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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 5.1

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Ye Chu’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was enough to be clearly heard by the people around them.

A couple sitting on their left were coincidentally merchants and when they heard that Chen Xi Yuan despised businessman, they gave him a look of ridicule.

“What this miss said was right. If this gentleman truly despise merchants, then you might as well not use anything in Shanghai. Those things are really not worthy of your high status.”

A few students were seated on their right and they too were feeling indignant: “It’s a new age now, didn’t expect that there would still be people who look down on merchants. If a person’s mindset is still as old-fashioned, what say his other qualities.”

At first, it was only the few surrounding tables who had heard it. After awhile, the entire Xin Cheng Hotel knew about it and were pointing fingers at Chen Xi Yuan.

Chen Xi Yuan’s face turned green then white, he really wanted to find a hole and hide in there.

Ye Chu looked at him coldly and thought to herself, this much and Chen Xi Yuan could no longer deal. But things had not ended yet.

“Chen Xi Yuan, you have quite the ability. On one side you impregnated Li Si Wen, on the other side you go on blind dates. Truly deserved to be called young and promising.” Ye Chu’s voice was quite soft, her tone casual.

Chen Xi Yuan still had not recovered from the mockery from people around him when he suffered yet another blow from Ye Chu’s words.

Chen Xi Yuan widened his eyes in shock and raised his voice: “What did you say? How did you find out about this?”

Only he knew about Li Si Wen’s pregnancy, even his mother only knew that he was close with Li Si Wen. How did Ye Chu know about this?

Ye Chu lazily glanced at him: “What are you panicking for? Do you want to let the whole world know?”

Chen Xi Yuan immediately lowered his voice: “No no no, Miss Ye, you cannot tell anyone about this.”

Before encountering Ye Jia Rou, Chen Xi Yuan had a lover called Li Xi Wen. But after coming across Ye Jia Rou, he immediately broke up with Li Si Wen and hid it from Ye Jia Rou.

He didn’t expect to receive the news of Li Si Wen’s pregnancy after the break up. Chen Xi Yuan felt that she was only a lover and wasn’t of much significance to him so he gave her a sum of money to chase her away.

So how did Ye Chu know about this?

Ye Chu was just a young girl but she was so calm and steady, and this made Chen Xi Yuan extremely flustered. If Ye Jia Rou knew about this, then it would be impossible between them.

Ye Chu said languidly: “If you want to keep this a secret, then do as I tell you to.”

How could Chen Xi Yuan stay unconcerned at this point, he nodded his head vehemently: “I will do whatever Miss Ye says without a word of rebut.”

Ye Chu casually stroked the tea cup as she said: “When you return home, tell Madam Chen that today’s blind date failed because you Chen Xi Yuan did not meet my expectations.”

“If there are any malicious rumors about me being spread after today, I will hold you responsible for it.”

Upon hearing it, Chen Xi Yuan was taken aback.

Before coming to the blind date, he had already thought of a plan which was to smear Ye Chu’s reputation so that Madam Chen would have a bad impression of her and he could also please Ye Jia Rou.

Could it be Ye Chu could foresee the future? How did she know his thoughts?

Chen Xi Yuan wondered what did she mean by holding him responsible for whatever malicious rumors about her? If it was someone else who wanted to smear her reputation, he also had to take the blame?

 Chen Xi Yuan criticised in his heart, this was obviously an unfair arrangement.

Noticing Chen Xi Yuan hesitation, Ye Chu coolly said: “Have you thought it through? I don’t have a lot of patience.”

Ye Chu’s tone was cold without a tinge of annoyance, but it gave Chen Xi Yuan goosebumps.

“Miss Ye, I will do as you say. When I return, that’s what I will tell my mother.” Fearing that Ye Chu would be angered, Chen Xi Yuan added “Miss Ye would never be implicated.:

Chen Xi Yuan stole a glance at Ye Chu. The person before him was clearly a delicate young teenage girl but her words cause his heart to tremble.

Why was he such a coward? Wasn’t she just a girl? But he was really afraid of Ye Chu and he didn’t dare to express any of it on his face.

At this time, the waiter served their food. Yellow Crab Shark Fin, Stewed Sea Cucumber……..

Ye Chu stood up and prepared to leave. She thought of something and leaned forward with a faint smile: “Chen Xi Yuan, have a good meal.”

Chen Xi Yuan’s lips twitched. These dishes cost him at least a few hundred dollars, Ye Chu really dealt him quite a blow this time.

“Why did this lady leave?” The waiter did not know what had happened earlier and was puzzled.

Chen Xi Yuan spoke with impatience: “How would I know? Why don’t you go ask her?”

When he thought about how much he had to pay, he hurriedly informed the waiter: “the following dishes don’t have to be served, I don’t want them anymore.”

Upon hearing him, the waiter blanked then immediately showed contempt. He had worked at Xin Cheng Hotel for so long and he had never heard such preposterous words. 

The waiter’s lips twitched. This person looked so stuck-up but why is he so stingy?

A poor man pretending to be big shot. No wonder the beauty from just now was unwilling to stay here.

End of Chapter 5.1

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