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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 16.3

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Hot tea was being brewed on the table, and Yan Zhen was seated with a man in military uniform. The two conversed joyously.

Everyone knew that the police chief Yan Zhen had a bad temper. This kind of temper was not suited for literary but very suited for the military. His men were all very obedient, and no one dared to disobey.

Yan Zhen had always put on a cold expression but at this time revealed a rare smile: “Young commander-in-chief, has Lu Dujun been well?”

The tall man known as the young commander-in-chief was sitting quietly with his back straight.

Lu Huai smiled politely, and his tone was neither cold nor warm: “My father is working in Nanjing, and had specially asked me to deliver a gift.”

“Why must the Dujun be so polite…” Yan Zhen verbally declined, but accepted it with pleasure. “I just did a small thing.”

Lu Huai slightly nodded: “Thanking uncle for your help.”

“If you’re not busy, stay here for a few days.” Yan Zhen boasted, “This house is very quiet and peaceful, unlike the noise over in Shanghai.”

Lu Huai understood clearly that Yan Zhen was trying to form a closer relationship with him. However, he was not someone who would normally get close to people, so he naturally wanted to refuse.

Yan Zhen seemed to have read Lu Huai’s mind, and immediately expressed his sincerity before Lu Huai had the chance to speak.

“I have already told my people that no one can get close to this building.” Yan Zhen continued, “Young commander-in-chief can stay without worries, and I will let adjutant Zhou to bring your things here.”

Yan Zhen had already said so much and if Lu Huai still refused, he would not be giving Yan Zhen face.

Lu Huai’s fingers rubbed his cup and his smile was extremely light: “Thank you, uncle.”

“Tomorrow is the birthday of my little girl and she will be holding a banquet in the main building.” Yan Zhen patted his chest and promised, “But young commander-in-chief doesn’t have to be concerned, no one will bother you here.”

After Yan Zhen left, Lu Huai sat at his desk flipping a book while drinking tea. It was already late, and the light that spilled into the room outlined his cold figure.

After a long time, Lu Huai reached out to extinguish the oil lamp and lay on the bed but did not fall asleep. It was clearly deep into the night yet he was wide awake. 

Strange, he couldn’t sleep.

Somehow, Lu Huai actually thought of the girl he met at White Road that night.

But he had only heard her voice and there were no other clues, nothing could be found.

He still remembered her slim arms was as white as snow although there wasn’t any light for him to see clearly that day.

Lu Huai suddenly felt annoyed and frowned.

Autumn was coming and the temperature was getting lower. Lu Huai slowly recovered his calm and closed his eyes.

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