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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 12.2

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When the door opened, five teenage girls followed behind Xiao Wu. They were at the age where their pureness and delicateness were at the peak.

They each have their own flirtatious expressions and just by standing there created a brilliant scene. The girl standing in the middle especially, one heart’s would be tickled when she looked over. 

All the girls looked at Lu Huai shyly while thinking how lucky they were to be able to serve Third Master Lu. Lu Huai’s face under the light was even more handsome and their hearts beat faster.

Li Wen Da smiled satisfactorily: “Third Master, these are the women whom I have picked very carefully, I hope you like them.”

Zhou fuguan exploded: “Impudent!” Following which, he pulled out a gun from his waist and pointed it towards Li Wen Da.

Lu Huai’s expression became heavy instantly and glanced at Li Wen Da frostily like he was already a dead man: “Li Wen Da, you have guts.”

Li Wen Da didn’t expect Lu Huai to become so furious and his legs softened as he trembled: “Third…. Third Master, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have done this.”

Li Wen Da was extremely remorseful. Third Young Master Lu really didn’t near women and he had seriously offended Third Young Master Lu this time.

Those five girls had never encountered such a situation where they felt that the gun was pointing right at them. Those amorous feelings they had just before instantly became fear and they let out piercing scream.

Lu Huai’s expression darkened and shot them a cold glance: “Get out.”

Lu Huai’s voice was extremely low that when Li Wen Da heard it, he felt pressurised and quickly turned to Xiao Wu saying: “Bring them out quickly!”

Xiao Wu hurriedly brought the girls out and closed the door.

Li Wen Da tried to win favour with a smile on: “Third Master, I will not dare to do it again, please forgive me this time.”

Without Lu Huai’s command, Zhou fuguan’s gun was still pointing towards Li Wen Da. Li Wen Da was very frightened and his back was covered with cold sweat while his clothes were already soaked.

The look in Lu Huai’s eyes was very cold and so was his tone: “Li Wen Da, it seems that you do not wish for your son to be released.”

Hearing this, Li Wen Da shivered and was filled with hopelessness.

Li Wen Da hurriedly spoke: “Third Master, it was all my fault. Don’t blame my son, blame it all on me.”

Li Xing was Li Wen Da’s treasured son and he originally wanted to save Li Xing, but who knew he actually harmed Li Xing instead. Li Wen Da regretted his actions immensely.

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