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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 5.2

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The waiter stiffly replied: “We’re deeply sorry, Sir, the dishes are already being prepared and can’t be cancelled.” 

Chen Xi Yuan was dumbfounded. He wanted to still argue: “But I can’t finish so many dishes….”

The waiter had really not met such a shameless person before and he regarded him with even greater contempt: “Sir, a person should have integrity. If you’re a man, then pay up.”

Chen Xi Yuan could only shut up and felt that things were not going well for him on this day. He had spent all his money, was mocked at and this was all thanks to Ye Chu.

After this day, if he ever bumps into Ye Chu, he would have to avoid her.

The rain from earlier that afternoon had stopped. 

Ye Chu hailed a rickshaw after leaving Xin Cheng Hotel. As the breeze blew past her, Ye Chu occasionally looked towards the people on the pavement with a feeling of contentment in her heart.

The reason why Ye Chu was so merciless towards Chen Xi Yuan earlier was she had full confidence that he would listen and obey her.

Previously, a weird voice spoke to Ye Chu in her room.

That voice only briefly mentioned a few words before disappearing. Since Ye Chu had rebirthed, she felt that those words were worth thinking over.

Chen Xi Yuan impregnated Miss Li… Ye Chu investigated this Miss Li and true enough, there was such a person who once had an intimate relationship with Chen Xi Yuan.

Li Xi Yuan was a commoner, and her family had neither business or political background. Ye Chu arranged a few people to follow her for a few days and found out that her servant would always go TCM (Chinese pharmaceutical company) to find a doctor. 

That servant girl would always bring out a bag of medicine with her.

As for that physician, he was one that was highly thought of by the wealthy Madams. He specialised in obstetrics.

Li Si Wen got pregnant before marriage and Chen Xi Yuan was unwilling to marry her so he gave her a sum of money. However, Li Si Wen did not abort her baby and one could tell that she wanted to use the child for something.

Ye Chu never understood why she kept the child until one day, she suddenly remembered a part in the book <Pretty In Pink>. Chen XI Yuan had a concubine and her surname was Li. This was only briefly mentioned on the book and Concubine Li’s full name was never disclosed.

It seemed that this Li Si Wen was the one who would become Chen Xi Yuan’s concubine.

End of Chapter 5.2

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