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Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character Chapter 9.2

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The rest of the people in the bookstore also looked over and Chen Xi Yuan’s face became red then white, white then green. He didn’t expect himself to be embarrassed again in public. This year could be an unlucky one.

Chen Xi Yuan first apologised to everyone then carefully pulled on Ye Jia Rou’s sleeve. 

Ye Jia Rou was still sobbing spasmodically when Chen Xi Yuan pulled her out of the bookstore.

“Third Miss Ye, I’m really sorry. It’s because I went to talk to you.”

Ye Jia Rou’s voice still carried the sobbing tone: “No, it’s because I asked about my sister.”

“Ay, let’s not talk about your sister anymore. It’s impossible between me and her.”

Facing the pitiful Ye Jia Rou, Chen Xi Yuan told a lie: “I have let her down, hopefully your sister will be happy.”

“Ah, I didm’t hear anything from my sister.” Ye Jia Rou heard a satisfying answer and while turning tears into laughter said “everyone has their own fate and it can’t be forced.”

Ye Jia Rou was very happy, Chen Xi Yuan had indeed rejected Ye Chu.

Chen Xi Yuan saw Ye Jia Rou’s smile and blanked. Then Chen Xi Yuan seemed to thought of something and smiled to Ye Jia Rou: “In a couple of days, can I go to your school to find you?”

Ye JIa Rou blanked for a moment. If everyone in school saw that the Chen Xi Yuan who rejected Ye Chu was wooing her, how satisfying was that.

As she thought of how humiliated Ye Chu would be, Ye Jia Rou felt very pleased.

Though Ye Jia Rou was thrilled, she lowered her head shyly: “Of course.”

Chen Jiuye was one of Shanghai’s famous people and he had many businesses under his name in Shanghai. Therefore, all kinds of trouble come knocking on his door everyday.

On this day, Shen Jiuye received a call: “Jiuye, someone is creating a ruckus at our place again.”

Shen Jiuye became impatient: “Can’t you people handle such a small issue? Did I pay you guys for display?”

“Jiuye, things are a bit tricky…” the voice in the phone stopped halfway, seemingly afraid of Shen Jiuye’s scolding.

Shen Jiuye coldly said: “You worthless bunch, can’t even control an insignificant bastard. Do I need to personally handle such a small issue?”

Ending the call, Shen Jiuye cursed inwardly. He got on his car and proceeded to his destination.

When Shen Jiuye arrived, his followers moved forward coweringly: “Jiuye, that person ran in the direction of Xin Li Secondary School. Our brothers have already given chase…”

Shen Jiuye was exasperated, and heavily slapped on his follower’s head: “he escaped again, he escaped again. If you can’t find him within 2 hours, all of you can get lost!”

Hence, a group of fierce looking men ran in the direction of Xin Li Secondary School, each holding knives or rod. This group of people with weaponry scared off the people on the streets, fearing that they will bring trouble upon themselves.

While his followers were chasing at the front, Shen Jiu was walking leisurely at the back. At this point, a girl was walking in his direction.

School had ended, Ye Chu packed her school bag and was getting ready to go home. When she reached the entrance of Xin Li Secondary School, Ye Chu just happened to witness a group of people making threatening gestures running over. 

The corner of Ye Chu’s mouth twitched. Perhaps there was trouble somewhere again and since there were many of such fights occurring recently, Ye Chu was already used to it.

Ye Chu continued walking out and suddenly, she caught the view of a man.

That man had a pretty and flirtatious facial appearance. His footsteps were carefree and his pace was slow. That lazy attitude when compared to that group before was a stark contrast, as if nothing could interest him.

Ye Chu recognised him, this man was Shen Jiuye. At that time when she was staying in the Dujun’s (TL: provincial military governor during the early Republic of China era (1911-1949 AD) residence, Shen Jiu frequently came looking for Lu Huai.

Shen Jiu was someone from Qinghui (TL: some sort of union), and if he were to appear here, then whatever that was happening nearby must be related to the Qinghui.

He was someone who didn’t go by the usual rules. Ye Chu was no longer a lone woman like in her past life, she was now a normal female student and she did not wish to provoke these people. 

Ye Chu silently withdrew her line of sight and categorised Shen Jiu in her heart.

A stunning beauty.

Shen Jiu noticed a gaze on him and he knew how he looked like, there were many people who stared at him before.

He casually took a glance over. Heh, a female student wearing school uniform.

A little girl.

End of Chapter 9 – this chapter is short compared to previous chapters so there are only 2 parts 🙂

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