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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 20.4

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Grandma was waiting to scold you. Aunt Jiang must be a fool but naivety was also a fool’s blessing.

Poor Ye Jiarou had been winking at Aunt Jiang the whole time but Aunt Jiang didn’t receive her signal. She only thought that Ye Jiarou couldn’t wait to tell her about her glorious deeds at the banquet.

Aunt Jiang gave Ye Jiarou a reassuring nod, indicating that she already knew what she meant and for Ye Jiarou to calm down. The old madam would praise her later.

Not everyone could raise such a good daughter.

Ye Jiarou hurriedly rubbed her eyes which had already started cramping. What her mother understood must not be the same as what she thought.

It was all Ye Chu’s fault for deliberately guiding her mother to think otherwise. Her mother was also stupid for not understanding her signals.

Every time she wanted to voice out, Ye Chu always interrupted with various reasons. However, Ye Jiarou was no longer in the mood to consider Ye Chu’s sincerity because they were about to arrive at the hall.

As they were getting closer to the hall, Ye Jiarou’s calves began to twitch and her small face was deadly pale.

It was over. She just hoped that her mother would not say anything shocking or else her grandmother would definitely not let her off.

The door was gently opened by the maid and Ye Chu seemed to have thought of something. She moved slightly to the side so that the people exposed at the door were Aunt Jiang and Ye Jiarou.

When the door was fully opened, a white porcelain teacup with a blue base flew out of the room and the slightly hot tea inside was sprinkled in the front of Aunt Jiang and Ye Jiarou. 

A full voice with anger sounded “Get in here now!”

Ye Chu smiled, the show had begun. 

After they entered, they saw a ruddy-faced and tough-looking person sitting in the living room. It was Old Madam Ye.

Old Madam Ye learned from a friend about the scandal Ye Jiarou created and she was so infuriated that she came directly to the Ye residence.

Jiang Bizhen didn’t know why the Old Madam was so furious. She thought she was only being implicated. Her face was full of smiles: “Mother, who made you angry? Tell me and I will help you teach them a lesson.”

While speaking, Jiang Bizhen glanced at the maidservants around the room thinking that when she found out which slut caused her to be implicated, she would definitely make that person pay.

Ye Chu scorned. She had seen people acting stupid, but not someone this stupid.

When Old Madam Ye heard this, she was even more infuriated. She picked up the tea cup and threw it towards them again: “Have you had your head caught in the doors before? I’m scolding you!”

Jiang Bizhen was bewildered by Old Madam Ye’s exeptionally loud voice. She quickly avoided the flying teacup and it fell to the ground with a “peng” sound.

Jiang Bizhen was aggrieved. Who did she provoke? She obviously did nothing and Jia Rou also managed to snatch a good family. This was unmistakably a joyous event for the Ye family.

A big white cat was lazily nestling in Old Madam Ye’s arms. Seeing Jiang Bizhen’s stupidity, she also gave her a look of contempt.

Old Madam Ye snorted coldly but when she saw Ye Chu standing there, her voice immediately became gentle: “Ah Chu, you must be tired, come and sit down. Don’t stand with those two unlucky ones.”

Ye Chu smiled slightly: “Okay, Grandma.”

After Ye Chu sat down, the big white cat meowed softly and seemed to like Ye Chu very much.

Old Madam Ye looked at Ye Chu lovingly but when she turned her head towards Jiang Bizhen and Ye Jiarou, her face sank again: “You two are embarrassing, just stand there.”

Jiang Bizhen pouted and felt that Ye Chu was a darling but Jia Rou was picked up from somewhere. The bias was so obvious.  

Ye Jiarou knew that Old Madam Ye must be angry because of her. She only buried her head and didn’t dare to say a word.

Jiang Bizhen was puzzled: “Mother, what exactly happened?”

Old Madam Ye stared at Ye Jiarou: “Your good daughter seduced Yang Huai Li and was kicked into the pond by Yan Man Man. This matter has spread all over and she has caused the Ye family to lose face!”

“Ye Jiarou, you are so capable. You can even do this kind of thing.”

Every word carried Old Madam Ye’s fury and Jiang Bizhen was dumbfounded. What happened? Didn’t Jia Rou succeed in seducing? How did she get discovered and get kicked into the pond?

