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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 20.5

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Ye Jiarou immediately shut her mouth and didn’t dare make a sound. Her little face twitched and looked pitiful.

At this moment, the big white cat in Old Madam Ye’s arms jumped down gently and it slowly walked towards Ye Jiarou and Jiang Bizhen.

This cat was extremely beautiful, with a snow-white body and big eyes. Under the careful care of Old Madam Ye, the cat was slightly round.

The big white cat walked gracefully, but the faces of Jiang Bizhen and Ye Jiarou changed.

This big white cat was the lifeblood of Old Madam Ye. No matter where Old Madam Ye went, she would take the big white cat with her. If the big white cat was close to someone, Old Madam Ye would have a good attitude towards that person.

It was just that this white cat and Jiang Bizhen didn’t get along. When it saw Jiang Bizhen and Ye Jiarou, it would definitely scratch them a few times.

Jiang Bizhen was still in her thoughts when the white cat suddenly arched her back and jumped on her abruptly. The white cat clawed at her fiercely.

Jiang Bizhen screamed in pain: “Ai yo…”, the white cat then aimed at Ye Jiarou. Its eyes narrowed and it left a few scratches on Ye Jiarou’s hands.

Ye Jiarou was in great pain but she didn’t dare to speak out, fighting back tears with an aggrieved expression on her face.

After doing these things, the white cat turned around and came to Ye Chu’s feet and rubbed against Ye Chu flatteringly. “Meow…”, Ye Chu smiled and held it in her arms.

Old Madam Ye said, “Look at your bad luck, the cat can’t stand it anymore. If you do this kind of thing in the future, I will never forgive you.”

Jiang Bizhen thought angrily, every time this stinky cat saw herself, she would definitely suffer a few scratches. She couldn’t understand the old woman, it was more expensive to raise a cat than a human.

But she only dared to complain in her heart and look obedient on the outside.

Ye Chu looked at Ye Jiarou’s painful look and smiled: “Jiarou, nevermind that you fare poorly in other areas, I just hope you will do less embarrassing things in the future.”

Ye Chu’s voice was very gentle and the way she looked at Ye Jiarou was like looking at an ignorant sister.

Old Madam Ye agreed: “What Ah Chu said is right. Look at how much your sister thinks of you and you don’t even thank your sister.”

Ye Jiarou was exasperated. How was Ye Chu speaking for herself, but she could only reply: “Thank you sister.”

“You’re welcome, I’m also saying for the good of the family.” Ye Chu readily accepted.

Ye Chu sent Old Madam Ye off and the incident came to an end.

Ye Chu was living her life comfortably but her friend Fu Tiantian did not. Fu Tiantian was going to Beiping to relax and Ye Chu took her to the train station.

The station was crowded with people. Most of them walked in a hurry while carrying their luggage and made their way to the ticket gate.

Fu Tiantian was a little sad: “Ah Chu, I won’t be able see you these days.”

Since discovering that Fu Tiantian’s father had a woman outside, Fu Tiantian and her mother had no intention of paying attention to him anymore. Even if Fu Tiantian’s father had been trying to please them, their attitude was very cold.

A few days ago, Fu Tiantian’s mother had already gone to her sister’s house in Beiping. It was the school holiday so Fu Tiantian also bought a ticket to go to Beiping.

Ye Chu: “You should go to Beiping for a break.”

Ye Chu had seen Fu Tiantian being upset during this period of time, she hoped that this trip to Beiping could uplift her mood.

The train was about to leave and Fu Tiantian waved to Ye Chu reluctantly.  Ye Chu smiled and waved to her.

After sending Fu Tiantian away, Ye Chu came out of the train station and her expression suddenly became cold.

When she first came out of the house, she realised that she was being followed.

Because she was anxious to see Fu Tiantian and didn’t want to miss the time for the train, Ye Chu didn’t take measures to get rid of the people behind her.

When she was at the train station earlier, in order not to worry Fu Tiantian, Ye Chu also looked normal and ignored the group of people.

However, this did not mean that Ye Chu was happy about the followers.

Ye Chu’s eyes darkened. If her every move was under the surveillance of others, it was very irritable.

Who would send someone to follow a female student with no background?

There was only the third young master of the Lu family who had tried to probe her. 

Although she didn’t know why Lu Huai sent someone to follow her, Ye Chu’s didn’t feel good about it.

Ye Chu turned her head slightly and the person following her immediately stopped, hiding his figure. Ye Chu smiled coldly and continued to walk forward.

Lu Huai had probed her multiple times and he knew her abilities well. He was suspicious of others and if she pretended that she hadn’t realised the stalker, it would seem more deliberate on her part and would arouse his suspicion even more.

He would think that there must be a reason for her to hide so it was better to deal with it head-on and take the opportunity to show her attitude.

Ye Chu had learned anti-tracking techniques from Lu Huai in their previous lives and even if she only learned part of it, it was enough to deal with the people behind her.

She remembered what Lu Huai had said: “Ye Chu, try to make the situation work in your favour.”


Ye Chu raised her eyebrows and hooked the corners of her mouth. She wanted to lose the group of people behind her.

Third young master Lu, you taught me this.

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