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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 17.1

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The main event was finally here.

Tonight would be the birthday party of Yan Man Man and thanks to Ye Jia Rou in the previous life, Ye Chu had a very deep impression of the dress worn by Yan Man Man. 

Because of Ye Jia Rou’s scheme, Ye Chu and Yan Man Man wore almost identical dresses at the banquet. But this time, it was Ye Jia Rou’s turn.

Ye Chu sat at the dressing table and mindlessly combed her long hair. She couldn’t wait to attend tonight’s party.

Once all the preparation had been made, Ye Chu went out.

In a room at the end of the corridor, Ye Jia Rou was checking her makeup intently. She looked at herself dressed in red in the mirror and smiled with satisfaction.

For the past few days, Ye Jia Rou was being nagged to death by her mother, Jiang Bi Zhen to seize the opportunity when attending the party.

Hook up with a young man with power and authority.

Ye Chu’s maternal grandfather was a wealthy businessman, and Ye Jia Rou’s mother was just an ordinary person. If she wanted to win against Ye Chu, she had to plan from this moment on.

Ye Chu was a pampered daughter and naturally did not need to worry about marriage. Ye Jia Rou on the other hand was not the same. If she wanted to marry into a better household compared to Ye Chu, she had to  rely on herself.

Ye Jia Rou recalled the words that her mother said to her and couldn’t help but sigh. Ye Chu was in no way more outstanding than her.

Was it because her mother was only a concubine and Ye Chu’s maternal family could support her, and therefore she would always be of a lower class than Ye Chu?

Ye Jia Rou was really not resigned to it.

Ye Jia Rou blinked back her tears. She secretly made up her mind that as long as she worked harder, she would not be restrained by Ye Chu. Ye Jia Rou was fed up with Ye Chu’s sympathy and charitable act.

Ye Chu and Ye Jia Rou went out at the same time and coincidentally, they met at the stairs.

Ye Chu looked at Ye Jia Rou’s red dress and smiled.

Things were progressing in the direction that she wanted.

Ye Jia Rou looked at the plain white cheongsam on Ye Chu and smiled.

Yan Man Man would be wearing a plain white embroidered cheongsam tonight. Previously she spent a lot of effort in the clothing store to lead Ye Chu to buy this piece of cheongsam.

At the banquet tonight, Ye Chu would anger Yan Man Man and have a taste what it feels like to be targeted by everyone.

Each of them was immersed in their own thoughts.

“Sister, this cheongsam really suits you. The clothes are beautiful, but the person looks even more beautiful.” Ye Jia Rou first voiced her thoughts and looked at Ye Chu with shining eyes, seemingly praising Ye Chu.

“I don’t have to be told that by you, I know it too.” Ye Chu paused and ran her eyes over Ye Jia Rou while saying caring words towards Ye Jia Rou. 

“I mentioned before that the clothes you usually wear are too bland, but now you are wearing such a gorgeous dress. Why does it still feel the same? Forget it, I will choose something more suitable for you next time.”

Ye Chu acted concerned towards Ye Jia Rou and after she said her piece, she shook her head and walked off while Ye Jia Rou’s smile turned stiff.

It was deep into the night and normally it would be impossible to see clearly, but the corridor leading up to the banquet was brightly lit.

Ye Chu and Ye Jia Rou walked into the hall one after another.

All the young ladies at the banquet had their eyes on Ye Jia Rou and she was secretly delighted but did not let it show. She looked around with her large eyes and shyly nodded to everyone.

Previously, Chen Xi Yuan often said to her that her bright eyes are extremely beautiful and would provoke feelings of tenderness towards her.

Ye Chu was walking further into the hall when she heard the young ladies around her discussing.

“Didn’t Third Miss Ye just anger Yan Man Man yesterday? What is she trying to pull now? Second Miss Ye is also not controlling her.”

“That’s right. She clearly knew that Yan Man Man is a narrow-minded person and still wears the same coloured dress. Is she stupid or big-hearted.”

“Though Second Miss Ye and Third Miss Ye cam from the same bloodline, the difference between the two is not small. If it is me, I would be too lazy to handle these troubles.”

“It seems like we can watch a good show tonight.”

These ladies were giggling and after seeing Ye Chu, they lowered their voices and changed topic.

Ye Chu looked around and after spotting Fu Tian Tian at the snack area, she walked over.

There were both savoury and sugary snacks and sweets displayed on the table and at first glance, one would know that a lot of effort must have been spent on making them.

“Tian Tian, didn’t you say that your stomach is uncomfortable this morning? Will you be okay eating so much now?” Ye Chu looked at her with a faint smile.

Fu Tian Tian just finished the food on her plate and when she saw Ye Chu, she immediately put down her plate and wiped her mouth.

“I only just started to eat, Ah Chu don’t be angry” Fu Tian Tian almost choked.

Ye Chu knew that Fu Tian Tian would not feel well if she ate too much and therefore requested that in this period of time, she must not overeat.

“Good Tian Tian, when you are in better health, I will take you to eat delicious food.” Ye Chu patted Fu Tian Tian’s head.

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