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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 6.2

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That was the voice of Ye Jia Rou and her tone carried some joy. However, Ye Chu knew that it was fake.

This is because Ye Jia Rou was not favoured at home and whenever she wanted to treat her friends to a meal, she had to accumulate her allowances for a long time.

That was the case today. She just accumulated enough money and called out a group of friends in the name of treating them. Not only could she be in the limelight, she could also leave a good impression on these girls who had good family background.

This was the first time Ye Chu had come in direct contact with Ye Jia Rou after her rebirth. She lifted her eyes and saw a girl who was not very tall.

Below the jet-black long hair hid a pale face and a pair of gentle and attractive eyes. Her entire figure was delicate and frail, like she could be blown away by a gust of wind.

Ye Jia Rou had on a pitiful look as she stared at Ye Chu, like she was bullied by Ye Chu.

In the previous life, as Ye Jia Rou was not favoured, Ye Chu took care of her in all respects but never had Ye Chu imagined that all her good intentions were regarded as charity. So then, after her rebirth, Ye Chu’s attitude had got to change.

Ye Chu’s good mood was ruined by Ye Jia Rou just like that. She frowned a little but did not raise her head and treated Ye Jia Rou as air like she did not hear anything.

“Eh?” Fu Tian Tian completely did not conceal the sneer in her laughter.

Fu Tian Tian’s laughter attracted Ye Jia Rou’s attention and she brought her group of girlfriends to Ye Chu’s table.

“Sis Tian Tian, you’re here too? I’ve brought my friend to eat here.”

When Ye Jia Rou first saw Fu Tian Tian, her eyes shone. Every time when Fu Tian Tian is present, she would be able to appear gentle and beautiful.

Ye Jia Rou was very confident in her looks and intelligence. In her eyes, Fu Tian Tian who neither had the looks nor the brains was just the right person to help her with her image.

Ye Jia Rou’s voice was gentle but in her heart, it wasn’t this case. She sized Fu Tian Tian up with a few glances and subconsciously revealed a disgusted look.

Was this still a woman? Big and tall, how was she as pretty as her. Her name was even called Tian Tian, truly laughable. (TL: 恬 tián means quiet/calm)

The way Ye Jia Rou examined Fu Tian Tian, Ye Chu saw it all.

She thought she had hidden it quite well but Ye Jia Rou was currently still a fifteen years old young girl, not the omnipotent female lead in the later part of the book.

In Ye Chu’s words, Tian Tian was even better looking than Ye Jia Rou. Before Tian Tian, Ye Jia Rou could only be counted as a small bowl of clear broth noodles, not even enough for Tian Tian to eat.

She hugged her arms and leaned back on her chair, watching silently as Ye Jia Rou court disaster. 

A honeyed voice entered Fu Tian Tian’s ears and she couldn’t help but to raise her hands to pick her ear, feeling like a some kind of worm had went in.

“Who’s your sis? When did my mother give birth to such a big daughter? I will go home and properly ask.” Fu Tian Tian waved her hand impatiently like she was chasing away an irritating housefly.

Even if Ye Jia Rou was fuming, she didn’t dare to retort. How did Ye Chu become friends with Fu Tian Tian? They must have discussed privately before to make things difficult for her.

End of Chapter 6.2

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