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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 5.3

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While Ye Chu was immersed in her thoughts, the rickshaw had already stopped at the entrance of ye mansion. Ye Chu was in a good mood and thus she gave the rickshaw puller a hefty tip.

Great Aunt Wan Yi Hui was already waiting for her at the Ye mansion. Ye Chu told Wan Yi Hui that she did not think highly of Chen Xi Yuan. Since Wan Yi Hui also felt that Chen Xi Yuan was not worthy of Ye Chu, she was naturally very happy.

School was starting soon and Ye Chu had planned to go to a newly opened tea house with her friends in the next few days.

On this day, Ye Chu who had nothing to do at home, started to casually flip the newspaper. In the end, a news caught her attention.

<Star Movie Company’s new male actor bears remarkable resemblance to Third Young Master Lu>

Lu Huai was the son of the provincial military governor Lu Zong Ting. Lu Huai was handsome and came from a well-known background but he had never had any scandals. This reporter was very bold. Since he could not write any scandals regarding Lu Huai, he gossip on someone similar looking.

A picture was included below the article and when Ye Chu saw it, she almost choked on the water she was drinking. 

The heading was too exaggerating. It was very hard to describe the appearance of the male actor and apart from straightening his back too much, there was no similarity between him and Lu Huai.

The whole article was close to a thousand words and it was all bragging. The reporter felt that this male actor could possibly be the next star who can attract many movie fans.

This could be attributed to third young master Lu keeping a very low profile and staying away from womanising. He forbade any news agency from publishing his photos.

Everybody knew that third young master Lu was very handsome but his personality was too cold. Many people would like to meet him but he would never be kind towards them.

This male actor was only a thousandth of Lu Huai and someone had already praised him to the skies.

Ye Chu didn’t manage to hold in her laughter and giggled. If Lu Huai saw this article, she reckoned that his face would be as black as the bottom of a pot. 

“Second miss, Madam is asking you to go eat dinner.”

Ye Chu made a sound of acknowledgement and kept the newspaper. She wasn’t very concerned with Lu Huai and therefore did not bother with the rest of the article.

Later on, the news article did not become a hot topic in Shanghai. 

That was because, not long after, that male actor was shut out from the industry. This was a place where the provincial military governor Lu had jurisdiction over, how dare that actor borrow the name of third young master Lu to heighten his own popularity.

Naturally, the Lu family did not have to deal with this kind of issue. Anyone who wanted to find favour with provincial military governor Lu would compete to get it settled.

From then on, there was no such person in the entire movie industry in Shanghai.

End of Chapter 5.3

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