the path of the original plot, after the fall of Ye family did she came to a realization that she actually transmigrated.

­­TL note: Hey guys, next chapter would be the rebirth of Ye Chu in the novel and the main story starts from there. I will be uploading the next chapter soon so look forward to it:)

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