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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 4.2

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In addition, his appearance was too average. Ah Chu was still quite young, and if she had to face this plain face man everyday, wouldn’t she grow to dislike him.

Also, Chen Xi Yuan eyes kept wandering like he had something he didn’t want you to find out and his lips were very thin. This showed that he was a unfaithful man. If he were to take in a concubine in the future, Ah Chu would suffer grievance.

No, this cannot do. Ah Chu was brought up lovingly, Chen Xi Yuan was unworthy of her.

Wan Yi Hui snickered and said: “Ah Chu has been smart since young and our Ye family treasure her a lot.”

“I will say this here; only first rate man is worthy of our Ah Chu. There is no place for average men.”

The meaning behind these words was the further away Chen Xi Yuan was from them the better. The Ye family would never marry Ye Chu off to this man.

When the narcissistic Chen Xi Yuan heard this, what he thought was that the first rate man was referring to himself. It seemed that he really was the one in a million

If Wan Yi Hui knew what Chen Xi Yuan was thinking, she would probably be angered to the point of vomiting blood. 

Looking coldly at the wretched appearance of Chen Xi Yuan, Wan Yi Hui could only feel her anger rising and could explode at the very moment.
Madam Chen felt that something was wrong and hurriedly held Wan Yi Hui hand: “I think we should leave first and give Ah Chu and Xi Yuan some private time.”

Wan Yi Hui wanted to say more but Ye Chu gave her a  pacifying look, meaning that Ye Chu knew what to do. Only then did Wan Yi Hui coldly humph and left.

After Wan Yi Hui and Madam Chen left, it became silent.

Chen Xi Yuan considered himself to be infatuated and since he had not won over Ye Jia Rou, how could he have any thoughts towards Ye Chu?
In addition, the young girl before him was Ye Jia Rou’s elder sister. Ye Jia Rou was not favoured in her family and this could probably be linked to Ye Chu.

Thinking till here, Chen Xi Yuan’s heart ached tremendously. He had already thought of a way to solve this. After today’s blind date, he would spread rumours of Ye Chu being spoiled and wayward.

This way, Chen Xi Yuan could bring about some damage to Ye Chu and possibly exchange for Ye Jia Rou’s heart.

Since Ye Chu was the “matchmaker” of him and Ye Jia Rou, he shall reluctantly treat her to a good meal as this could be counted as making up for what would happen in the future.

Thus, to express his generosity, Chen Xi Yuan waved his hand and said: “Miss Ye, let’s order first.”

He paused for a moment and added: “Order anything you want.” Taking it as compensation to Ye beauty from him.

In the previous life, Chen Xi Yuan also said the same thing. However, at that time, Ye Chu was only thinking of ending the blind date sooner and therefore only ordered a cup of tea.

After that, in order to win over Ye Jia Rou, he deliberately blackened Ye Chu’s reputation. Saying Ye Chu was spoiled and domineering, leading to the drastic fall of Ye Chu’s reputation.

Since Chen Xi Yuan thought of her as spoiled and domineering, then Ye Chu would act that way for him.

Ye Chu smiled faintly and called the waiter over. “What kind of dishes do you have?”

The waiter took a glance at Chen Xi Yuan and saw that his clothes were of superior quality. Then he looked at Ye Chu, seemingly understood something.

A man would usually want to make the beauty smile and this man didn’t look like he lack of money, and he decided to help them.

The waiter thought he did a good thing and cleared his throat before revealing a list of dishes: “Yellow Crab Shark Fin, Eight Treasure Duck…”
They were the most pricey dishes of the restaurant.

Ye Chu smiled meaningfully: “I want all of it.”

The waiter was elated. He didn’t wait for Chen Xi Yuan’s response and immediately went to prepare.

Chen Xi Yuan frowned and felt his heart ached. Just as he tried to stop the ache, Ye Chu glanced at him.

“Mr Chen is a promising young man, though just a tiny government clerk, Mr Chen is intelligent and I’m sure you have saved quite a sum of money. This tiny bit of expenses is nothing to you.”