Ye Jiarou lowered her head even more and she shrank herself into a quail, wishing that everyone would not see her.

Noticing this, Ye Chu said coldly: “Jia Rou, you were very proactive when you seduced Yang Huai Li. Why don’t you dare to admit it now?”

Not giving her a chance to escape by not speaking up.

Realising that she couldn’t hide, Ye Jiarou lifted her head and burst into tears: “No, I just said a few words to Young Master Yang.”

Ye Jiarou’s face was very pale and she looked like she was crumbling, as if she had really suffered a great grievance.

Ye Chu’s tone was faint, but what she said was merciless: “Jia Rou, several ladies mentioned that at that time, you and Yang Huaili were holding each other’s hands. If everyone comes later, not sure what could have happened.”

Ye Chu continued: “I didn’t believe it at first, but everyone said you did something like this…”

Ye Chu looked at Ye Jiarou bitterly: “Jiarou, why did you become like this?”

Ye Jiarou’s tears kept falling. Yang Huaili just helped her, her seduction plan hadn’t yet been implemented at all and Ye Chu was talking about other things.

Ye Jiarou felt aggrieved in her heart and her tears flowed even more fiercely.

Old Madam Ye only knew that Ye Jiarou had seduced Yang Huaili, but she didn’t know that Ye Jiarou had gone to this extent. She was furious: “You bitch, do you still know what shame is when you acted so shamelessly?”

Then Old Madam Ye glanced at Jiang Bizhen and said coldly: “One could really tell if the daughter was born to a concubine. Sure enough, she couldn’t present herself to the public.”

After speaking, Old Madam Ye sized up Jiang Bizhen: “What are you doing in such a fancy dress? Jun Zhao is not at home, which wild man do you want to attract?”

“You shouldn’t have been allowed to enter the family in the first place. After you got married, everything went wrong in the Ye family. Oh, it’s really iniquity.”

Jiang Bizhen didn’t think that Old Madam Ye’s anger would shift to herself, her face was both blue and white. Old Madam Ye didn’t like herself since before and now that she had found her fault, there would be no end to it. 

Jiang Bizhen finally knew what it was like to just sit at home and misfortune falling from the sky. She looked at Ye Jiarou fiercely. How could she be scolded like this if Ye Jiarou succeeded in seducing a man.

Ye Jiarou glanced at Jiang Bizhen’s livid face and felt quite aggrieved. Even her mother was blaming her, why was she so pitiful.

Ye Jiarou covered her face, tears couldn’t stop flowing out of her fingers and she looked miserable. 

Ye Chu looked at Ye Jiarou’s appearance coldly and added fuel to the fire “Jiarou, why are you crying? Do you think those ladies are setting you up?”

“Everyone’s hearts are clear. With so many pairs of eyes and so many mouths, why don’t they talk about others, but you?”

Ye Jiarou shook her head again and again: “That’s not what I meant…”

Ye Chu was too hateful. Obviously, this was not the case. She wanted to mislead others’ understanding of her words. Ye Chu really couldn’t see herself doing well and she would use the opportunity to add insult to the injury. 

Ye Jiarou sighed, why did she suffer so much?

Ye Chu interrupted “Or do you think Grandma is wrong? You think Grandma is naive that’s why you are wronged.”

Ye Chu frowned slightly: “Jia Rou, how can you think so? Grandma is always fair.”

Ye Chu turned her head and looked at Old Madam Ye with a smile: “And Grandma is your elder. Even if Grandma admonishes you, it’s for your own good. Why are you acting like this?”

Ye Chu’s words not only glorified Old Madam Ye, but also praised her for doing things impartially. She also belittled Ye Jiarou, saying that Ye Jiarou was unfilial and could not accept the teachings of her elders.

Old Madam Ye heard Ye Chu’s words clearly and hated Ye Jiarou a bit more. She slapped the table: “Ye Jiarou, do you have me in your eyes?”

Ye Jiarou burst into tears and her face paled. Ye Chu had set herself up again, Ye Chu just couldn’t get along with her.

Ye Jiarou’s crying upset Old Madam Ye. She snapped: “You only know to cry all day long. I’m not dead yet, but you keep crying. You unlucky thing. If you cry away the blessings of the Ye family, I will have you bear the consequences!”

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