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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 15.2

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This face was very familiar, Shen Jiu searched his memory for this person. His phoenix eyes lifted and he was delighted.

“Oh, that female student, she ran away after seeing me.”

Seeing Ye Chu bowed her head to duck him, Shen Jiu was very proud of himself and boasted to Lu Huai: “Look, she’s frightened by me again!”

The Shen Jiu beside him spoke a lot and Lu Huai felt that it was a little noisy. He followed in the direction of Shen Jiu’s fingers, but only catch the familiar back view of Ye Chu.

She wore a western dress, and the dress was stretched to the ankles which were slender and white.

Lu Huai did not spare another look and shot Shen Jiu a glance.

“Be less hostile towards female students.” (TL: 置气 was used here. It has 2 meanings. One is be angry and another is to earn back face. I picked the former for translation but the meaning could be the latter.)

Shen Jiu was stunned, since when did Lu Huai care about such things?

Ye Chu and Ye Jia Rou went home to prepare and Yan Man Man’s birthday party soon came.

There were two cars in the house. As their father went on a business trip, one of the cars was driven to Bei Ping. The remaining car was specially prepared for Ye Chu by her mother, and the rest of the family had no right to use it.

The banquet was held in the suburbs and it was necessary to stay in the manor for two days. Ye Chu didn’t want to bring too much luggage and was ready to go out within a short time.

Ye Chu did not rush to get into the car. She leaned against the car door and waited for a while as she wanted to take a look at Ye Jia Rou before heading out.

There would be a few hours of driving later and Ye Chu was afraid that it would be too boring so if she could some form of entertainment from Ye Jia Rou, the trip wouldn’t be too monotonous. 

When Ye Jiarou’s figure appeared at the door, Ye Chu’s mouth finally curved up.

She ran a little anxiously and when she saw Ye Chu, her eyes lit up instantly. Ye Jia Rou sprayed peach blossom perfume on herself which Ye Chu guessed it the moment she smelled it.

Ye Chu had a very accurate grasp of Ye Jia Rou’s character. Even if Ye Jia Rou sprayed perfume, she wouldn’t go overboard on it because she did not want people to know that she took the effort to dress up.

Although the perfume was not strong, Ye Chu still deliberately frowned and covered her nose with her hands.

Ye Jia Rou asked: “Sister, are you waiting for me?”

Ye Jia Rou looked like a well-behaved good sister, her eyes staring brightly at Ye Chu.

At this moment, Ye Chu smiled very warmly. In the face of Ye Jia Rou’s look of heartfelt expectation, she answered Ye Jia Rou’s question word by word.

“Of course.” Ye Chu paused after seeing Ye Jia Rou’s eyes suddenly lit up. “But now you can’t get in the car.”

The shy smile on Ye Jia Rou’s face froze and she hadn’t registered what happened.

Ye Chu was helpless: “Jia Rou, you clearly know that I am allergic to peach blossom, why did you spray a peach-flavored perfume? Although I don’t fuss over these things, you can’t harm me too ah.”

Ye Jia Rou understood each and every word but when they were put together, she didn’t understand what they meant. Since when was Ye Chu allergic to peach blossom?

Staring at Ye Chu’s moving lips, Ye Jia Rou couldn’t think of a way to explain herself.

Ye Chu made a conclusion: “It seems that Jia Rou doesn’t know me enough. But now you know so next time remember not to spray it again.”

Ye Chu turned around with satisfaction and got in the car. She did not immediately head off, but wound down the window and spoke to the lifeless Ye Jia Rou.

“Can only trouble Jia Rou to find a friend to carpool, but remember not to be late.”

After saying this, Ye Chu shut the car window mercilessly: “Uncle Li, let’s go.”

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