Rebirth of a CV Star 45.1

Chapter 45: Video

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In fact, Yan Mu Lin doesn’t watch videos without purpose. He hasn’t been in this world for a long time. When he had just came into this world he first began to make money. Where would he have the extra time to watch TV dramas?  At most, he would just search the summary of a TV drama online and then study both the acting and voice acting cast list. He hadn’t really tried to leisurely watch a complete TV series.

There is a reason why Yan Mu Lin would watch a few of these recorded videos. While watching, he would look for a corresponding TV series and then watch its general plot. Currently the Internet summaries can be said to be very detailed. It’s so detailed that each episode’s brilliant dialogue would be written clearly.

Each video is actually just 5-10 minutes long. After watching it very quickly, the reason it took a long time was because of looking up the video’s sources. In each of the videos, Yan Mu Lin found that it frequently made use of Qiong Yao’s[1] works. Yes, in this world there was still Qiong Yao and ‘My Fair Princess’ also existed. It was just that ‘My Fair Princess’ did not happen in Bian Zi[2] dynasty, rather, it happened in another dynasty. It was just a change of clothing styles and setting. It wasn’t that different.

Seeing that he was familiar with the plot, Yan Mu Lin listed ‘My Fair Princess’ as one of his source materials. Another one is a palace drama that was also widely used in the videos. Yan Mu Lin also listed it as one of his alternative source materials. He did not consider modern films at the moment because the contrast is nice and will have a nice effect. As for the result, he didn’t really care about it. Funny videos that are original are the most important. Surely, some of the audience in front of the TV or the netizens in front of the computers would agree with some of his jokes.

The course of this period’s timeline is also the same. The people of Huaxia are also descendants of the fiery emperor and the yellow emperor[3]. Yan Mu Lin felt he didn’t have to worry so much. There will always be an episode where his performance would be slightly worse. Each episode will always put pressure on others. It really does not give the seniors a lot of face, although he didn’t want to give the seniors face either.

After researching for nearly two hours, Yan Mu Lin began to give his selected clips as source material to the two persons in his group. Of course, he also politely asked for the two’s opinions to show his magnanimity.

For the theme of the script, it was natural to choose something different from the present. Yan Mu Lin recalled the funny videos that he had seen in his last life. Which have not yet appeared, and those that he’d already seen.

When it came to palace dramas, Yan Mu Lin conveniently thought about the once popular ‘Empresses in the Palace’ that was known by everyone all over the country. There were even many different versions of it popping up online such as:

I just realized I drank too much tea tonight and I wasn’t in the mood to fall asleep. If I keep doing this, my skin would be damaged. I will drink a cup of milk before I go to bed only then can I be at ease and sleep. It’s also excellent for sleep quality. Although it’s good to drink tea with friends, we shouldn’t overdo it or we may lose the emperor’s favor.

Speaker: I lost sleep.

Another example: Just now, I saw a leather schoolbag at Taobao. The appearance and color was really pretty. I thought it would be excellent to show off your skin color.

Speaker: Ma, I bought a bag.

That was the ‘insomnia’ version and the ‘Taobao buying a package version’. Furthermore, there were also all sorts of versions integrated into modern life: Beauty version, learning a new language version, studying abroad version and etc.

They were pressed for time. After consulting with his teammates, Yan Mu Lin decided that he would arrange the script’s dialogue while the other two teammates, who specialized in the technical stuff, would work on editing the video and dub.

After Yan Mu Lin carefully studied, he found that the stories of ‘The Legend of Yifei’ and ‘Empresses in the palace’ are quite similar. They are also both a high-quality palace drama with both logic and reason. The antique worded dialogue bore the charm and elegance of ancient Chinese poetry. But he didn’t know why it still wasn’t imitated by the majority of the netizens. Perhaps it was because it lacked a few stimulating factors. The ancient style has not yet been dug up and exposed. Yan Mu Lin had checked and consulted it. There were really no relevant ancient styles.

Touching his chin he thought, if there isn’t one, it would be better for him to dig it up, expose it and watch it play out. He also needed to integrate the ancient culture with the modern times. This way he can prove that he is really alive.

Getting an inspiration, Yan Mu Lin began to find suitable source materials. With 10 minutes of video content, they can integrate many elements. What he didn’t think about was Zhen huan’s interesting style this period. Yan Mu Lin had only planned to use ancient costume dramas but currently, the popularity of movies, soap operas and even animation can now be integrated into the video. If the program didn’t set any restrictions on the video, he would have even gotten people to capture in it.

At the moment, there was only ‘The legend of Yifei’ and there was no ‘Empresses in the palace’. Yan Mu Lin can only call his video style, the Yifei style. It should be interesting. At least based on his observations, both of his teammates thought that his creativity was particularly good. They quietly whispered that it would be good if he joined their creative team. Yan Mu Lin only smiled and didn’t speak. That video wasn’t considered to be wholly his personal creative idea, it was drawn from the experiences in his past life, but he was afraid to say it.

The other four also had their own creative ideas, moreover, their ideas were not bad at all it was just that they were more inclined to use spoofs. There was also Tian Zhenyang who used a more pragmatic style. In short, everyone was seriously working hard. The first two times, they had been defeated by Yan Mu Lin. This time they also have their own specialties. They must raise the pressure on everyone else. With the drive and pressure to get first place, the four were all working their best.

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[1] A Taiwanese writer

[2] Author writes Bian zi but it really means Qing Dynasty. Bian zi is a very distinct braid that was mostly worn in that period.

[3] Basically saying, Chinese people are still Chinese there.