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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 13.4

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Ye Chu’s voice was very soft, and she wanted to pull Fu Tian Tian and leave quickly. She knew that Lu Huai remembered her voice and did not want to be recognised by him.

In the previous life, Ye Chu had interacted with Lu Huai for a long time. Ye Chu knew that Lu Huai did not like others talking about him. Needless to say, what Fu Tian Tian mentioned was a scandal.

Although they were only students, Lu Huai’s mood was unpredictable and he might ridicule them without mercy just like that day at the teahouse.

However, Ye Chu and Fu Tian Tian had not had the chance to leave before Lu Huai turned towards them.

Fu Tian Tian still stood there, but Ye Chu was pulling her away. Ye Chu’s movements were somewhat exaggerated and it seemed to have attracted Lu Huai’s attention. 

In the next second, his eyes fell on Ye Chu.

Ye Chu wore an oversized hat, dressed in dark clothes, and her snowy fingers tightly clutched the arm of the girl next to her. 

The fingers were slender, and the skin was glowing with a tinge of red.

Ye Chu blanked as her eyes met his. Her heart tightened and her legs became stiff.

Lu Huai’s expression was chilly, like there was a layer of frost over his face. His lips were very thin which was probably due to him not smiling and therefore he looked a bit fierce.

For the sake of her own life, Ye Chu did not want to speak. She was afraid that Lu Huai would recognise who she was. But the situation right now….

If she didn’t do something, Ye Chu would also be very worried.

After some thought, the corners of Ye Chu’s lips lifted and she smiled at him.

Her neck was slender and the light behind her made her skin even fairer. On her small and tender face, her eyes were very bright and her lips were cinnabar coloured.

This smile was a bit awkward, but it was just right as it eased up the atmosphere.

Lu Huai’s sight stayed on Ye Chu’s face for a few seconds and withdrew his eyes. He still had a cold expression, as if he did not suspect anything.

Ye Chu sighed with relief as he did not recognise her.

Previously, Lu Huai entrusted Shen Jiu with the task of looking for her which was probably because of the accident at White Road. Ye Chu was not sure if Lu Huai wanted to kill her, so she was very nervous.

Fortunately, the street lamp was broken that night and there was no moonlight too. Lu Huai never saw her face.

When Ye Chu was still contemplating, the car door had already opened and Lu Huai got into the car.

The eyes of the girl from before seemed to show fear but when meeting his gaze, she did not dodge. If he was not mistaken, she was quite calm.

Ye Chu’s delicate and fair small face flashed through Lu Huai’s mind but he did not take it to heart.

Calm? Lu Huai looked thoughtfully out of the window.

Despite drinking so much alcohol, his consciousness was still very clear.

Not long ago, Lu Huai met danger at White Road and was saved by a girl by chance, and therefore he was able to leave safely.

And that girl was very courageous, quick to respond, had a calm behaviour…

Seemingly to have thought of something, the frost on Lu Huai’s face suddenly melted, and the corner of his mouth lifted.

He turned his head and smiled.

The author has something to say: A small theater

After finding Ye Chu.

Lu Huai: “You are hiding from me? En?”

Ye Chu: “Third Master… let me go tonight bah.”

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