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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 15.1

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If Ye Jia Rou couldn’t make Ye Chu buy this cheongsam, then the effort in inquiring the information previously would have been in vain.

Seeing as things were going out of her control, Ye Jia Rou’s heart tightened. She blinked her eyes a few times and continued to deal with Ye Chu.

Ye Jia Rou smiled: “Elder sister has fair skin and a noble temperament, only elder sister could match this white cheongsam.”

These words of Ye Jia Rou were not wrong, but she sounded unwilling.

Ye Chu listened to Ye Jia Rou’s chatter and couldn’t help but feel sleepy. She carelessly pushed her hair behind her ear.

As she raised her hand, the sleeves slipped a little and exposed Ye Chu’s wrist.

The store’s lights was coincidentally right above Ye Chu and therefore, her skin glowed even more and dazzled Ye Jia Rou’s eyes.

If not for Ye Jia Rou insisting on her buying this white cheongsam to cause her and Yan Man Man clash outfits, Ye Jia Rou wouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of her own actions. 

Ye Chu raised her eyebrow: “But I think this cheongsam suits Jia Rou more. Jia Rou is gentle and pleasant, you’re most suited for it.”

No matter how calm Ye Jia Rou was, she couldn’t help but turn pale with fright this time. Her small mouth was slightly opened while her facial expression was that of pure shock.

Ye Jia Rou panicked: “Before coming out, didn’t sister say to me that I have too many plain clothes and wanted to buy a brightly colored dress for me? Did sister forget?”

Ye Chu nodded: “It is good that you remember.”

Ye Jia Rou clenched her teeth and did not make a fuss. She quickly swept a glance across the store and saw the red dress that Ye Chu fixed her attention on before.

She pointed to that dress: “Sister said that this red dress is not bad. Why not I wear this while sister wears that piece. Changing preferences is not bad too.”

Since Ye Jia Rou wanted to dig a hole and jump in herself, how would Ye Chu obstruct her?

Ye Chu smiled and said: “Alright, let’s buy these two clothes, Jia Rou is right. I will wear this cheongsam at the banquet and you will wear the red western styled dress. We have both agreed on this.”

Hearing Ye Chu’s affirmative answer, Ye Jia Rou breathed a sigh of relief: “Of course, by then when Jia Rou wears this red dress, sister can’t go back on your word at the last minute.”

Ye Chu immediately paid the money and never had she spent money this straightforwardly before. Ye Chu bought this dress for Ye Jia Rou, and regarded it as sending her a “big gift.”

There was a cafe opposite Yong An Departmental Store. When they just stepped out of the door, Ye Jia Rou looked around. Her eyes lit up and she stealthily pointed across the road.

Ye Jia Rou shyly asked: “Sister, is that person Young Master Lu?”

Ye Chu was stunned for a few seconds. She had just seen him at Mi Gao Mei a few days ago. Shanghai was so huge, why did he appear near her again? 

Ye Chu looked up and happened to see Lu Huai and Shen Jiu walking out of the cafe. One was grave and stern as the wind, while the other was extremely enchanting.

Ye Chu’s sight coincided with Shen Jiu, and Shen Jiu seemed to recognise her and casually smiled.

Ye Chu blanked for a few seconds, it was kind of this head of Qing Hui to remember her but these villains were not to be provoked.

She didn’t want to make any eye contact with Lu Huai so she quickly lowered her head and turned to leave.

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