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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 4.1

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Needless to say, Ye Chu’s blind date was one that she had to attend. Great aunt Wan Yi Hui arrived at Ye residence in the early morning to depart for Xin Cheng Hotel. 

The car stopped at Xin Cheng Hotel and as soon as they got to the entrance, they ran into a tall and cold-looking man taking firm and steady steps. 

Ye Chu had a clear view of his face and was terrified. It was Lu Huai.

What if he recognized her as the one who saved him that day? In this life, she did not want to be entangled with him.

Ye Chu turned sideways and lowered her head, faking nonchalance.

A pair of eyes fell on her body and yet just this one glance felt like there was nowhere to hide.

Lu Huai slightly inclined his head to one side and only saw her back view. Her lowered head revealed a white and delicate neck and pinkish ears.

His eyes stayed on her for a few seconds, seemingly considering something. 

Ye Chu’s heart tightened and her ears became hot.

Someone called out to Lu Huai: “Third Young Master, today….”

When the sound of that voice entered Ye Chu’s ears, her back stiffened and she quickened her pace, thus she did not hear the rest of the sentence.

It wasn’t until Ye Chu walked past the door that she let out a sigh of relief. She turned her head towards Wan Yi Hui and smiled. They walked to the meeting place together and Madam Chen and Chen Xi Yuan were already there.

Madam Chen raised her head to look over Ye Chu, and found her to have an oval face, beautiful arched eyebrows and glowing white skin. Her entire being was as bright as a rose (TL: the rose here refers to the flower in the picture below.) and once you looked at it, you would not be able to move your vision away.

蔷薇 (Baidu translate gives Rose)

At the first sight of Ye Chu, Chen Xi Yuan continued to stare at her with desire. He often heard others mentioning how beautiful Ye Chu was, but he never would have thought that she was this beautiful.

At this moment, Chen Xi Yuan was greatly troubled. His heart already had Ye Jia Rou and she was a delicate little white flower who made others want to love her dearly.

Ye Chu was Ye Jia Rou’s Di Jie (TL: Elder sister from the main wife), and she possessed everything that Ye Jia Rou could never have.

Chen Xi Yuan felt sorry for Ye Jia Rou’s circumstances, so he made a decision before the blind date. He wanted to give Ye Chu the cold shoulder but now he began to hesitate.

Catching onto Chen Xi Yuan’s wretched thoughts, Ye Chu coldly laughed inwardly and promised to cause him misery later.

What a beauty. Madam Chen was feeling more and more satisfied and thought that if Ye Chu married into their Chen famliy, it would help them a lot. 

Also, as Chen Xi Yuan was still young, many young girls were easily attracted to him and if he could get engaged to Ye Chu, he would slowly start to settle down. 

When Ye Chu arrived before them, Madam Chen smilingly got up: “Madam Ye, Ah Chu.”

Wan Yi Hui brought Ye Chu forward: “Ah Chu, this is Madam Chen.”

Madam Chen introduced Chen Xi Yuan to them with a smile. The man before them has an oval handsome face and his build was a little too thin. He had on a pair of golden rimmed glasses and gave off a strong scholar aura. 

Chen Xi Yuan nodded in their direction and Ye Chu returned with a faint smile.

After everybody was seated, Madam Chen was the first who spoke: “Ah Chu, Xi Yuan is a promising  government clerk who is praised by many.”

Though Chen Xi Yuan had not spoken a word, he put on a haughty expression indicating that he was rather agreeable with his mother’s words.

Ye Chu sneered inwardly. Chen Xi Yuan was always protecting Ye Jia Rou, wasn’t that promising? 

Though those were her thoughts, Ye Chu still put on a faint smile and did not continue the conversation.

As Madam Chen was still talking, Wan Yi Hui on the other end was sizing up Chen Xi Yuan carefully. The more she looked, the more she felt that Chen Xi Yuan was unworthy of Ye Chu.

Chen Xi Yuan’s build was too thin and weak like a little sapling. He lacked masculinity and looked like he could be blown away any minute.

End of Chapter 4.1

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