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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 8.2

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Teacher Fang was the previous language teacher and he had graduated from the University of Yanjing. He wore gold-rimmed spectacles and looked really refined. Fu Tian Tian often mentioned how good looking Teacher Fang was to Ye Chu.

“I didn’t!” Fu Tian Tian completely denied it, but one can tell they were empty words.

Ye Chu knew and Fu Tian Tian felt guilty.

Since she started the conversation, even if she had to kneel, she had to finish this conversation. Fu Tian Tian quickly changed the subject and pointed to a male student in front: ‘Look, Nie Yun Qian.”

“The Nie family arranged a marriage for him and he unexpectedly rejected it, saying that he wants to study abroad.”

As Fu Tian Tian was speaking, Ye Chu followed the direction in which Fu Tian Tian was pointing.

Rows of lofty trees were grown by the road side of the school ground. There was a male student who had pitch-black hair and his rear view looked gentle, like that of a low-profile introvert.

Ye Chu very quickly found Nie Yun Qian in her memories. In her previous life, she had only spoken a few words with him.

However, Ye Chu remembered clearly that Nie Yun Quan was the top student in school.

Ye Chu thought to herself, Nie Yun Qian was someone who had received modern education and thus would naturally be resistant towards arranged marriages. He was similar to other youngsters where they had ambitious dreams.

As for Ye Chu, she hadn’t had much thoughts on marriage. In this life, she only wanted to change the ending of her family and friends, and also to make Ye Jia Rou live a different path as compared to the original novel.

Ye Chu and Fu Tian Tian chatted as they walked when suddenly a voice called out to her from behind.

“Ye Chu, I heard that you went on a blind date with Chen Xi Yuan.” An excited girl ran over.

Ye Chu raised her eyebrows and didn’t deny. She had previously warned Chen Xi Yuan so he shouldn’t have spread nonsense.

“Chen Xi Yuan said you’re an angel from above.”

Ye Chu was shocked and nearly tripped over the cobbled ground. “What?”

“You don’t know?” The girl became spirited, “My brother told me. Whenever Chen Xi Yuan mentioned you, he sang nothing but praises.”

The girl passed on what Chen Xi Yuan had “originally” said to them. Actually, these words had already been through quite a few people and were already exaggerated.

“Gentle and beautiful, kind and generous… but only after seeing in person then one would realise that you’re even prettier than an angel.”

Fu Tian Tian burst out laughing, and rubbed against Ye Chu’s arm: “Let me gain some angelic blessings.”

Ye Chu: “….”

It seemed like her warning was effective, but she didn’t expect Chen Xi Yuan to be such a coward and the exaggerations were making her guilty. 

As for when Chen Xi Yuan boasted of Ye Chu greatness, it all began at a certain gathering.

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