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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 3.1

Once Ye Chu’s spoke these words, their embrace completely convinced those people.

“It’s just a young couple’s fight. What’s there to see?”

“There are some traces found at Smith’s Road, the Boss let us go there.”


The cool breeze picked up as those people left. It was not until there was no sound left that Ye Chu let go of Lu Huai.

Ye Chu’s forehead was glistened with sweat due to fear. In this life, she didn’t have any relation with Lu Huai, she did not know if he would hurt her because of her bold decision just now.

Lu Huai was a very complicated person and even though they had been married for a few years in her previous life, they were always courteous to each other. Until the end, Ye Chu still could not figure him out.

Though she was fearful, in her heart she knew that Lu Huai would not hurt the innocent even though he was cold and detached.

Furthermore, after what happened, the knife in Lu Huai’s hand was no longer held at her throat.

The surroundings was still dark and therefore Lu Huai could not see Ye Chu’s face clearly.

Lu Huai opened his mouth, his voice low but one could hear his sincerity.


Ye Chu did not blame him and smiled instead: “No worries.” She picked up the cake on the floor and turned to walk away.

Lu Huai looked up and only saw her exposed slim snow-white arms; though there wasn’t any light. Her back disappeared into the night.

Several buttons on his shirt were undone, Lu Huai used a hand to button his shirt and turned to leave.

Ye Chu was quite anxious but instead, she straightened her back and did not look back.

She did not want her mother to wait too long and worried that the cake would spoil.

Since there was no news from her at all, her mother must be worried sick.


With all these thoughts in her mind, she had already arrived at Ye residence. From afar, she could see someone standing at the door. Ye Chu picked up her pace and ran into her mother’s embrace.

Su Lan was very worried as Ye Chu still had not return at such a late hour. As she hugged Ye Chu in her arms, she asked: “Ah Chu, why did you return so late?”

Ye Chu lifted her head and stared blankly at her mother Su Lan. She took in all the details of her mother, fearing that this was a dream.

Her mother’s embrace was extremely warm, but it only occurred in her dreams. Thinking till here, Ye Chu’s nose became sour and tears coursed down her cheeks.

“Ah Chu, why are you suddenly crying?”

Ye Chu tears continued to flow and she found an excuse: “the cake for mother…”

Su Lan saw the mud stained cake box in Ye Chu’s hand and thought she was crying because of the cake.

Su Lan smiled, thinking that Ye Chu was still a child even though she was already 16. She stroked Ye Chu’s back, softly comforting.

“The cake is not important, coming back safely is.”



Ye Chu returned to her bed chamber, everything in the house was both strange and familiar. She laid on her bed and smelled a faint styrax incense. (TL: Vanilla smell)

For a very long time, Ye Chu had insomnia. After the fall of Ye family, she had never experienced a peaceful sleep and this smell became just a memory.

Ye Chu’s heart gradually calmed after inhaling the vanilla incense.

End of Chapter 3.1

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