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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 11.3

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Zhang Xin Li exposed her relationship with Fu Tian Tian’s father in the call and provoked Fu Tian Tian’s mother that she couldn’t keep her man.

Fu Tian Tian was so angry that she called Ye Chu to go Mi Gao Mei dancing hall to catch the couple in the act. In the end, Fu Tian Tian and her father argued and parted on bad terms, and Zhang Xin Li got what she wanted as she became a concubine of Fu Tian Tian’s father.

Though Ye Chu wished to change the ending of the previous life, she didn’t know where to start.

Perhaps Ye Chu wished too intensely that she once again heard the weird voice that night.

After nightfall, the Ye residence became very quiet. Ye Chu kept tossing and turning on her bed, unable to fall asleep.

How to change Fu Tian Tian’s father way of thinking?

How can she help ease the tension between Fu Tian Tian and her father?


As Ye Chu was contemplating, a voice sounded in a otherwise silent room.

“Zhang Xin Li had harmed someone, a sister from before.” (TL: not blood related sister, but a close friend.)

Ye Chu rose abruptly.

“Zhang Xin Li cheated that person of her life savings and escaped to Shanghai.”


That voice didn’t continue and vanished.

After the previous occurrence with Chen Xi Yuan, Ye Chu already confirmed that this voice wouldn’t harm her. On the contrary, this voice spoke the truth.

After much consideration, Ye Chu came up with a countermeasure to guarantee that Zhang Xin Li wouldn’t get what she wanted and would never enter Fu family’s doors.

The next day, Ye Chu dressed in a very low key manner and wore a black cap that hid half her face so that she wouldn’t be discovered at Mi Gao Mei. 

When evening came, Ye Chu hailed a rickshaw to go Mi Gao Mei dancing hall.

The moment Ye Chu got off the rickshaw, she spotted Fu Tian Tian in men’s clothing at the entrance of Mi Gao Mei dancing hall. Fu Tian Tian had her head lowered like she was deep in thoughts.

Ye Chu called out “Tian Tian”. Fu Tian Tian turned and walked towards Ye Chu.

“Ah Chu.”

Fu Tian Tian’s voice sounded like she was quite tired and her eyes were bloodshot. Ye Chu felt heartache as she had never seen Fu Tian Tian being so dispirited.

Fu Tian Tian hugged Ye Chu, and spoke moodily: “My father is raising a dancer outside.” (TL: basically having an affair.)

It was really this issue, Ye Chu sighed. As Fu Tian Tian explained the issue, she became angrier by the second.

At the end, Fu Tian Tian became resolute: “I have asked around, today my father will come to Mi Gao Mei to meet that fox. I will go teach them a lesson now.”

Ye Chu held onto Fu Tian Tian: “Tian Tian, calm down. If you barge in now, you will only inadvertently alert them. We should first scout the area to find the room that they are in.”

Fu Tian Tian sucked in a deep breath: “Ah Chu, I will follow everything you say.”

“Fear not, we will face this together.”


Ye Chu and Fu Tian entered the dancing hall.

In the gathering darkness of nightfall, Mi Gao Mei became even more dazzling. The bustling night life had just started.

A black car stopped at the entrance and upon inspection, it was a car from the Du Jun’s residence.

Li Wen Da’s trusted aide Xiao Wu was already waiting at the entrance. When he saw the VIP guest, he quickly righted his expression and put away his absent-mindedness. 

The driver respectfully opened the door and a tall man got out of the car.

It was late and the slight breeze made people somewhat chilly but the coldness emitting from the man was colder than the night. 

Xiao Wu took a deep breath and jogged forward with a respectful expression.

“Third Young Master, this way please.”

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