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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 8.3

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That day, Chen Xi Yuan and his friends were eating at a restaurant. Chen Xi Yuan wasn’t in a good mood because of the blind date and therefore he wanted to go drinking. 

A friend asked: “Xi Yuan, I heard that you went on a blind date with Second Miss Ye, how did it go?”

“What’s there to ask? It is our young master Chen who set out, he must have gained the heart of second miss Ye.”

Chen Xi Yuan had always thought of himself as a perfect man and so he would always boast to his friends how charming he was and how women would definitely fall for him after meeting him.

Before the blind date, he had also bragged that even if Ye Chu was a great beauty, she would still fall for him after the meeting.

When Chen Xi Yuan heard his friends, he felt a stab to his heart. His friends just had to bring this up when he still had not gotten over the embarrassment of that day. 

Chen Xi Yuan felt annoyed and he didn’t feel like speaking so he could only lower his head and drink to drown his sorrows.

A young master smiling asked: “Xi Yuan, why are you not saying anything? This couldn’t have fallen through?”

“Xi Yuan, speak ah.” Everyone was urging like they had to know the result.

Chen Xi Yuan saw that he couldn’t avoid this subject and thought back to Ye Chu’s warning where the reason for the unsuccessful blind date was due to her rejecting him and if there were any damaging rumours about Ye Chu in the future, she would count it all on his head.

Chen Xi Yuan took a deep breath and said: “Second Miss Ye… didn’t fall for me.”

“Hahahahha….. seems like this Second Miss Ye has high expectations…”

“Didn’t you always say that you’re the most charming? Why did you fail this time?”

Hearing his friends poking fun at him, Chen Xi Yuan had nothing to say. He was so gloomy that he took another swig of alcohol. How much of an pretentious prick he was before was how humiliated he was now. The hatred Chen Xi Yuan had against Ye Chu increased even more.

At one point, someone asked: “Why did Second Miss Ye reject you?”

As he thought about his secret being in the hands of Ye Chu, Chen Xi Yuan said through gritted teeth: “Second Miss Ye gentle, beautiful, kind and generous, it is indeed I who is not a match for her.”

Chen Xi Yuan was extremely angry as he thought of how Ye Chu was a snake but however unwilling he was, he had no choice but to sing only praises of Ye Chu.

Someone continued: “That’s true, Second Miss Ye is so outstanding, you indeed don’t seem to be of a worthy match for her.”

Chen Xi Yuan widened his eyes upon hearing this, what was the meaning of this? He opened his mouth but thought of Ye Chu’s warning and thus did not dare to make a sound.

Another young master said: “Xi Yuan, honestly speaking, Ye Chu is a famous beauty and has a good family background. Her personality is good too. Ye Chu and you really don’t make a couple.”

Chen Xi Yuan couldn’t bear it anymore: “Ye Chu has good personality?” How did they have that impression? It must have been because they never saw how she ridicule people. When Chen Xi Yuan thought back to that time, he still felt jittery.

Furthermore, what did they mean by Ye Chu and him don’t match? Was he that bad? Chen Xi Yuan became so angry that he could spit nails. 

A young master said: “My younger sister is studying in the same school as Ye Chu. She said that Ye Chu has a good personality and everyone likes Ye Chu.” Other people present gave a sound of acknowledgement.

Chen Xi Yuan was stupefied, only he knew of Ye Chu’s true personality and contrary to what he wanted, he had to maintain Ye Chu’s good reputation by not mentioning anything.

At one point, someone said: “Xi Yuan, since you have met with Second Miss Ye, how’s her personality like?”

Chen Xi Yuan really wished to loudly proclaim that Ye Chu had a poisonous mouth, but the words that came out of his mouth weren’t so.

“Second Miss Ye has a gentle voice, and her words and actions are very considerate towards others. Overall, she’s a person who gets along well with people.”

As Chen Xi Yuan was praising Ye Chu to the heavens, he was tearing in his heart. Why did he have to lead such a sullen life. It was really too difficult to be alive and living.

“Xi Yuan, don’t be sad anymore. Since Miss Ye don’t think you’re a match for her, you don’t have to be hurt as there are still plenty of fish in the sea.”

A friend saw that Chen Xi Yuan had been constantly praising Ye Chu and drinking so much alcohol sorrowfully, he thought that Chen Xi Yuan really liked Ye Chu so he kindheartedly advise Chen Xi Yuan.

Chen Xi Yuan almost vomit blood due to anger. His heart only contained Ye Jia Rou, where would he find the nerve to think about Ye Chu.

The tears in Chen Xi Yuan’s heart had already accumulated enough to form a river but he had no choice. He was at fault and so had to tolerate it.

Hence, after that night, all of Chen Xi Yuan’s friends knew: Firstly, Ye Chu was a gentle beauty and did not think that Chen Xi Yuan was a good match to her.

Secondly, Ye Chu had a good personality and had no flaws.

Chen Xi Yuan’s friends did not disappoint. After returning home, they told their sisters about it. As it was spread more and more, many people came to know about it. 

Second Miss Ye was the most outstanding young lady, even Chen Xi Yuan who only met her once had so much praise for her. 

Author has something to say: Ye Chu: this kind of coward truly could only match Ye Jia Rou.

Shen Jiuye: Girl! Where exactly is that girl with a nice voice?

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