Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 2.1

Ye Chu remembered that car accident, and that surge of heat wave rushing towards her. Just before she died, she only saw that pair of Lu Huai’s pitch-black eyes.

What did Lu Huai want to say to her after that banquet? She would never know.

It felt like a long dream.

She shut her eyes, not knowing where she was. There seemed to be voices around her, like there were people discussing something.

“You don’t know? I heard the daughter of the foreign minister is chasing Lu third young master.”

“Lu third young master is a very busy man, yet Song fifth miss constantly blocks him at every turn.”

“Softer, with Song Qian Ru explosive temper, she could flare up even more if she knew that we are talking about her.”

“I’m not scared of this. The foreign minister has already sent people to bring Song Qian Ru back, forcing her to repent for her actions.”

“Lu third young master is someone who is hard to find. It’s a pity that the girl has the intentions, but the man has no feelings. Towards Song Qian Ru, he did not have any fondness at all.”


Ye Chu laboriously opened her eyes and saw that she was seated in a coffee shop. Her hand was supporting her head and her arms felt sore.

The display here was very familiar. Ye Chu remembered that this was the shop that had closed down before she left Shanghai.

Strange, was she dreaming, or did she rebirth?

The coffee aroma enveloped the whole place. The girl at the neighboring table was gossiping about Lu third young master and Song fifth miss, and the speakers were playing the trendiest song….

This did not seem like an illusion.

She must have truly rebirthed. (TL: I think she accepted this very quickly since she had already transmigrated (into the novel) before.)

In her previous life, Ye Chu only barely changed her ending in the novel. Most of the plot had followed the progression of the original novel.

If she returned to the time before Ye family fell, would her mother still be living well in the Ye residence?

Thinking of this, Ye Chu ran towards the service counter as her leather shoes clicked loudly against the floor. The waiter saw her coming and picked up a well packaged box, his tone was extremely warm.

“Ye second miss, the cake you ordered is ready.”

Ye Chu anxiously asked: “can I borrow the phone?”


To Ye Chu, the Ye residence number was very familiar to her. There was no response on the other end of the phone and it took a long time before someone picked up.


This was indeed the voice of her mother.

Ye Chu’s nose became sour and her eyes felt hot. Suppressing the desire to cry: “Mother…”

“Ah Chu, what happened?” Su Lan smiled as she heard Ye Chu’s voice, “I’m still waiting, you said you’re giving me a surprise last night.”

Ye Chu remembered when she was 16, she heard her classmates said a new coffee shop had opened. She specially ran over to order cakes for her mother to taste.

“En! Wait for me at home, Ah Chu will be back very quickly.” Ye Chu’s crisp voice held the charm of a young girl.

“It has gotten late, be careful on your way home.” Su Lan was a bit worried, “do you need the driver to pick you up?”

“No need, I’m going home now.”

End of Chapter 2.1

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