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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 2.2

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After Ye Chu hung up the phone, she thanked the waiter and left the coffee shop with the cake in hand.

The sky was already dark when she stepped out. Fortunately, Shanghai powered the city early and the street lamps illuminated the snowy ground.

The coffee shop was neither near nor far from Ye residence. Ye Chu took a shortcut and entered a small alley, she wanted to see her mother as soon as possible.

 The alley was very dark and coincidentally, it was a moonless night so the path became very hard to distinguish. Ye Chu quickened her steps to find somewhere brighter.

A faint smell of blood came from behind, and she thought there was someone following her. Ye Chu paused slightly as she did not know the identity of this person and that person also stopped.

Would that person attack her in the next second?

Ye Chu cultivated a habit to remain vigilant at all times in her previous life.

Only a few seconds had passed, and the person behind started moving again. Ye Chu narrowed her eyes and clenched her fist. She bent her elbow and without any mercy, pushed her elbow backwards.

That person leaned sideways and avoided her elbow. Ye Chu’s eyes flashed and rather than retracting her fist, she immediately twisted her arm to aim at that person’s face.

As before, Ye Chu did not succeed and the smell of blood got even thicker as that person avoided her attacks. That person was clearly injured but his speed did not reduce.

That person held back Ye Chu’s hand by force and Ye Chu borrowed his strength to counterattack. She did not lower her guard just because that person was injured.

As they used similar attacks on each other, both of them blanked.

As Ye Chu hesitated, that person tightened around Ye Chu’s hands. A small knife pressed at Ye Chu’s neck, against her blood vessel.

A voice cooler than the knife sounded against her ear.


Even though that person intentionally lowered his voice and changed his original voice, Ye Chu immediately recognized him.

In her previous life, Ye Chu and Lu Huai were a fake couple and those moves were very familiar to her.

He was Lu Huai.

The moves that she used to attack him previoulsy were precisely the ones he had taught her.

Meeting Lu Huai at this place was something that did not happen in her previous life. It was probably because she had re-birthed and there were some changes in the events.

At this time, Ye Chu heard the sound of disordered footsteps from nearby – these people seemed to be searching for something. The situation instantly became clear to Ye Chu.

Lu Huai was often in danger as the son of the Governor, and being followed by people was nothing new.

Ye Chu did not have to ask to know that these people were actually searching for him.

The footsteps neared and the torchlight was pointed in their direction. A person asked: “What are you guys doing?”

That knife at Ye Chu’s neck was as chilly as its master, his voice threatening.

“You know what to do.”

Ye Chu smiled instead, her voice carried no fear: “I know.”

How to solve this? Pretend as friends? Siblings? Or…

No, normal friends would not appear here at night and if there were siblings, it would not stop these people from coming over to check. Unless they had a reason not to come close…

The next moment, she raised her voice: “Lecher, trying to take advantage of others!”

“Shameless thug! Scoundrel!”

As the knife was at her neck, Ye Chu scolded the person before her severely.

Though they could not see each other in the dark, each word of Ye Chu’s swearing was unusually clear as they entered Lu Huai’s ears.

Lu Huai blanked, then inclined his head to one side and smiled.

Ye Chu turned her words around, her tone charming.

“Didn’t you hear what my father said? Don’t come to my house for no reason next time, the flowers were thrown away a long time ago.”

The knife at her neck loosened a bit, but was still at a threatening distance. Those people thought it was a couple’s fight and only stretched their head over but did not see them yet.

A warm and teasing shout came from afar: “Miss, you’re standing so close to a gangster, do you need our help?”

As they stepped closer, Ye Chu stamped her feet in a panic.

“What are you looking at, careful my boyfriend beat you up.”

“You guys are a couple?”

That person was a little surprised; he had never seen such an affair before.

“Now is the new era, being friends is so outdated. Care so much, do you want us to get intimate now for you to see?”

Ye Chu gave an unforgiving look, the people coming forward hurriedly spoke.

“Excuse us, you guys continue.” That person waved his hand. Fortunately, there were trees blocking so the faces of the two couldn’t be seen clearly.

Lu Huai didn’t speak. That person continued probing with his torchlight, like he didn’t entirely believe Ye Chu.

Ye Chu borrowed that light and her eyes swept across her surroundings. She gritted her teeth, seemingly coming to a decision.

Ye Chu tilted her body forward and stood on tip toes, she was only a few centimeters away from Lu Huai’s ear.

“Don’t move, this is just acting.” Ye Chu knew that Lu Huai did not like physical contact and intentionally lowered her voice by his ear.

When Ye Chu pretended to hug Lu Huai , his body became stiff. But he did not make any unnecessary movements as he clenched his fist and lowered his body towards her.

Ye Chu raised her voice slightly, neither light nor heavy, allowing that person to hear clearly.

“Forget it, lest getting laughed at by outsiders, I shall forgive you.”

End of chapter 2.2

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