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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 18.2

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Although Yang Huai Li always pretended to be a gentleman, he was getting annoyed by Yan Man Man’s brazen actions of love as it had gone on for long enough.

As the night wind blew, there were two people under the moonlight and Ye Jia Rou had successfully created small waves in Yang Huai Li’s heart.

Yan Man Man who had rushed to the scene happened to witness this.

Ye Chu incited her: “You used to always praise your Brother Huai Li’s courtesy. It seems that he was only pretending to be a gentleman, otherwise why did he not let go of Jia Rou’s hand?”

Yan Man Man who was infuriated ran to the lotus pond like an exploding cannon and lifted her foot to kick Ye Jia Rou into the pond.

This sudden action had shocked everyone present at the scene.

Ye Chu: Miss Yan had quite the skills, silently giving thumbs up.

Yang Huai Li: Wanted to flirt secretly, where did this roadblock come from?

Ye Jia Rou: Someone save me! My seduction plan had not been implemented yet.

Yan Man Man: … finally able to let off some steam.

Yang Huai Li was the first one to come back to his senses and reached out to pull Ye Jia Rou back up. 

Right at this moment, footsteps sounded from behind and Fu Tian Tian brought with her a large group of people.

Yang Huai Li’s first reaction was to let go of Ye Jia Rou’s hand. Between women and his reputation, he chose the latter. “Dong”, Ye Jia Rou fell back into the water once again but this time, she wasn’t so lucky.

The mud from the lotus pond splashed all over Ye Jia Rou and she was cutting a sorry figure.

Ye Chu did not expect Yang Huai Li’s actions.

It seemed that although Yang Huai Li became fond of Ye Jia Rou at first sight, he didn’t fall very hard for her at the beginning. Only after the subsequent repeated encounters with Ye Jia Rou that his love deepened.

Ye Jia Rou was only sixteen years old currently, and wasn’t experienced enough to go against Yan Man Man.

Ye Chu felt that Ye Jia Rou was too foolish and amounted to nothing except for possessing the protagonist’s halo.

Thinking of this, Ye Chu smiled. Ye Jia Rou only became a formidable white lotus through her many experiences. Therefore, she just had to stop the growth of this little white flower.

The people who arrived were also shocked by the scene in front of them.

The lotus pond was actually very shallow. If Ye Jia Rou were to straighten up her body, she would be able to climb out of the pond herself. However, Ye Jia Rou kept flailing her limbs around as if she were drowning.

“I thought that the lotus pond is only one meter deep?” Fu Tian Tian voiced out innocently.

Someone in the crowd snickered and right after, everyone started laughing.

Yang Huai Li took advantage of the fact that no one was looking and quickly left.

While everyone was laughing, Ye Jia Rou climbed to the shore herself. Some people were able to discern Ye Jia Rou’s motives and secretly took a mental note of her.

“Even if the flowers in the lotus pond are beautiful, you can’t jump in to pick it up.” Ye Chu acted like a good sister and made a pretext for Ye Jia Rou’s abnormal behaviour.

Everyone could see that the flowers had all fallen and yet Ye Chu was spouting obvious lies. All of it was for the sake of helping Ye Jia Rou in such an embarrassing situation and it was kind of her.

Ye Jia Rou’s face flushed instantly. Although the night was getting dark, the light reflected off the lotus pond made the blush on Ye Jia Rou’s face visible to everyone.

Ye Chu: “I am really sorry, Jia Rou has always been lively from a young age, and inevitably made some small mistakes. Sorry to let everyone witness this, I hope everyone can help to keep this a secret.”

Ye Chu’s caring thoughts for her sister had won the favour of a group of people.

“You can rest assured. We will keep what happened tonight a secret for you.” Yin Shi Yan promised.

Yin Shi Yan smiled and looked obedient but she already had other thoughts in her mind.

Looking at Ye Jia Rou’s behaviour, Yin Shi Yan was choked with resentment. Ye Jia Rou was too embarrassing to appear in the high society. She always dug a pit for herself.

Therefore, Yin Shi Yan decided to help Ye Chu by letting everyone else know how and why Ye Jia Rou fell into the pond.

Don’t worry, it wouldn’t be long before what happened tonight spread throughout the ladies circle in Shanghai.

After the crowd dispersed, Ye Chu stood at the same spot and looked at Ye Jia Rou. She didn’t go near Ye Jia Rou but merely stood a few meters away from her.

Ye Chu said arrogantly: “Return to the room and clean yourself up. Don’t embarrass our Ye family.”

Ye Jia Rou pursed her lips and felt like crying but Ye Chu was not like the men who would take pity on her or fall for her beauty.

In the end, Ye Jia Rou could only hug herself aggrievedly and returned to her room.

After Ye Jia Rou left, Ye Chu also went back alone. It was already late and the most of the guests had already returned to their rooms to rest.

Ye Chu wasn’t familiar with Yan Man Man’s house and the lotus pond was relatively remote. After she took a couple of turns, she realised she had lost her way.

The darkness of the night crept into the room and the lamp on the desk lit up. In the quiet room, the phone rang. Lu Huai walked over and picked up the phone.

A voice came through the phone: “Third Young Master”

Lu Huai gave a sound of acknowledgment.

“The gift ordered in the UK has been sent.” The man reverently reported, “But Miss Lu’s condition is not very good…”

Lu Huai’s expression became grave: “What did the doctor say?”

The person over the phone repeated the doctor’s words in detail. Lu Huai’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly and said: “Take good care of the Miss.”

Lu Huai leaned back against the chair while pressing lightly on the spot between his eyebrows. The phone call was from the nursing home and it was his sister’s birthday in a few days.

Lu Huai stood up and walked out of the room.

As everyone had already gone to rest, the surrounding was quiet. After strolling for awhile, Lu Huai’s mood gradually calmed down but it was already quite a distance from where he started. When he noticed the presence of someone else, he came to a stop.

A melodious and soft voice sounded behind him.

“Hello, I am a guest of Miss Yan and I have lost my way…”

Lu Huai’s eyebrows twitched as he heard the person talking, this voice…

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