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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 17.2

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Fu Tian Tian was clearly half a head taller than Ye Chu but in front of Ye Chu, she was just like Ye Chu’s younger sister.

As Ye Chu was keeping Fu Tian Tian in check, she picked up a tea cake and slowly ate it.

A few notable young ladies started surrounding Ye Chu and since they have a good relationship with Ye Chu, they began chattering.

“Did that sister of yours wear the wrong clothes? Do you want to remind her?” As Ye Chu had good relations with others, they were all willing to do her a favour.

The person who spoke was Yin Shi Yan. She was the daughter of the Director of the General Affairs Department in the military and was well-behaved and had a good temper.

Yin Shi Yan told Ye Chu with a smile: “I heard that Yan Man Man is also dressed in red. Although there is no need to avoid, it would be one less trouble.”

Though Yan Man Man came from a powerful family, it was not why everyone was fearful of her. Her unruliness and ability to find fault with anything caused everyone to shun her.

Not because of fear, but it was simply because no one wanted to create trouble for themselves.

This incident happened by the works of Ye Chu, how could she personally destroy it?

Ye Chu glanced at Ye Jia Rou and withdrew the sarcasm on her face and pretended to be helpless.

“It’s not that I didn’t remind. I want to be the cruel one but some people don’t appreciate it.” Ye Chu sighed. “I never understand why she always likes to go against me?”

After hearing Ye Chu’s words, all the ladies understood. They were all empathetic towards Ye Chu and comforted her.

“Every family has their own difficulty, all of us understand.” Although Yin Shi Yan was her father’s favourite young daughter, she also had several unscrupulous concubine mothers in her family.

Almost all the young misses present had a few concubine-born children in their family. Although it couldn’t be said that they couldn’t get along at all, the relationship was still not too good.

Ye Chu was so concerned about the concubine-born daughter yet Ye Jia Rou was not appreciative. They couldn’t help but have a worse impression of Ye Jia Rou.

Ye Chu spared no effort to defame Ye Jia Rou and over on the other side, Ye Jia Rou had begun to notice something was amiss.

According to the news from Ye Jia Rou’s maid, Yan Man Man’s dress tonight was a plain white embroidered cheongsam. In order not to clash with Yan Man Man, she had specifically avoided all white clothings.

However, there were quite a lot of people in the banquet hall wearing plain white cheongsam. It couldn’t be that besides her, no one had you ever inquired about Yan Man Man’s dress?

Even without thinking Ye Jia Rou knew that that was impossible.

Ye Jia Rou no longer bore the calmness from before. She looked around over and over again and she actually could not find a single person wearing a red dress.

A thin layer of sweat began to cover Ye Jia Rou’s forehead and she kept telling herself that things would not be what she thought it to be.

In the next second, Ye Jia Rou got her answer.

Yan Man Man walked in from the entrance wearing a red western dress. The style of her dress was actually quite similar to Ye Jia Rou’s.

There was no one in the banquet hall who was wearing a similar dress as Yan Man Man and she nodded with satisfaction. She had specially bought this red dress from the UK.

The colour, material and style were all first-class and it could be said to be unique in Shanghai.

When the corner of Yan Man Man’s eyes caught on a sea of red, her eyes narrowed and directed her undisguised anger towards Ye Jia Rou.

Ye Jia Rou seemed to be extremely scared. Everyone knew very clearly of Yan Man Man’s temper and she would definitely make Ye Jia Rou suffer.

How could Ye Jia Rou still not comprehend what was going on. It must have been Ye Chu who deliberately set her up.

Yan Man Man looked at Ye Jia Rou’s dress and trembled with anger. She was not able to do anything against Ye Jia Rou now but she would definitely make her pay later.

Yan Man Man waved a servant by her side to come over and said something in her ear. 

Ye Chu had been paying attention to the Yan Man Man’s movements so she knew that Yan Man Man must be up to something.


Sure enough, a scream was heard in one corner of the banquet hall.

A servant apologized to Ye Jia Rou because she accidentally poured the soup over Ye Jia Rou’s clothes.

The current Ye Jia Rou cut a very sorry figure. She had not been at the banquet for a long time and had already encountered such a difficult situation.

Ye Jia Rou stood there embarrassed while her eyes were filled with complaints and grievances.

Because of the incident, Ye Jia Rou could no longer stay at the banquet. She could only return to the room and have a change of clothes. Ye Jia Rou patted the dirt off her clothes and wiped her tears pitifully.

After turning around a corner, Ye Jia Rou saw a fine-looking man standing by the lotus pond. She was able to identify him as Yang Huai Li, the son of the bureau chief of Finance.

Ye Jia Rou slightly lowered her head in thought then bit her lip and stepped towards the lotus pond.

Ye Chu was very clear of what was going to happen. The second male lead in <<Pretty in pink>> was Yang Huai Li and at this banquet, Ye Jia Rou would encounter Yang Huai Li who came from a powerful background.

Before the emergence of the male lead, Yang Huai Li had been escorting Ye Jia Rou. After the appearance of Yang Huai Li, Chen Xi Yuan was pretty much a discarded pawn.

Moreover, Yang Huai Li was actually the person whom Yan Man Man fancied. If Yan Man Man found out that Ye Jia Rou was targeting Yang Huai Li, how interesting would that be?

Since Ye Jia Rou wanted to court death, then she would give her a hand.

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