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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 12.1

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Li Wen Da was waiting anxiously in the private room. His son Li Xing had provoked Shen Jiu Ye and he had threatened to cripple Li Xing.

Shen Jiu Ye was a vicious and merciless man and he would definitely do as he had said he would. Li Wen Da panicked instantly and went around in hope of arranging a meeting with Shen Jiu Ye.

When his friends heard that the issue is related to Shen Jiu Ye, every one of them found excuses to evade and did not want to have anything to do with his issue.

How could these people be called friends? Normally, they would act brotherly but at critical times, they run faster than anyone else. Li Wen Da was angry but there was nothing he could do.

Li Wen Da had already made use of all his connections but Shen Jiu Ye still did not meet him. Li Wen Da really had no other ways and could only turn to Third Young Master Lu.

Third Young Master Lu didn’t have many friends and Shen Jiu Ye was considered his closest friend. If Third Young Master Lu could help him say a few words, his son would be saved.

Li Wen Da put on an expression to flatter: “Third Young Master, please sit here.”

Lu Huai didn’t look at him and sat down directly.

All kinds of expensive drinks at Mi Gao Mei were displayed on the table. Li Wen Da wasn’t sure of Lu Huai’s taste so he simply ordered everything.

Though Li Wen Da was afraid of Lu Huai, he really had no other way and so he summoned up his courage and said: “Third Master, I invited you today because I have a favour to ask.”

“That spoilt son of mine has provoked Jiu Ye and I would like to ask Third Master to help say a few words to Jiu Ye, hoping Jiu Ye would show some mercy and spare my son.”

Li Wen Da placed a banknote on the table and spoke respectfully: “Third Master, this is to show my sincerity.”

Lu Huai stroked the wineglass in his hand and neither did he reach out to receive nor speak.

Zhou fuguan (TL: fuguan means aide, Zhou is the person’s surname) said: “Boss Li, your son committed a wrong in Shanghai, you should look for the police.”

“Third Master is a busy man, why bother him with such a small matter.”

Li Wen Da also smiled: “I heard that the relationship between Third Master and Shen Jiu Ye is quite good. If Third Master speak up, Jiu Ye might just agree to meet me.”

Lu Huai narrowed his eyes, he had heard of this from Shen Jiu. Shen Jiu felt that Li Wen Da was arrogant in his ways and his son Li Xing was also dishonest, therefore he wanted to make use of this opportunity to oppress them.

Though Li Xing did not commit any big crime, Lu Huai didn’t want to agree so easily.

So Lu Huai still did not speak.

Li Wen Da saw that Lu Huai wasn’t speaking and his heart became heavy, like a gigantic stone was suppressing him making him breathless.

Li Wen Da really couldn’t guess Lu Huai thoughts, could it be that Third Master was unsatisfied with the amount? Thankfully he had prepared something else, if money couldn’t solve the issue, then he still had another way.

Li Wen Da said: “Third Master, I have prepared a big gift for you.” It was said that Third Young Master Lu wouldn’t near the opposite sex, but Li Wen Da didn’t believe. This could be Third Master’s excuse, he just hadn’t met the girl he liked.

Li Wen Da spent a lot of effort to find virgin girls who were either charming, pure or sexy.

If there was a row of attractive girls standing before a man, even if it was Third Young Master Lu, he would still be tempted.

Third Young Master Lu already had wealth and power and now he was only lacking of beauties. This method would definitely satisfy Third Master.

Li Wen Da believed that he had made the correct decision and turned towards Xiao Wu saying: “Call them in.”

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