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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 10.1

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Shen Jiu hated the passionate gaze of others, and there was a reason behind it.

When the Da Du Hui dance hall first opened, Shen Jiu wasn’t the head of the Qing Hui yet and there weren’t many people in Shanghai who knew how he looked like. 

To celebrate that day, Shen Jiu wore a long red Chinese-style unlined garment (褂). As he was originally gorgeous, the colour of the garment emphasised his pale skin even more.

The guests were greatly influenced by the fervour of the Da Du Hui and just when Shen Jiu was feeling proud of himself and slowed his steps, someone ran into him.

Shen Jiu frowned but as his mood was good, he was going to let this person off. He didn’t expect that that person would pull on his sleeve to stop him from leaving.

“This beauty looks very good, want to accompany this master to the neighbouring hotel?” A vulgar voice sounded.

Shen Jiu: ???

Was this person blind? This person actually dared to say that he was a woman!

Malice flashed across Shen Jiu’s eyes and the followers beside him immediately subdued this guy and dragged him out of the Da Du Hui within seconds.

As this guy lacked awareness, he was naturally violently beat up. 

“Do you know who have you offended?”

“He is Qing Hui’s Jiu Ye, Da Du Hui’s boss.”

“Don’t appear in Shanghai anymore, if not be prepared for a beating every time we see you.”


Though Shen Jiu did not like others staring at him, he didn’t have to bother with a female student either.

After all, that girl only took a glance, he couldn’t possibly dig out her eyes.

Moreover, this girl seemed to be quite observant as she stopped in her tracks and let him pass first.

Shen Jiu was very much certain that the girl was definitely intimidated by his strong presence. En! He was the fiercest looking devil.

Ye Chu was only before Shen Jiu’s eyes for an instant, he naturally wouldn’t link her to the girl Lu Huai mentioned about.

In Shen Jiu’s consciousness, the girl Lu Huai mentioned was tall and attractive enough… how could she be a student?

If he knew who this little girl was, he would probably want to claw at the wall.

A stunning beauty and a little girl didn’t have much eye contact and they passed each other by just like this.

As Shen Jiu was languidly taking his steps, he was also absent-mindedly looking around. He felt that there were quite a few girls who were 5 foot 6 inch.

Thinking of this, Shen Jiu softy cursed.

“Cao, that type of girl, there are already quite a few on this street, where to find for Lu Huai.”

Hearing this, Ye Chu halted her steps.

Shen Jiu was looking for someone? Or was it helping Lu Huai to find someone…. Ye Chu was sure that she didn’t hear wrongly. Lu Huai wouldn’t get close to the opposite sex, and Ye Chu was very clear on this.

But why would Lu Huai get Shen Jiu to find a girl?

After some thoughts, Ye Chu felt that it could be her actions at that time that got Lu Huai’s attention. She had only met Lu Huai by coincidence and helped him in passing.

After all, Ye Chu needed Lu Huai to be alive and continue to resist the male lead Mo Qing Han as the villain. 

But from Lu Huai’s perspective, she was just an extra. Lu Huai was someone with many suspicions and therefore he asked Shen Jiu to find her since he couldn’t ascertain Ye Chu’s identity.

What if Lu Huai didn’t want to let anyone else know of what happened that night?

What’s even more frightening was…

What if Lu Huai wanted to kill her?

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