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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 7.3

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The scene of fifth miss Song blocking third young master Lu fell into the eyes of Ye Jia Rou.

The misses at Song Jia Rou’s table were all discussing excitedly: “Song Qian Ru has come to block third young master Lu again, and has once again failed.”

“This bad temper of Song Qian Ru, who can tolerate it?” Song Qian Ru’s relations with people weren’t great and therefore she became the laughingstock when she made a fool out of herself that day.

Another miss said: “In the whole of Shanghai, wonder who is the lucky miss that third young master Lu will set his eyes upon.”

“Yeah, this miss must be very outstanding…..”

Though Lu Huai had a cold personality, he was still the most popular young master in Shanghai. At the mention of Lu Huai, people were intimidated at first glance but somehow couldn’t help but want to get closer to.

Song Qian Ru only did what the other misses did not dare to do. 

Ye Jia Rou heard other misses mentioning third young master Lu and couldn’t help but be uneasy.

Third young master Lu had a noble status, was handsome and though everyone was fearful of him, it made him even more charming; truly a man to be loved and hated at the same time.

If a man like this would set his sight on her, she supposed all the ladies in Shanghai would be jealous of her.

Ye Jia Rou pursed her lips and her pale face was covered with a faint blush. She thought to herself that a weak and delicate lady like her would naturally be pampered by a man like that.

Touching her own face, Ye Jia Rou was full of remorse. She bore such beauty but of all people, she was born of a concubine and therefore her life had not been smooth.

While Ye Chu relied on her birthright and often used charitable attitude towards her which was truly detestable.

If others knew about Ye Jia Rou’s thoughts, they would only sigh. What a pitiful white lotus.

Ye Jia Rou initially thought that Chen Xi Yuan was not bad in terms of looks and family background and that was why she tried to claim connections (of higher status) with him. Who would have thought that when Chen Xi Yuan was compared to third young master Lu, from head to toes there was nothing outstanding about Chen Xi Yuan.

If third young master Lu was the cloud in the sky, then Chen Xi Yuan would be the soil below the feet. Ye Jia Rou’s lips twitched as she thought till here. However, as of now, Chen Xi Yuan was still a pretty good choice.

If there was a better choice, she would definitely leave Chen Xi Yuan without any hesitation.

The Chen Xi Yuan who was whole heartedly devoted to Ye Jia Rou was completely clueless to the fact that he was merely a stepping stone to her.

The moment Ye Jia Rou thought of Lu Huai, her heart started to beat faster. However, after seeing Lu Huai’s attitude towards Song Qian Ru, Ye Jia Rou mentally shrank back.

However, Ye Jia Rou suddenly changed her way of thinking. Song Qian Ru was different from her as Song Qian Ru was so crafty and unruly and it was only natural that third young master Lu did not like her.

As for herself, she was so lovable and frail which was easy to gain a man’s favour. If third young master Lu saw her, he would also feel tenderness towards her.

While Ye JIa Rou was fantasising, Ye Chu was also deep in thoughts.

In <Pretty in Pink>, before Ye Jia Rou met the male lead Mo Qing Han, she originally had thoughts on Lu Huai.

As Ye Jia Rou had always thought of changing her destiny, Lu Huai’s background carried much attractiveness.

However, Lu Huai was the greatest villain in the novel, the author would naturally not allow there to be anything between Ye Jia Rou and him.

The number of times they met could be counted on one’s fingers. Ye Jia Rou could not even near Lu Huai, not to mention the chances of her claiming connections with him.

It can be said that Lu Huai was someone Ye Jia Rou wanted but could not reach.

Later on, Ye Jia Rou met the male lead Mo Qing Han. As per her personality, though she liked the other party, she would still reject them. And every time when she rejected Mo Qing Han, she would use Lu Huai as an excuse.

Ye Chu faintly smiled. Perhaps on this day, Ye Jia Rou had thoughts on Lu Huai after seeing him. However, she saw how Song Qian Ru failed, Ye Chu predicted that Ye Jia Rou would give up on Lu Huai.

The night that Ye Chu first rebirthed, she unexpectedly met the injured Lu Huai and because he was Lu Huai, she helped him.

Ye Chu wouldn’t let Lu Huai know the identity of the girl who saved him because in this life, she did not wish to take the initiative to provoke Lu Huai.

It might be assumed that in this life, they would not have any implication with each other.

A black sports car drove into the residence of the Dujun without any obstruction. The guards recognised that the person in the car was ninth master Shen. He was an important person in Shanghai and had sworn to live or die together with third young master Lu.

This ninth master Shen was born with exquisite features but when he narrowed his pair of phoenix eyes, he gave off a feeling that he was plotting something – very much resembling an evildoer.

After ninth master Shen got off the car, he strode straight to Lu Huai’s study.

Sometime ago, Lu Huai was being assassinated on ninth master Shen’s territory and almost lost his life. Ninth master Shen had since felt apologetic towards Lu Huai and this time, he wanted to be of help towards Lu Huai.

“You want me to find someone?” Ninth master Lu was elated, “and it’s a woman?”

Ninth master Shen became intrigued. Lu Huai never had any inclination towards the opposite sex and he had never heard any woman who could interest Lu Huai. 

Lu Huai lowered his tone: “Keep your thoughts from running astray.”

Ninth master Shen lazily against the chair: “Lu Huai, stop pretending. You’re surely interested in her.”

Immediately after, ninth master Shen asked: “How does she look like?” “Is she tall?” “Pretty?”…..

A chain of questions perfectly expressed the curiosity of ninth master Shen. He really wanted to know just what kind of girl would attract the attention of the cold-hearted Lu Huai.

Lu Huai shot Shen Jiu a glance: “you talk too much.”

Shen Jiu: “….”

“That night at 9pm to 10pm, that girl appeared at White road. Her height was about 5 foot 6inch….”

Lu Huai lowered his head, and faintly mentioned: “Oh right, her voice was not bad.”

Ninth master Shen was silent for a few seconds and came to a conclusion: “Lu Huai, I suspect you’re deliberately tormenting me.”

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