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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 8.1

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Ninth master Shen (TL: I will be calling him Shen Jiu Ye from here on out) had quite a few estates, and the Da Du Hui (TL: means metropolitan) dance hall was his. These days, during the day when the Da Du Hui was not open for business, the subordinates would always find Jiu Ye going to White road. 

Fully clothed in black and coupled with a cap, Shen Jiu Ye’s eyes roamed about behind his sunglasses while his most competent subordinate Cao An followed behind him.

Shen Jiu Ye indifferently swept a glance: “Cao An.”

“Ay, Jiu Ye.” Cao An moved closer without delay, wearing a flattering smile.

“How many girls with the height of 5 foot 6 inches do you think there are on this street?”

“This…” Cao An blanked momentarily, “but we can’t go up to them to measure directly…”

Shen Jiu Ye cursed inwardly. Lu Huai did not even touch the girl, how did he estimate the girl’s height?

“Then what do you think a girl with a nice voice is like?”

Cao An was confused: “Jiu Ye, all the girls in the wu ting (TL: this should mean the nightclub Jiu Ye was operating) have nice voice. Why do we have to find a girl like that on the street?”

The next second, Cao An’s head was heavily knocked and Jiu Ye coldly said: “Can the girl I’m looking for be average? Don’t bring up those in the club to fool me!”

“Take a careful lookout!”


On this day, it was coincidentally the start of the school term. Xin Li Secondary School was Shanghai most famous mixed school. Though Ye Chu came from a wealthy background, she didn’t want to receive special treatment due to it. 

The Ye residence wasn’t far from the trolleybus station and Ye Chu didn’t get the chauffeur to send her home but walked towards the station.

It was a bright and sunny day and the Guang-dang Guang-dang sound resonated during the entire journey. The streets were bustling with activity and Ye Chu quietly admire Shanghai lively morning.

After alighting the trolleybus, Ye Chu saw Ye’s family car stopped outside the school entrance by coincidence.

“Uncle Li.” Ye Chu walked over and greeted the chauffeur.

“Second Miss.” Uncle Li smiled.

Ye Chu knew that Ye Jia Rou was a person who loved to save face as she insisted on taking the family’s car to school every time. Ye Chu smiled to Uncle Li: “Hurry and go back, be careful on the road.”

“Thank you Second Miss.”

Uncle Li’s heart warmed, it was still Second Miss who was good. Earlier when he sent Third Miss to school, the moment Third Miss alighted, she closed the door and walked off without a single word.

Ye Chu often said that everyone was equal and Uncle Li who was not very cultured did not understand her. However, what he did know was Second Miss was beautiful and good natured.

Uncle Li watched Ye Chu enter the school then started his car to return to Ye residence.

Ye Chu had just entered the school when she met Fu Tian Tian.

Fu Tian Tian was well-informed: “Ah Chu, hearsay that our class will have a new language teacher.”

The tall Fu Tian Tian lowered her head, her heroic face was filled with gloom.

“Why? You’re still thinking of Teacher Fang?” Ye Chu teased. In Fu Tian Tian’s family, the members were all unmannerly men and so she especially liked those guys with scholarly appearances.

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