Rebirth of a CV Star 45.2

Chapter 45: Video

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Regardless of how the others did, Yan Mu Lin wrote the story of Princess Yifei in the ‘Empresses in the palace’ style. The two members and the cameraman didn’t laugh until they saw the contents of the script that he wrote and thought about the scenes in the script corresponding with different films and TV series. Ai yo, Ai yo. Going to die laughing. Really want to share it to others but we all signed a confidentiality contract. Must not speak about it….ahahahahahahahaha, it’s so funny.

After working hard the whole day, Yan Mu Lin and his team members finally submitted their final edited and dubbed version to the director at 10 pm that night. The contents of the video were all edited by Yan Mu Lin himself with the cameraman filming him as proof. However, this couldn’t be said to the public at the moment which caused one’s heart to feel really itchy.

When Director Teng, the screenwriters and the others watched the video submitted by Yan Mu Lin, from the tenth second they began to foolishly laugh at it for the whole ten minutes.


No good. They mustn’t laugh, there’s work to do. Hey cameraman, can you stop filming the director? I don’t want to be in the camera.

The cameraman shook his head: No.

They didn’t expect Yan Mu Lin’s team to be the first one to submit the video. After they finished the task arranged by the program’s team they were informed by the scriptwriters to rest in the lobby for some light refreshments and also do a short interview. When Yan Mu Lin came back from the rest room, Tao Bai Ran trotted in confidently. He started to provoke Yan Mu Lin, “This time I’m gonna knock you down. You can’t be first in every episode—”

Yan Mu Lin smiled and said, “That’s very kind of you. I also don’t want to be first in every episode.”

Tao Bai Ran couldn’t say anything back and can only change the subject, “Do you mind telling me what theme you chose?”

He didn’t know if it was because Tao Bai Ran’s company gave him etiquette classes but at the beginning of the third episode, he hasn’t made any sarcastic remarks that would have made people sour to death like before.

But there was still a lot to think about. He didn’t know when he would have the opportunity to compete with Yan Mu Lin again. Just hating on the other party to prevent their own reputation from shattering.  He was annoyed.

Not long after that, the other three had also completed their task and submitted a video to the director. Naturally, the director didn’t laugh as foolishly as he did when watching Yan Mu Lin’s video. He especially reserved sitting in front of the computer watching the videos. All five of them had arrived. Everyone sat on the sofa and waited for the director’s his next instructions, on whether to go back to the hotel and sleep or to announce tomorrow’s task.

After the videos were submitted, the director announced:

“From tonight onwards until tomorrow afternoon, you will not be allowed to use your phones or access the internet. This is to ensure fairness on our next activities. We will upload the five carefully designed  and produced videos made today at exactly midnight to Liangku video website which works in daily cooperation with the Qian Chang Di Yin [1]company.

The publicity and promotion of the videos will be the same and each video will not be treated any differently from the others. Only the number of hits and clicks before 8 pm tomorrow night will be taken into account. Those stats will be used for the evaluation and the back-end data in the net can be used as proof so everyone can rest assured. Seeing that this particular segment of the program is a bit special, I’d like to request everyone to stay at the company’s dormitory for tonight. This afternoon we specially instructed different brokers and assistants to take bring their luggage here. Now, you may all rest. See you tomorrow.”

The director talked a lot concerning the follow-up videos and how they would judge the results. Everyone didn’t have an opinion. Afterall, this was the fairest way. Rather than letting other people supervise the other competitors, it was better to be faster that they themselves would be the ones to supervise them. It was better to believe in yourself than in others.

Although he didn’t care too much about the ranking, Yan Mu Lin was still worried that the netizens wouldn’t be able to understand his concept and won’t be interested in his work.

Touching his chin, it was cold.

It was better to get a good night’s sleep tonight since he had to welcome the program’s tasks tomorrow.

Qian Chang Di Yin’s dormitories were not that simple. Although they were small, they were well furnished complete with all the necessities[2]. There were five rooms in a suite and each room was about 42 square meters in size including the toilet and the bathroom.

Everyone can bear with it for just one night. At least it was clean and tidy. Yan Mu Lin didn’t care. The places he used to live in were a hundred time worse off than there. He felt very comfortable.

Lu Zhong Ting was a young master that had a little bit of family background. As a child he had been living a life of luxury[3] and had seldom suffered from hardship and had only been tired from work. He had very little contact with a harsh or difficult living environment. Oh, no, he hasn’t had any contact at all.

He couldn’t sleep at all this night. The room was too small and the air conditioning[4] wasn’t as nice and warm.

Thinking of Yan Mu Lin who was in the neighboring room, he took two pieces of face masks from his carry on bag, ran towards Yan Mu Lin’s room in front of his door and knocked.

Faced with the smiling visage of his senior, Yan Mu Lin who wanted to go to sleep had to remember his manners and politely step aside to invite the man in.

Originally, he thought that the other would just come over and then leave right away but who thought that Lu Zhong Ting would not play according to his cards at all, “Let’s apply face masks together.”

The corners of Yan Mu Lin’s mouth were stiff: “Okay?”

Just after he agreed, Tang Wenhao also entered with a poker face: “I’ll also join.”

Lu Zhong Ting gave him a blank look: “I don’t have one for you.”

Tang Wen Hao replied: “I brought my own.”

Tao Bai Ran, who had been watching TV down the hall, saw the opportunity to interact with the seniors and also went over to join in: “Applying face masks together? I’ll join too. I brought a thermos for whitening and acne removal. I also have a sleeping mask and night cream.”

Surrounded, Yan Mu Lin was helpless: “ “

He didn’t want to apply face masks together with these guys at all.

Just as the men in the room sat on the sofa and applied face masks, the program team quietly uploaded the five videos produced by the celebrities that day on the internet.

The first to find the videos were naturally the otakus whom have mixed in with the internet for years and did not just scroll past Weibo, did not brush off the video and did not sleep. There had not been any ranking order to the videos so to say, they were all placed on the page together. The title of the videos were all made by the contestants. Whether they attract viewers or not would depend on their writing skill and how deep their understanding was of the netizens.

The five videos were titled:

If animals became humans

Three men. One stage.

Rong-momo’s[5] Emperor Xia Yu He

Summer’s coming, time to lose weight.

Talking about people- Princess Yi style

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[1] I think this is supposed to be a wordplay on 低吟浅唱 which means Di Yin Qian Chang—which describes soft lyrical songs.

[2] Originally 麻雀虽小但五脏俱全 (idiom) literally meaning “The sparrow may be small but it has all its vital organs” – small but complete in detail.

[3] Literally 锦衣玉食, meaning brocade garments and jade meals.

[4] Those with a heating mode.

[5] Momo means wet nurse

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