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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 9.1

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Although Ye Chu’s warning was still ringing in his ears, Chen Xi Yuan still maintained a good mood. This is because he could still woo the girl in his heart, Ye Jia Rou.

Ye Jia Rou frequent the bookstore and usually stayed there for the most of the day. It was no wonder that she carried the scent of books on her body, and this made Chen Xi Yuan admire her all the more. 

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So even if Ye Jia Rou was a smelly stone in the latrine pit, Chen Xi Yuan would still tightly embrace and not let go.

Ye Jia Rou had already stood before the bookshelf for quite a while, but the book in her hand was only flipped twice.

She had always known about what Chen Xi Yuan was feeling towards her.

Although Chen Xi Yuan was not the best partner candidate in her opinion, but his qualifications were not bad. Furthermore, he even rejected Ye Chu during the blind date. 

Ye Jia Rou still did not know the exact events that happened during the blind date and just dreamed about Ye Chu getting embarrassed.

Girls who visit the bookstore would always give people a  feeling of being gentle and quiet. That is why Ye Jia Rou started to frequent the bookstore after she realised that Chen Xi Yuan was paying attention to her. 

Ye Jia Rou would walk into the bookstore on a quiet afternoon, pick up a book in passing and expose her spotless white neck to attract people’s feeling of tenderness towards her.

Thereupon, Chen Xi Yuan once again came to her side and spoke softly.

“Third Miss Ye, we meet again, what a coincidence.”

Upon hearing Chen Xi Yuan’s voice, Ye Jia Rou inclined her head slightly and gave a look of surprise. Chen Xi Yuan felt that his heart was melting.

However, Ye Jia Rou suddenly thought of something and her expression slightly changed,

“Third Miss Ye, is there something wrong?” A beauty’s frown, Chen Xi Yuan felt distressed. (TL: I was drinking bbt when I was translating this and almost spit out my drink. The direct translation to how Chen Xi Yuan was feeling is heart pain – isn’t what he’s feeling too over?)

“You have gone on a blind date with my elder sister, and now you’re talking to me. Isn’t a little inappropriate?”in Ye Jia Rou’s heart, she had already firmly believed that Ye Chu was rejected by Chen Xi Yuan, but she still wanted to personally hear from Chen Xi Yuan the scene where Ye Chu was embarrassed.

The moment Chen Xi Yuan heard Ye Chu’s name, his expression changed as he couldn’t help but to recall the embarrassment he had experienced during the blind date where he was bring ridiculed. 

Ye Jia Rou saw that there was something wrong with Chen Xi Yuan’s expression and thought that the events had progressed the way she thought it to be so she continued her questioning.

“What happened between you and my elder sister? You can tell me and perhaps I can be of help?”

Ye Jia Rou was probably feeling too excited and therefore the volume of her voice was raised a few levels.

The people in the bookstore all turned towards their direction and though previously Ye Jia Rou and Chen Xi Yuan were talking in hushed voices, it still caused annoyance to the surrounding people. 

The people around them tolerated at first, but they became even more annoying.

A middle aged man behind Ye Jia Rou spoke to her impatiently.

“If you guys want to date, you don’t have necessarily have to do it in the bookstore right? There are so many cafes nearby. If it’s not economical, there are also small lodging.”

His words were full of mocking and Ye Jia Rou’s eyes instantly reddened. She waved her hands: “We are not…. We didn’t…”

Another girl could no longer stand it too, she swept her eyes over Ye Jia Rou and said: “You can’t even speak properly, where did all your energy from before go?”

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