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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 20.3

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In the next second, the corner of Ye Chu’s clothes was pulled by Ye Jiarou and Ye Chu made use of this to stop and find out what Ye Jiarou wanted.

Ye Jiarou pursed her mouth shyly, as if she had thought of something, her face was covered with a faint blush and a look of longing.

“Sister, have you and third young master Lu met before?” Ye Jiarou’s asked delicately.

“Why are you asking this, could it be that you have a crush on him?” Ye Chu sneered, but her voice was tepid.

It seemed that Ye Jiarou had thoughts about Lu Huai and Ye Chu wanted to see how Lu Huai would point a gun at Ye Jiarou if she approached him. 

At that time, even if Ye Jiarou had the opportunity to approach Lu Huai, she would be dead.

The present Ye Jiarou had no other thoughts because she was preoccupied by third young master Lu on the way here.

Ye Jiarou recalled that when she first met third young master Lu in the tea House, he appeared like a heavenly deity.

With a tall figure and outstanding temperament, even the slightly apathetic attitude quickened her heartbeat.

However, Ye Chu got into third young master Lu’s car and didn’t speak for her, causing her to be stuck with the scary Adjutant Zhou all the way.

Which pair of sisters out there didn’t support each other and yet, Ye Chu always didn’t want to see her live well.

If Ye Chu knew what Ye Jiarou thought in her heart, she would definitely kick Ye Jiarou into the lotus pond like Yan Manman did since she “had her own principles and wouldn’t let her surrounding affect her”, being extremely pure.

Ye Jiarou didn’t hear the sarcasm in Ye Chu’s words and quickly waved her hands.

“No no, how would third young master Lu be attracted to me? I just wanted to know what did you two talk about and whether I was mentioned.”

The frustration in Ye Jiarou’s eyes could no longer be hidden and she looked at Ye Chu with jealousy.

Ye Chu sometimes really wanted to pry open Ye Jiarou’s brain to see if there was a brain in it. Why was she so stupid?

She spoke the cruel truth with a slight smile: “Third young master Lu doesn’t know who you are.”

Ye Jia Rou slowly registered the words and her eyes became a little red: “Sister, are you joking? The third young master clearly said to let Miss Ye family get in the car, how could he not know my name?”

Ye Chu gave up. It seemed that not only did she not have a brain, she even had a problem with her ears. Ye Chu waved her hand impatiently, like swatting an annoying fly.

“Why don’t you ask him yourself and see if third young master will answer you.”

Ye Chu didn’t say this to made fun of her. Both Ye Chu and her saw Song Qianru’s profession to the third young master at the tea house. Third young master Lu’s cold-blooded and ruthless nature made her tremble even now.

Ye Chu didn’t bother with Ye Jiarou’s pig brain. She “accidentally” reminded her “You’d better think about how to explain the banquet to Grandma.”

Ye Jiarou got a headache when she thought of the incident where she fell into the pond. Grandma had never liked her and her mother. If granny knew that she had lost face, it was uncertain how granny would torture her.

However, since the banquet was held so far away, surely no one would be so idle that they would spread this incident.

Thinking like this, Ye Jiarou felt a little relieved.

“Jia Rou!” Concubine Jiang yelled in surprise. Both Ye Jiarou and Ye Chu looked towards her.

Concubine Jiang who was dressed very grandly, walked towards them briskly. Her eyes were glued onto Ye Jiarou’s body, like staring at a walking gold ingot.

“Ah Chu is here too ah. You girls don’t know that the old madam has visited ba? The old madam has called me over to the hall. Your mother hasn’t come back yet. Maybe I am needed for something?”

Putting Concubine Jiang’s attire and her words together, how could Ye Chu not understand.

It was clear that Grandma was going to reprimand Concubine Jiang. She still thought it was a marvellous occurrence and hurriedly go forward to receive her scolding.

It seemed that Ye Jiarou’s stupidity didn’t come out of thin air. Wasn’t there a giant fool in front?

“Aunt Jiang is right. Grandma must have something important for you. It’s not good to be late.” Ye Chu gloated and thought that she would have to add oil to the fire in front of Grandma later. After all, Grandma’s berating skills were first-class.

Concubine Jiang didn’t know what happened but how could Ye Jia Rou not know?

How could Grandma come for anything good? It must be related to the banquet; not sure which big mouth had spread it to Grandma’s ears. 

Ye Jiarou couldn’t help but gaze at Ye Chu’s back, Ye Chu must have done something again? Ye Jiarou didn’t stop to think how could Ye Chu be so resourceful?

Just as Ye Jiarou stared at Ye Chu gloomily, Ye Chu suddenly turned around and the frightened Ye Jiarou quickly turned her head away.

Unexpectedly, she turned too suddenly and sprained her neck. Ye Jiarou rubbed her neck while listening to what Ye Chu said to her mother, her expression extremely painful.

Ye Chu stole a glance at Ye Jiarou and pretended to be surprised and said to Aunt Jiang: “Aunt must have had a clear idea of what happened at the banquet. Jia Rou left a deep impression this time.”

Jiang Bizhen smiled even wider knowing something must have happened: “I don’t know the full details but I am very proud of what Jia Rou has done.”

Ye Chu sneered inwardly but maintained a smile. “What auntie said is right. Jia Rou has completely become a celebrity. I guess Grandma is looking for you regarding this matter.”

Jiang Bizhen almost didn’t maintain her smile. She couldn’t wait to pull Ye Jiarou over and ask her about all the details of what happened at the banquet.

Which wealthy son did she manage to snatch that everyone would be so jealous of her? Those people must have wanted to inquire about her daughter because of jealousy. 

Jiang Bizhen looked at Ye Chu warmly for the first time: “A Chu’s words are correct. Jiarou has done a good job this time. Grandma must have also wanted to discuss the aftermath with me.”

Seeing Jiang Bizhen getting carried away, Ye Chu almost couldn’t hold her laughter.

“Aunt Jiang should hurry up, grandma must be urgently waiting for you.”

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