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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 13.3

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Suddenly, Fu Tian Tian stopped talking and Ye Chu followed Fu Tian Tian’s sight. Fu Tian Tian’s father was walking out as if he had lost his soul.

Fu Tian Tian sneered: “He is worried about his lover bah. Why not worry about his wife? Mother has been crying so badly these days, and he turned a blind eye.”

“Anyways, I don’t want to deal with him anymore.” Fu Tian Tian turned her head and no longer looked at her father.

Ye Chu tightened her hold on Fu Tian Tian’s hand to comfort her. In this life, Zhang Xin Li did not enter the door of Fu family, and Fu Tian Tian would not become depressed. Ye Chu hoped that Fu Tian Tian would always keep her smile.

After dealing with this matter, it had become rather late. Fu Tian Tian and Ye Chu were students after all and couldn’t stay out for too long.

Passing through the crowd and the dance floor, the voice of the female singer could be heard. There was music every night at Mi Gao Mei, but Ye Chu only felt that it was noisy.

She pulled Fu Tian Tian in the direction of the exit and sped up. 

When they arrived at the exit, Fu Tian Tian suddenly stopped: “Hey, that person looks familiar.”

“Seems like I saw him at the tea house previously…”

Ye Chu looked up and there stood a man. His facial features were chilly, like his face was covered with a layer of ice. His lips were extremely exquisite but he didn’t like to smile.

Mi Gao Mei was this lively, but he wasn’t tempted. Even if the surroundings was noisy, it only made him appear more stern.

Ye Chu was startled, that person was indeed very familiar. Oh no, why out of all places to meet him here?

Her legs were stuck in place.

At the Mi Gao Mei dance hall, Lu Huai sat in the private room and drank.

He had filled his stomach with brandy, which barely washed away the disgust from earlier.

Lu Huai was not drunk and on the contrary, his vigilance remained high. As a young commander in chief, many people wanted his life and danger often came inadvertently.

Lu Huai put down the cup and said indifferently: “Let’s go.”

Zhou fuguan immediately followed.

They had just exited Mi Gao Mei when the cold wind blew, and there was a faint chill in the autumn night.

A girl’s voice came from behind.

“Hey, that person looks familiar.”

“It seems like I saw him at the tea house last time…”

Lu Huai noticed a gaze from the right, and his face became even chiller.

“I remembered!” Fu Tian Tian slapped her head. “It’s Third Master Lu whom Song Qian Ru was chasing after!”

Fu Tian Tian raised her voice and was heard by Lu Huai. Lu Huai’s expression didn’t change, but the atmosphere around him became even colder.

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