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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 20.1

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The car door slammed shut right in front of Ye Jiarou which took her by surprise and she hurriedly took a step back.

Ye Jiarou was indignant but she didn’t dare to say anything in front of third young master Lu. She knew it wouldn’t end well if she were to displease him.

She could only watch as Ye Chu and third young master Lu sat together in the car and plaintively followed Adjutant Zhou towards the car behind.

On the other end, Ye Chu knew fully well that Lu Huai invited her into the car to probe her.

Ye Chu had previously thought carefully on how she could defend herself and position herself most favorably.

Ye Chu told herself that if she wasn’t the female student who rescued Lu Huai at White road or the girl who fought with Lu Huai last night, what attitude should she have when she faced Lu Huai?

She couldn’t show a trace of guilt or like she was hiding something. She was just a person who met third young master Lu by chance and was invited into his car, that’s all.

If it was anyone else who was given a helping hand by the greatly feared third young master Lu, they would definitely be in awe and grateful towards third young master Lu.

Multitude of thoughts swirled around Ye Chu’s mind as she had to prepare for all sorts of situations or she would be in danger if she slipped up.

Ye Chu smiled slightly and broke the silence in the car: “Thank you third young master Lu for sending me home. Our car has broken down and fortunately, third young master Lu has offered a helping hand.”

Lu Huai didn’t turn towards Ye Chu and he replied lightly: “You’re welcome.”

Then he added “It is quite difficult to travel on this road. What do you think, Miss Ye?”

Lu Huai’s tone was calmed but when his words fell on Ye Chu’s ears, she was alarmed.

Lu Huai was admitting that it was his doing that the car broke down and he had intentionally invited her into his car.

Lu Huai had laid out the truth in front of Ye Chu to see how she would respond.

This road was really not easy to walk. If her answer didn’t satisfy Lu Huai or if she didn’t convince Lu Huai to stop guarding against her, Lu Huai would never let her off.

Ye Chu composed herself and said, “Although it is difficult, I believe that no matter how difficult the situation is, it is under the control of third young master Lu. There are many who admires third young master Lu’s swift means in handling situations.”

Ye Chu did not answer Lu Huai’s question straight on. She responded from a different angle to lower Lu Huai’s vigilance.

On one hand, she was making known that she was just a nobody that Lu Huai, with his standing, did not need to pay attention to her. Even if there was anything wrong, Lu Huai still held control.

On the other hand, Ye Chu complimented Lu Huai. Ye Chu knew that ever since she boarded Lu Huai’s car, she was at a disadvantage so there was no harm in lowering herself.

Although Ye Chu would flatter Lu Huai, the words she used wouldn’t let Lu Huai belittle her.

At her words, Lu Huai finally looked at her. The young girl before him had an appealing face and snow like skin. Though her words were flattering, her expression was neither humble nor overbearing.

As if the words earlier weren’t spoken by her.

The reason Lu Huai asked her that question earlier was to test her.

He thought that Ye Chu would justify herself or even lie but he didn’t expect her to evade his question and flatter him instead.

Lu Huai was tired of people groveling at his feet, but Ye Chu was able to use flattery to express that she would not be a threat to himself even though she was at a disadvantage.

En, this feels not bad.

“Second Miss Ye is really well articulated.”

Ye Chu’s lowered her eyes slightly, as if she hadn’t understood the meaning of Lu Huai’s words: “Ye Chu is poor at communicating, can’t afford third young master’s praise ”

Lu Huai looked at Ye Chu silently and suddenly asked, “Has second Miss Ye learnt self-defence?”

Was it deliberate or by accident that Ye Chu appeared at White Road that night and Yan’s private house last night.

Lu Huai’s eyes darkened. Ye Chu’s skills and behavior were completely unlike that of a sixteen-year-old girl. Ye Chu should be in the studying age group but her combat skills were even better than some of his subordinates.

After confirming Ye Chu was the one who exchanged blows with him last night, Lu Huai had asked someone to investigate Ye Chu fully.

Lu Huai had perused Ye Chu’s information and found that there was nothing suspicious. The second young miss of the Ye family, the daughter of the wealthy businessman Ye Jun Zhao, had been pampered with love since she was a child. She studied at Xinli Middle School and had a wide social circle.

This flawless background made Lu Huai even more suspicious. How could a pampered young lady of a wealthy family have such skills?

Ye Chu was alarmed when she heard Lu Huai’s indifferent voice. Although she had expressed she was of no threat, Lu Huai still didn’t let down his guard.

The two clashes she had with Lu Huai had left a deep impression on him.

Ye Chu smiled helplessly. Once Lu Huai became suspicious, he would never stop suspecting until he got to the bottom of it.

Looking directly at Lu Huai, Ye Chu said calmly: “I have been in poor health since I was a child. My mother wanted me to be healthy so she let me and my cousin learn some self defence skills.”

Aunt and Cousin Ye Yixiu were very fond of Ye Chu. When Ye Yixiu was a child, he often visited Ye Chu to play. As he got busier with work, the number of visits to Ye’s house slowly decreased.

Ye Chu believed that Lu Huai had investigated very detailedly so he must have known that she had not lied.

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