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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 19.1

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The man didn’t reply for a long time and Ye Chu felt that something wasn’t right. She changed her mind: “Sorry to interrupt.”

Ye Chu immediately started to leave while paying attention to the movements behind her.

Sure enough, a fist swished past her ears. Thankfully, she was prepared for it and dodged the punch right when it was coming for her.

The man seemed to be able to sense her evasion and chuckled.

Although it was a laugh, Ye Chu felt the air around her froze.

Ye Chu didn’t want to stay on the defensive side so she bent down and kicked the man’s knees.

The man twisted his body and easily dodged Ye Chu’s attack.

Ye Chu charged relentlessly at the man but he seemed to be playing with her and would even tease her from time to time.

After crossing a few moves, Ye Chu started to get annoyed and moved behind him to headlock him. She wanted to know who was being so lame.

Ye Chu tightened on her chokehold and gathered strength in the elbow of her other arm and drove it into the man’s shoulders.

Though the man was being strangled, he still looked rather relaxed. Right before Ye Chu’s elbow touched his neck, that man already came up with a counter.

He pulled on Ye Chu’s wrist and mercilessly threw her to the ground. Ye Chu was forced to lean forward and did a flip when her feet touched the floor.

As Ye Chu was thinking how to escape the man’s captivity, the man suddenly let go of her.

Seizing the chance, Ye Chu sprinted off. She only had one thing in her mind – stay as far away from this person.

She didn’t see the smile or those fathomless eyes of the man behind her.

Finally found you.

Due to her strong desire to survive, Ye Chu was able to find her way this time. Her heart was still beating violently as she closed the door of her room.

She was extremely nervous, who on earth was that person?

Since he was allowed into the house of the police chief, his background mustn’t be simple.

Furthermore, the security here was very tight so how could an identified person be able to roam around the grounds.

Ye Chu recalled the maid’s reminder before the banquet.

“There are distinguished guests living in the small building on the south side of the manor. It’s best not to approach it.”

The guests who live there…. must be someone of status. Why would they bother with a small character like her?

Why did he attack her?

Ye Chu remembered the black car she saw back in the carpark and felt a sense of familiarity but she didn’t put much thought into it.

Thinking about it now, the car was most likely that of the Du Jun.

She had fought with Lu Huai before and the exchange earlier was most probably Lu Huai probing her skills.

A sheen of perspiration soon covered Ye Chu’s forehead. This is bad, Lu Huai had recognised her voice and he would have known her identity by now.

She shouldn’t have been a busybody at that time….

Who knew that what sort of trouble would it invite.

Ye Chu pondered for a very tong time before sleep overtook her.

When Ye Chu woke up the next morning, her complexion wasn’t good and she had to use light makeup to cover up.

Ye Chu and Ye Jia Rou got into the same car and Ye Chu didn’t deliberately harass her this time.

She didn’t have time for that since she was preoccupied with the stuff that happened with Lu Huai. However, Ye Jia Rou just had to bring up some nonsense.

After the events last night, the more Ye Jia Rou thought about it, the more she felt that there was something fishy. The dress and the crowd that appeared at the lotus pond didn’t seem to be a coincidence.

It must have been Ye Chu’s schemes!

Why did Ye Chu have to do this to her? Her conscience is clear and she had never disobeyed Ye Chu but Ye Chu just couldn’t treat her kindly.

If Ye Chu knew what Ye Jia Rou was thinking, she would lament about how there was a saying about water going into the brain (TL: meaning crazy) and that there was a living example right here.

It seemed that Ye Jia Rou drank too much water in the lotus pond last night which led to her abnormal mental state. Oh wait, her brain was already damaged since a long time ago.

Ye Jia Rou looked towards Ye Chu with tears in her eyes and fidgeting hands: “Sister, why did you and Miss Yan come to the lotus Pond last night?”

Ye Chu was already feeling irritable being in the same space as Ye Jia Rou and she just had to speak in a tone Ye Chu hated the most.

She felt that Ye Jia Rou was really dumb as she only knew how to act innocent.

Titling her head to meet Ye Jia Rou’s eyes, she unceremoniously told Ye Jia Rou: “Have you never thought of Ye family’s reputation when you were being all touchy with that Young Master Yang?”

The tear that was about to fall from Ye Jia Rou’s eye was forced back in after she heard Ye Chu’s words. She wanted to refute but didn’t know where to start.

“Then what about the dress?” Ye Jia Rou rubbed her already reddened eyes, “Why did my dress happen to clash with Yan Man Man?”

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