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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 6.1

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As school was reopening soon, Fu Tian Tian and ye Chu made an appointment to go to a newly opened  tea society. On this day, Ye Chu got out of house early.

The rain had stopped and the floor was still wet. Ye Chu wound down the car window by a little and let in some cooling wind.

The Car slowly drove towards Heng Xing Tea Society.

Fu Tian Tian was Ye Chu’s best friend in the previous life and her elders were all masters of kungfu.

As Fu Tian Tian grew up influenced by her elders, her strength was exceptional and her greatest hobby was to split bricks into two.

In <Pretty in Pink>, Fu Tian Tian was of regarded as the vicious side character who often bullied Ye Jia Rong. And thus, the author arranged a bad ending for her.

As it happened, Ye Jia Rong arranged a trap for Fu Tian Tian. Fu Tian Tian was not able to see through the man’s heart and followed that man to Bei Ping (TL: the name of Beijing in 1928-1949) after marriage. However, concubines were continuously brought home and Fu Tian Tian’s life was not what she has wanted and in the end, she passed away with great sadness and heaviness in her heart.

Being able to do it all over again, Ye Chu will let Fu Tian Tian see clearly that man’s ugly heart.

Fu Tian Tian had a straight forward personality and there were some people who were not used to it. But in Ye Chu’s heart, Fu Tian Tian was the best.

As she thought of Fu Tian Tian, Ye Chu couldn’t help but to smile.

“Miss, we have reached.” Uncle Li called Ye Chu back from her thoughts.

Lifting her head towards outside, Heng Xi tea society came into view.

“Uncle Li, you can return first. I will ride the rickshaw together with my friend later.”

Ye Chu got out of the car and entered the tea society. A waiter then led her to one of the tables. Perhaps she had arrived a little too early as there were not many people at Heng Xi tea society and there were still many empty seats.

Fu Tian Tian had not arrived so Ye Chu ordered a pot of tea first. It didn’t take long for someone to arrive at the entrance of the tea society.

The person who arrived who a tall-figured girl with exquisite facial features and from her profile, one can find some heroic spirit. She had a pair of black shining eyes and they were charming when she was smiling.

“Ah Chu!”

Fu Tian Tian who was glancing around met the eyes of Ye Chu and got excited which made her originally loud voice raised a few tones.

This attracted a few heads turned towards her but Fu Tian Tian did not seem to notice it.

Very quickly, Fu Tian Tian arrived before Ye Chu and pulled out a stool to sit.

“I’m hungry to death, let’s quickly order.” Fu Tian Tian picked up Ye Chu’s cup of unfinished tea and drained it in one gulp without being bothered.

Culinary delicacy was one of Fu Tian Tian’s hobby and she could not endure hunger. Every meal, she had to eat up to three bowls of rice before feeling satisfied. 

“No hurries, you slowly take your pick.” Ye Chu had already predicted Fu Tian Tian’s thoughts and placed the menu in front of her.

Just as Fu Tian Tian was about to bury her head into the menu, a commotion started at the entrance.

As she accurately pinpointed the smell of the person who was nearing them, Fu Tian Tian immediately lifted her head towards Ye Chu and frowned like she was mulling over a big issue.

“Elder sister.”

End of Chapter 6.1

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