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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 3.2

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She thought back to what had happened on this night and organized her thoughts.

In the book <<Pretty in pink>>, Lu Huai was a villain whom everyone feared and the biggest enemy of the male lead. The male lead in the story had to spend a lot of effort to bring Lu Huai down.  

Ye Chu felt that if not for the author’s brainless biasness towards the male lead, Lu Huai would not have ended like he did.

Currently, Ye Chu and Lu Huai were both strangers.

Ye Chu was certain that Lu Huai did not see her face, but her voice was already exposed. She could only avoid him next time.

It was growing late and Ye Chu closed her eyes and or the first time, slept peacefully.

The next morning, Ye Chu was eating breakfast with Su Lan.

At this time, the voice of a maidservant was heard from behind the door: “Madam, Second Miss, Madam from the first residence…”

Without waiting for the maidservant to complete her sentence, Ye Chu heard a voice: “Su Lan, Ah Chu, I have come.”

The person had yet appeared, but a hearty laugh was heard from outside. Immediately, a person strode in and she’s Ye Eldest Madam Wan Yi Hui. (TL: She’s the wife of the first son of Ye family. Ye Chu’s aunt.)

As the only daughter of the main wife, Ye Chu received a lot of pampering. Ye Chu lightly laughed, excluding her mother, the person who pampered her the most was her great aunt.

Wan Yi Hui came before Ye Chu like a rushing wind: “Ah Chu, my little honey, great aunt brought you something good today.”

When Ye Chu was born, Wan Yi Hui gave her a nickname “little honey”. Her hope was for Ye Chu to be able to grow up sweetly. (TL: direct translation for this sentence is, she hopes that Ye Chu can grow up in a honeypot in this life.)

In Wan Yi Hui’s eyes, Ye Chu was thousandth times good, millionth times good, no other families’ daughter could ever compare to Ye Chu. Even her own son Ye Yi Shi had to step aside.

All in all, Ye Chu is Wan Yi Hui’s precious darling. If anybody made Ye Chu sad, she would turn against that person on the spot.

Ye Chu smiled sweetly and called out “Great Aunt”. Wan Yi Hui made a sound of reply, the delight in her eyes got deeper.

Wan Yi Hui had a frank personality and her actions were always swift. The pastry box was instantly unwrapped: “Ah Chu, quickly have a taste.”

Ye Chu took a look and realized it was her favorite pastry. She took a piece and brought it into her mouth.

It was the taste from her memory and her eyes grew moist. It was good, the plot in the book had yet to unfold and there was enough time still.

When Ye Chu looked up, she had already covered up her emotions. She curved the corners of her mouth: “Thank you great aunt, I like this pastry very much. Mother, great aunt, have a taste too.”

Wan Yi Hui felt that her heart was immersed in honey when she saw the delighted Ye Chu and broke into a wide smile: “this is from your tang ge (TL: Elder male cousin), this son is bad at other things but when it comes to pampering his sister (TL: cousin sister), if he takes second place, no one would dare to take the first.”

Though Wan Yi Hui was seemingly unconcerned or casual, nothing escaped her with regards to Ye Chu. What Ye Chu liked, Wan Yi Hui knew clearly.

Su Lan smiled: “Yi Xiu has the heart.”

At this, Wan Yi Hui thought of something and said: “Right, I have a friend who mentioned Chen’s family eldest son is not bad and wishes to meet Ah Chu.”

“That friend of mine guaranteed that Chen Xi Yuan is a promising male, and I thought if that’s really true, it’s possible to meet once.”

Regarding Ye Chu’s marriage, Wan Yi Hui paid extra attention.

From young, Ye Chu grew up in a honeypot and in Wan Yi Hui’s heart, she could suffer no grievances.

If not for this friend who was reliable guaranteed that Chen Xi Yuan was an outstanding talent with good looks, Wan Yi Hui would never let Ye Chu go on a blind date.

Hearing Wan Yi Hui words, Ye Chu’s eyes turned cold and the smile on her face had also somewhat disappeared.

As the <<Pretty in Pink>> female lead, Ye Jia Rou had countless admirers and Chen Xi Yuan was one of them.

In the book, Ye Jia Rou had already coincidentally met Chen Xi Yuan before the blind date. As she had the halo of the female lead, Chen Xi Yuan was greatly smitten by her.

Chen Xi Yuan’s heart was clearly filled with Ye Jia Rou but due to his mother’s compulsion, he had to go on a blind date with Ye Chu.

In order to make Ye Jia Rong happy, Chen Xi Yuan intentionally smeared Ye Chu’s reputation by spreading rumors on Ye Chu being a wayward and arrogant miss.

Thinking till here, Ye Chu eyes flashed with hate. This time, she would take her revenge.

Didn’t Chen Xi Yuan say that she was unruly? Then she would be unruly for him to see.

Ye Chu hoped that whenever Chen Xi Yuan thought of the blind date, he would think of it as a nightmare. Even when meeting her the next time, he would wish he had taken another route.

Wan Yi Hui cherished Ye Chu and calmly said: “Ah Chu, don’t be afraid. On that day, great aunt will go with you.”

“If Chen Xi Yuan is not a good man, we’ll leave immediately, there is no need to be nice.”

That goes without saying – her family Ye Chu had looks, knowledge and is kind. If Chen Xi Yuan was inferior in anyway, then wouldn’t this mean pushing Ye Chu into the fiery pit?

In Wan Yi Hui’s heart, Ye Chu should be pampered her whole life. Anybody who dared to make Ye Chu suffer, she would never let that person off.

Ye Chu knew that great aunt is protective of her. When Chen Xi Yuan ruined her reputation, great aunt brought along Ye Yi Xiu to demand justice for Ye Chu.

However, things such as slapping one’s face would be more refreshing if it was done by herself. This time, Ye Chu alone would be enough to sort him out.

Su Lan said: “I have heard that Chen Xi Yuan’s character is not bad.”

“But Ah Chu’s opinion is the most important. Ah Chu, what do you think?”

Wan Yi Hui continued: “Right Ah Chu, if you’re unwilling to go on a blind date, I will reject them immediately.”

Ah Chu was the most important. If Ah Chu didn’t want to meet Chen Xi Yuan, however much Wan Yi Hui’s friend want to persuade, this blind date would not happen.

Ye Chu smiled: “Mother, great aunt, I think there’s no harm in meeting him.”

Of course she had to go, there was no reason to reject slapping someone when that person had already brought his face forward.

After her great aunt left, her mother was also leaving to meet the madams of other families to play cards. Ye Chu saw her mother to the car and returned to her room alone.

Sunlight streamed into the room through the window and Ye Chu felt a little tired and wanted to take an afternoon nap.

She laid on the bed sleepily but before she could close her eyes, she heard a voice.

“That Chen Xi Yuan is not a good person.”

Ye Chu was shocked, and instantly became sobered. The voice lightly continued.

“He pretended to be a gentleman, but had already gotten Miss Li pregnant.”

After a few seconds, the voice stopped. Ye Chu looked around and realized there was no one speaking.

The voice just now mentioned that Chen Xi Yuan was involved with Miss Li. However, Ye Chu remembered that <<Pretty in Pink>> did not mention this.

Perhaps she triggered hidden plots?

Author: Chen Xi Yuan was a supporting male character in <<Pretty in Pink>> who liked Ye Jia Rou. The male lead in the book is called Mo Qing Han, the brother of Lu Third Master with the same father but different mother. He would appear in the later part of this story.

End of Chapter 3.2

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