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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 20.2

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Most importantly, Ye Yi Xiu had always been on friendly terms with the people of the martial arts school and Fu Tiantian was considered his childhood sweetheart. Fu Tiantian’s family was also affiliated to the martial arts school, so it was not unusual for Ye Chu to be taught by them.

Ye Chu believed that this was already the best answer.

Lu Huai raised his eyebrow and his gaze fell on Ye Chu. Her slender neck was as white as the most exquisite jade porcelain, which rendered others unable to look away.

Ye Chu’s words seemed ordinary, but in fact she had already explained why she knew Kung Fu.

Judging from the report, Ye Chu was telling the truth. However, Lu Huai felt that Ye Chu was hiding something and she was by no means just an ordinary girl from a wealthy family.

Lu Huai stared into Ye Chu’s eyes and while his tone was as light as before, it carried a tinge of danger: “I wonder if Miss Ye can spar with me?”

Lu Huai was pressing her hard, but Ye Chu was not afraid. Instead, she smiled and her bright eyes met Lu Huai’s.

Ye Chu said calmly: “Ye Chu only knows some basic tricks. How could my skills be compared with Third Young Master?”

“What’s more, no matter how good some people are, they don’t have the intelligence of Third Young Master. These people are not of concern.”

The girl’s voice was clear and reserved and with those words, she removed herself from the situation entirely.

The words not only flattered Lu Huai but also reminded him that even if she had some fighting skills, she didn’t have bad intentions and would not obstruct him.

She couldn’t sound more sincere.

“Basic tricks?” Lu Huai repeated Ye Chu’s words, with a very shallow smile in his eyes.

If she didn’t have some skills, how could she escape from him twice in a row.

Interesting indeed.

For the first time, Lu Huai began to observe the girl in front of him carefully.

Ye Chu’s skin was spotlessly fair and her facial features were bright and moving, especially those shining eyes seemed to be full of starlight.

Even if he pressed on, Ye Chu’s expression was still calm and unfazed.

What a quick-witted and magnanimous Second Miss Ye.

Lu Huai chuckled softly and his cold expression finally eased a little. He withdrew his gaze from Ye Chu’s and stopped talking.

Ye Chu noticed that Lu Huai’s gaze was not on her anymore and her tight nerves finally relaxed, breathing a sigh of relief.

It was silent in the car and soon, they arrived at Ye residence.

Ye Chu thanked him again and Lu Huai acknowledged indifferently. There was no emotion on his face, but after she got out of the car, he glanced over.

The girl had a bright face and a calm posture. Her skin was like white jade and her dress stopped at her slender ankles. He watched in silence and she suddenly turned her head and waved.

“Third Young Master, see you.”

Lu Huai was startled. A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he said to the driver, “Let’s go.”

Ye Chu saw a familiar car which belonged to her uncle parked in front of Ye residence. Strange… Her father was on a business trip and her mother was not at home. Who would look for her?

Could it be…

A maid told Ye Chu: “Second young miss, the old madam is here.”

The corners of Ye Chu’s lips lifted and she instantly understood the situation.

Grandma must have heard about the events at the banquet and came to lecture Ye Jiarou.

En, should she add fuel to the fire?

In the few days Ye Jiarou attended the banquet, her mother Jiang Bizhen was never calm.

Jiang Bizhen heard that many wealthy people would attend this banquet. It was not a banquet that ordinary people could get in.

A few days before Ye Jiarou left, Jiang Bizhen instilled quite a few seduction skills in Ye Jiarou since she knew a lot about men.

Although her daughter was not a national beauty, she knew that in addition to a woman’s skin, men also enjoyed the feeling of being admired by women.

It was not that Jiang Bizhen wanted to praise her daughter, Ye Jiarou’s damsel in distress look was itself a weapon to hook a man.

Back then, that was how she attracted Ye Jiarou’s father and she believed that her daughter would definitely be better than her.

Jiang Bizhen pondered about which family’s son did Ye Jiarou attract and subsequently lived a prosperous life and on the other hand, she also wondered if Ye Jiarou had made use of what she had taught her.

Just as she was frustrated and walking around in circles in her room, the maid knocked on her door.

The sudden knock on the door pulled Jiang Bizhen back from her thoughts. She confirmed it was the voice of the maid before responding fiercely.

“Don’t you know how to knock? Don’t you know that your master is thinking about matters? You will get it from me next time.”

The maid seemed to have long been accustomed to Jiang Bizhen’s attitude. She had always known Concubine Jiang’s temperament and was often reprimanded for no reason.

However, she couldn’t push the reporting so she had to bite the bullet and replied obediently: “Concubine Jiang, the old madam is looking for you.”

The maid who had finished reporting was waiting to be scolded. The scolding didn’t happen and the door of the room was suddenly opened.

“What did you say? The old madam wants to see me!” Concubine Jiang was so excited but the next second she became calm and pointed at the maid and spoke sharply.

“You don’t even know how to deliver a message. Why didn’t you say such an important thing earlier? You were really born to be a maid.” Concubine Jiang lectured the maid before contentedly going back to the room to dress up.

She opened her jewelry box and began choosing but sighed soon after.  

Jiang Bizhen had seen the jewelry box of Ye Chu’s mother, Su Lan and how could her own compare to hers.

Wasn’t Su Lan just taking advantage of her good family background.  

It didn’t take long for Jiang Bizhen’s mood to be better again. She guessed that this time the old madam called her over must have something to do with her daughter Ye Jiarou.

It seemed that her daughter did not disappoint her, she must have attracted a wealthy family’s son.

She was Ye Jiarou’s mother. How could she not show up for such an important moment?

Thanks to the fact that Su Lan was not at home and there was no one in charge of the family, thus she had to be the representative.

If Jiang Bizhen knew that she was going to be scolded, she probably would not be as excited to leave her room.

The more Jiang Bizhen thought about it, the happier she became. After she was dressed up, she immediately left for the living hall.

Over at Ye Chu’s end, she headed for the entrance the moment she exited the car and didn’t wait for Ye Jiarou.

“Sister, wait for me.” Ye Jiarou’s panted. Ye Chu walked speedily and Ye Jiarou could only trot to catch up.

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