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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 16.2

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When everybody looked at the battered Ye Jia Rou once again, tsk tsk, truly childish. 

Ye Chu maintained her smile: “It seems that Jia Rou didn’t have a smooth ride. Quickly return to your room to tidy up. The dinner is about to begin. It is not good to keep everyone waiting”

Then Ye Chu waved her hand at Ye Jia Rou and Ye Jia Rou’s face fell. She suddenly felt like a pet that had been ordered around by Ye Chu.

Yan Man Man’s face darkened. How she wished she could strangle Ye Jia Rou to death. She was interrupted while she was boasting about her manor so how could she continue now?

Now everyone’s attention was on the two sisters of Ye Family. It was obviously her banquet, and everyone’s attention should be on her!

Yan Man Man came before Ye Jia Rou and looked arrogantly at her.

“Ye Jia Rou, I know that you have always been better kept under the table (idiom) , but today is my birthday party, so you better put yourself in order.”

There were many people present and Yan Man Man wasn’t stupid. Her voice could only be heard by Ye Jia Rou and her friend. 

Bai Min who came together with Ye Jia Rou had long wanted to leave. She could tell the awkward atmosphere and blamed Ye Jia Rou.

It was clear that Ye Jia Rou wanted to take this opportunity to embarrass Ye Chu and had intentionally pulled her into this. If she were to take the same ride with Ye Jia Rou when they return home, then she must be crazy. 

Bai Min ignored Ye Jia Rou and left for to the room prepared for her after greeting Yan Man Man. 

Ye Jia Rou did not expect Bai Min to leave without her. She lightly stamped her feet and in a gentle voice bid farewell to everyone. 

“Not sure what’s going on with Bai Min, I’m a little worried. I have to go to her first. Excuse us for disrupting, it was my fault.”

Ye Jia Rou apologised with a red face then left to chase after Bai Min. Fortunately, Bai Min went off early, otherwise she might have fell out with Ye Jia Rou on the spot if she heard what she said.

After the farce, the banquet finally began. Ignoring the gloomy Yan Man Man, and the dinner party still went pretty smoothly.

Sitting on the right side of Ye Chu, Fu Tian Tian touched Ye Chu’s arm: “Is this the good show you wanted to show me? Not bad not bad, I am contented with seeing Ye Jia Rou making a fool out of herself.”

Ye Chu smiled and did not reply. The best part of the show had yet to come, this was just the starting.

Tomorrow’s birthday party would be the highlight.

Ye Chu sat in her seat and did not speak.

It was a gathering of girls and gossiping couldn’t be avoided.

“Do you girls know what the latest gossip is?” The daughter of a high official broke the silence.

After piquing everyone’s interest, she said: “Everyone has heard of the foreign minister’s daughter, Song Qian Ru right? She had recently became famous again”

This person just happened to be on unfriendly terms with Song Qian Ru so naturally she would use her as a topic.

“I have heard about this incident.” Another girl echoed.

“She could pursue whoever but had to pursue commander-in-chief Lu Huai. Who doesn’t know that Third Young Master Lu is the most unapproachable wanted bachelor.”

“Now this is embarrassing. Third Young Master Lu clearly expressed his refusal. She still persistently tried to create coincidental encounters with him. Don’t think that others don’t understand what’s on her mind.”

“She isn’t reserved like how a girl should be. But Song Qian Ru has always been like this. If she sees something she likes, she would wield all means till she got it.”


These words were heard by Ye Chu while she was casually eating. These gossips were like the wind, going in from the left ear and out from the right.

These days, Third Young Master Lu always lives in the mouth of others, and Ye Chu had never seen him again.

At least she wouldn’t run into him again.

A small building on the south side of the manor was quiet. It housed the guests of the police chief, Yan Zhen. It was heavily guarded and outsiders were not allowed to enter.

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