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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 13.1

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On the other end, Ye Chu and Fu Tian Tian went into Mi Gao Mei together.

The interior of the Mi Gao Mei dancing hall was splendid and lively, and coupled with the deafening music, this place truly deserved to be called one of the most famous nightclubs in Shanghai.

The multicoloured lights, the wanton laughter of men and women, the smell of alcohol and powder mixed together in the air – this was an adult world.

The moment Fu Tian Tian stepped in, she was dazed. In such a big place, where was she going to find that adulterous couple?

Fu Tian Tian pulled Ye Chu’s hand closer: “Ah Chu, this place is so big, what should I do?”

Though Fu Tian Tian was usually carefree, she was still only a fifteen years old teenager. This was her first time going to a place of entertainment, and in addition, her purpose was to catch an adulterous couple so naturally she was nervous.

Ye Chu was different. In her previous life, Ye Chu experienced the decline of Ye Family and the death of her loved ones. No matter what kind of situation, Ye Chu could calmly face it.

Ye Chu looked at Fu Tian Tian: “Don’t panic, Tian Tian, I’m here.” Fu Tian Tian’s heart instantly calmed down, she believed in Ah Chu.

“But…” Fu Yan looked around their surroundings and was very distressed. “The private rooms all look the same to me.”

In the previous life, Ye Chu and Fu Tian Tian went together to catch the adulterous couple, so she knew which private Fu Tian Tian’s father and the dancer Zhang Xin Li were in.

However, this time Ye Chu wouldn’t let Fu Tian Tian barged in as she thought of a better way.

“Tian Tian, my cousin knows Mi Gao Mei’s manager. Let me go ask.”

Ye Chu’s cousin Su Ming Zhe was a playboy who often patronised the dance hall. Su Ming Zhe did have some friendship with Mi Gao Mei’s manager, and Ye Chu used this as an excuse to make Fu Tian Tian stay where they were.

After helping Fu Tian Tian settle down, Ye Chu immediately went to the private room where the dancer Zhang Xin Li was in.

She waited patiently near the private room, and after a while, Zhang Xin Li finally came out.

Ye Chu followed and watched as Zhang Xin Li entered the restroom. Ye Chu smiled, it was time.

Zhang Xin Li hummed as she entered the restroom. A few days ago, she had just phoned the Fu family and provoked that useless woman. Thinking that she was soon going to occupy the main wife position, how could her mood be bad?

Zhang Xin Li looked at her reflection in the mirror, and the more she looked, the happier she became and she couldn’t stop smiling. And just when Zhang Xin Li was feeling pleased with herself…

The lamp in the bathroom suddenly went out!

Zhang Xin Li was stunned as her surrounding suddenly fell into darkness.

With a loud bang, the door was also closed.

Zhang Xin Li still hadn’t realised that something was wrong, and cursed: “how unlucky, why did the lights suddenly go out?”

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