“I’m afraid in My Chen’s eyes, this entire Xin Cheng Hotel is only so-so.”
Ye Chu had a smile on but her words were not polite at all. She mocked his rank was not high enough and Chen family not being wealthy.

How much money would this cost? His wallet would almost be emptied. Chen Xi Yuan could only feel heartache.

The moment Ye Chu spoke, she completely crushed his heart. He didn’t expect for a beauty like her to say such devastating words.

Chen Xi Yuan understood now, surely Ye Chu had taken interest in him and wanted to know if he was short of money. (TL: I cannot take how shameless this guy is) After all, a wealthy girl like her would certainly like a generous man.

However, in Chen Xi Yuan’s heart, there was already Ye Jia Rou. No matter how beautiful Ye Chu was, he would never change his heart.

Though Chen XI Yuan could afford all the dishes that was ordered, he did not want to spend it on Ye Chu.

Thinking that Ye Chu had missed such a perfect man like him, Chen Xi Yuan’s tone became gentler: “Miss Ye, though that is the case but I…”

Ye Chu became unhappy at once and cut him off: “Could it be that Xin Cheng Hotel is not up to your standard? Then why did you invite me here to eat?”

“Or is it that Mr Chen could not afford?” Ye Chu gave a faint smile and continued: “If Mr Chen does not have the capability, then don’t attempt what you cannot complete.” (TL: this was actually spoken in an idiom and I have translated the meaning instead)

Every word of Ye Chu was mocking Chen Xi Yuan and the person himself could now tell. Though he did not know why Ye Chu was being like that but his impression of Ye Chu got worse.

In his mind, he thought that if he married such a fierce beauty, wouldn’t it create a big disturbance in his house? Still, it was Ye Jia Rou who was better. She was gentle and weak, making people around her to have the desire of protecting her.

At this point, the people surrounding them looked their way and were seemingly laughing at something. Chen Xi Yuan got a little annoyed and a feeling of stubbornness started to rise within him.

He had to perform well here. After bowing down to people for so long, there would also be a time where he could straighten his back.

After mulling over, Chen Xi Yuan finally spoke: “Being the daughter of a businessman, you reek the smell of money. Unable to reason with.”

After the words were spoken, Chen Xi Yuan felt cleansed. (TL: a Chinese expression was used here but that’s sort of the meaning) He felt that his image instantly got much better.

Hehe, Chen Xi Yuan finally admitted. He had always look down on Ye family’s merchant background. In the previous life, in order for Ye Chu to give up on marrying him, he had always brought this up.

Ye Chu said in an indifferent tone: “I call you Mr Chen is to give you face. Who do you think you are to be so rude in front of me?”

Ye Chu’s voice was as cold as ice but she was not afraid that Chen Xi Yuan would spread these words out as she had already made preparations.
She had information in her hands that she was confident that it could be used against him.

Ye Chu glanced at him: “Also, what is someone like you to look down on merchants?”

So what if they are merchants? Her grandfather was a  businessman, her father was also a businessman.

Everybody was born equally and career wise, there was no distinguishment in social hierarchy, only people with darkness in their hearts and therefore considered themselves of higher status.

Ye Chu smiled but there wasn’t any warmth in her eyes: “The clothes you’re wearing are bought from the clothing store, which was opened by a merchant.”

“The leather shoes you’re wearing are bought from the shoes store which was also opened by a merchant.”

“That golden framed spectacles of yours and that watch on your wrist are all connected to merchants.”

Upon hearing Ye Chu’s words, Chen Xi Yuan’s expression became worse by the minute. He wanted to refute but unfortunately he couldn’t come up with any words.

“The things that you’re wearing and even the food you’re eating originates from the merchants you despise.” Though Ye Chu was smiling, but her words were merciless.

“Chen Xi Yuan, if you have the guts, take off everything you’re wearing and crawl out naked for me.”

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