[RiaIM] Chapter 3.1 The new world’s acting skills and audition

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Early next morning, Zhou Hehui guided Chu Yan to the audition with a poor complexion.

Although he had just recently become Chu Yan’s agent, it seemed that Zhou Hehui had already made preparations for it. Yesterday evening, Chu Yan first looked at the AI script arranged by Zhou Hehui before reading the hardcopy. He had to admit that this script’s arrangement wasn’t bad.

After a hundred years, you only needed a little bit of acting skills, to be a little good-looking or possess a peculiar face to become an actor. It was because of this new thing that was invented a hundred years ago — — the AI Script.

AI meant Artificial Intelligence. Although the current Artificial Intelligence didn’t completely reach the human’s brain level, it was still to the extent that was comparable to a human’s intelligence. With it, sorting out any kind of data on actors about their dramas, movies, cartoon animations, commercial videos of the past millennium was an easy thing to do.

The hardcopy was imported in the AI microchip in a special way. The Artificial Intelligence would then automatically search for similar extracts, and produce a 2D virtual image while teaching you how to act.

For example, if the extract was a fight scene, the AI would accordingly go over a hundred years of data and simulate a fight scene for you. If the extract was a love scene, the AI would go through the classic romantic movies and show you what to do. An excellent AI script even included small actions like stroking the hair and simulate it for you. In reality, however, it wasn’t that excellent.

Every actor commented that an AI Script was something indispensable. It would help you reduce the time in deepening the understanding of the storyline… but this thing in Chu Yan’s eyes was totally a malignant tumor!

Of course, for an ordinary actor, it was good to have an AI that cleared obstacles for you, which also lowered the standards for becoming an actor. But on this planet, there had never been identical people. Thinking of the whole galaxy, there were even less identical actors!

Chu Yan remembered that a hundred years ago there was once a Movie Emperor who announced this statement while conferring awards: “A thousand people have a thousand Hamlets. What I did was reveal my Hamlet to you and show you my story. Maybe if it was another actor, the performance would have been different. But I am thankful for your support to me, your support to the characters I portrayed and the support to the stories I recited.”

An actor was someone who put words into an image.

Together an actor and director would transform a brilliant script into a dynamic image for the audience to understand more deeply.

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Yesterday evening Chu Yan still spent some time to look at the AI Script delivered by Zhou Hehui several times. After all, this was the other’s kind intentions. But after reading it, he was stunned and felt regretful.

Each actor had his own little tricks and acting style. However, in this world, first-rate actors owned a complete and custom studio which could help them produce a better AI Script.

This meant that the actors were losing originality — — or at least losing half the possibilities gained from creating by themselves.

It wasn’t that there weren’t any good actors right now, but there were many people who could become better actors that have been suppressed in the cradle generations after generations.

The sky was a clear blue. After the spring rain, all the living things gradually awakened. A warm smell filled the air, carrying a few exquisite flower fragrances along with it. When Chu Yan and Zhou Hehui got off the suspension car, the staff in charge of welcoming them was already waiting in the parking lot. They quickly first took Chu Yan to change clothes and put on makeup.

Not everyone could receive this type of treatment, many people would apply make-up and change clothes on their own before going to the audition. When the staff member responsible for the make-up saw how Chu Yan looked, he praised his fine skin and pretty eyes. But when the person stopped talking, his eyes would always shift to glance at Zhou Hehui.

“It is inconvenient for me to enter when auditioning, I will wait for you outside.” Zhou Hehui carefully checked the AI Script he prepared, looked at Chu Yan and then said: “I’m going to stay outside and wait for your good news. Don’t be too nervous. It’s not a big problem.”

Hearing what he said, a dark glint flashed in Chu Yan’s eyes, followed by a laugh: “En, good, I understand.”

‘Not a big problem’ signified that this role wasn’t unexpected. It would certainly be yours.

After finishing the make-up, the makeup artist gave Chu Yan a military costume and asked him to change in the dressing room. By the time Chu Yan exited, he saw that the makeup artist was laughing and chatting with Zhou Hehui; this was the gold medal agent in this circle, having a good relationship with the other person would naturally be advantageous.

Zhou Hehui was the first one to notice Chu Yan.

He casually turned his head and caught sight of the youngster walking out. His gaze stilled for a moment. After half a second, Zhou Hehui seriously observed Chu Yan. He nodded appreciatively with a stunned expression.

As for the make-up artist on the side, he was even more amazed.

Although complimenting Chu Yan was a way to curry favor with Zhou Hehui, he was genuinely praising Chu Yan. This make-up artist has followed many performers and production teams and has met countless beautiful people. Chu Yan could be regarded as a top-quality among others, but he wouldn’t be at the top.

Because after all, in this world, the plastic surgery industry has already developed into a giant. As long as you have the money, if you wanted to look exactly like the Movie Emperor or Movie Empress, there wasn’t any problem. However, there was a disparity between natural beauty and those that have undergone surgery. In the past the make-up artist has never felt it, until today when he finally saw this youngster.

The straight and ironed uniform clung on the tall and upright body of the youngster. The blue-gray clothes contrasted with his fair face that it seemed a bit transparent. Sunlight shone from a nearby window, illuminating a layer of light on the dark-colored clothes. The youngster had unfastened {n} the collar, highlighting a beautiful, slender and dazzling white neck.

{the author didn’t add a character to the word ‘fasten’, so we changed it to unfasten}

He clearly did that makeup, and he clearly checked this face just a moment ago, but he didn’t know why, the make-up artist suddenly felt that the youngster was a little unfamiliar. His {CY} clear eyes reflected the calm and steady lights. Handsome and elegant. Noble and indifferent. There was a sudden sharp glint in his eyes. He raised his eyes, causing the make-up artist to stare blankly at him, startled.

This face was absolutely natural! It didn’t undergo any surgery, because this type of stern look didn’t contain any artificial traces at all!

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