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[RiaIM] Chapter 3.2 The new world’s acting skills and audition

Proofreader: Little Cheerydandan (KoFi)

Translator: bluedreamsfairy? (KoFi)


Zhou Hehui was extremely satisfied with the results of Chu Yan changing clothes. Soon, he took Chu Yan in a corridor under the staff assistant’s lead.

Zhou Hehui stated: “I’m only accompanying you until here. I will wait for your good news.”

Hearing what he said, Chu Yan couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. He amusedly inquired: “Previously my acting was bad. Zhou ge {n} is aware of it. Are you that confident in me?”

{reminder, in China there are polite ways to address ‘strangers’. It’s strongly based on one’s age (older than you). ge means big brother}

Listening to the youngster’s mocking words, Zhou Hehui neither unhurriedly nor impatiently asked: “Can you laugh while running?”

Chu Yan’s smile deepened and didn’t reply.

Zhou Hehui calmly added: “As long as you can laugh and run, or cry and scream, then this role will be yours.”

Look at this back door, simply lawless!

After following the staff assistant who formally entered the waiting room for the audition, Chu Yan glimpsed at other people similarly coming for the audition. According to the staff assistant’s words, today’s audition was for the second male lead. Therefore, those ten people unexpectedly all came to audition for the second male lead. Chu Yan was really surprised.

So many people came here to audition for the second male lead? One could well imagine that this drama would be certainly hot, moreover there were many Huaxia actors…

Without much thought, Chu Yan went to a vacant seat and sat down. He wore his own VR lens and continued reading his script.

He had chosen ten excerpts from the script and prepared everything in an evening. Chu Yan was extremely self-confident but didn’t put airs. He still had to properly prepare for those 10 parts.

Actually, as soon as Chu Yan stepped in the room, the others immediately noticed the youngster.

No wonder. It was because his attire was too exquisite and handsome that he suddenly attracted everyone’s attention.

A good-looking, black haired youngster with black eyes. Every move exuded some kind of noble manner. Even though he was sitting in the middle among the others, but his lowered head and quiet figure made the people feel that he was particularly outstanding. One glance and you would notice him within the crowd.

『This image is so much like Chu Chen!』

— — everyone thought.

Chu Chen was the second male lead of the adapted drama 《Bloody Battle》{n}, and also the role that those people today were auditioning for.

{Bloody War is more fitting, but it isn’t just a war decided by a king to another country, it’s more a battle with oneself. Chu Chen will go through an important period… so I translated it as Bloody Battle}

Before, Chu Yan believed that all the people in this room came to audition for Chu Chen. In fact, he was wrong. Just one room? There was also the same room next door. All the people there also came to audition for Chu Chen!

A second male lead worthy of nearly a hundred actors to come audition? Could it be that this play was that great?

Actually, it wasn’t because of that at all. It was because the popularity of the second male lead was quite high and the character was also quite charming. Even in the original novel, it also repeatedly won first place as “the most popular character”. It could even be said that he was the Male god in countless readers’ hearts!

Chu Chen’s family background was first class. He had handsome features and the innate temperament of a young master. In the early chapters of the novel he had always been a ‘negative example’ of a playboy. But after his sole big brother was killed in battle; he had a change of heart. He shouldered the heavy burden of reviving the Chu family. Furthermore, in the end, he rescued the male lead in the midst of danger and died with a smile during the battle.

A handsome second-generation military. In the early stages a rebel, who later became a ruthless general!

This was simply putting all the popular tropes of the whole galaxy together. Truly shining ah!

Chu Yan naturally didn’t know what other people were thinking. He was still carefully reading his script with his head low, trying to keep in mind how he should perform the 10 excerpts. Compared with the others, who had prepared themselves for a few days and acted accordingly to the AI’s Script, Chu Yan’s preparation time was really short. Referring to the script would also be more difficult.

Some people noticed from earlier that the script that Chu Yan was reading seemed different from theirs. Although communication tools had protective screens to block other people, but the gap between a static word screen and an incessant flashing movie screen wasn’t small.

Even if Chu Yan didn’t wear the VR lens, the other auditionees wouldn’t be able to guess what he was reading, but they were convinced that: this person absolutely wasn’t watching an AI Script!

Since the beginning, they couldn’t figure out what in the end Chu Yan was reading. Some others imagined that he was likely reading the original novel, but they didn’t wait long before some other people retorted and laughed at them: “This is an audition, who else goes to read the original work? Clasping Buddha’s feet {n} now is too late!”

{idiom 抱佛脚, clasp Buddha’s feet when in trouble, making a last-minute effort}

While Chu Yan and the others were waiting outside the audition room, several people left the other room. The handsome and bright profile of an arrogant youngster randomly glazed at Chu Yan. His eyes were a little stunned. His gaze traced at the other’s carelessly lowered head and then stared at Chu Yan’s virtual screen.

That person was suddenly dumbfounded and blurted out: “You are reading a hardcopy?!”

Chu Yan came to his senses.

Among the other people’s stupefied expressions, even Chu Yan was a little startled. He then nodded and confirmed: “Yes”

It was only a simple affirmation. He didn’t deny nor made any room for further conversation. Chu Yan lightly {n} glossed over the topic.

{pr: originally : as light as a feather]

Soon, the youngster was called in to start his audition. When he walked in front of Chu Yan, he gave him a meaningful look and left a suggestion behind: “It’s too late to read the hardcopy now. Honestly, you better just watch the AI Script.”

It sounded like he was concerned, but his manner of speaking was full of gloating.

Chu Yan raised his eyebrows and glanced at this youngster, not saying anything. The auditionee sitting next to him {CY} waited for him {the arrogant youngster} to go away and commented: “I didn’t expect young master Li to unexpectedly audition for the second male lead. Didn’t they say that half of the funds were invested by his family in the《Bloody Battle》team, then what’s the point of us auditioning for the male lead?“

Hearing the question, Chu Yan’s mind suddenly recalled that arrogant youngster of a moment ago.

He turned his face and asked: “Who is young master Li?”

Before he was about to repeat the question, another auditioner replied in astonishment: “You actually don’t know who young master Li is? His name is Li Zhetian, he was recently quite famous ah. His family has a lot of money, They’re one of the top ranked transport traders of the capital city Star. After he entered the entertainment circle, the Li family supported him with a lot of money. Last time, he played the second male lead in an interstellar film, and earned many fangirls. This time, the Li family is one of the two big investors in 《Bloody Battle》”

Several people were still talking when the young master Li came out of the auditioning room. Seeing his cocky manner, just one look and they understood that he was a spoilt son who had never been disciplined from a young age. When he passed by Chu Yan, young master Li still saw him reading the dense hardcopy. He didn’t say anything but sneered at him and walked away.

Upon witnessing this, Chu Yan didn’t react. But the auditionee next to him, shook his head and spoke: “Look at this young master Li, I’m afraid he is determined to win this role. Sigh, today I came here for nothing again…”

Gazing at young master Li’s back in the distance, Chu Yan narrowed his eyes slightly and switched off the screen of his communicator.

Young master Li wanted this role, but Zhou Hehui said that as long as he could laugh and run, then this role would be his…

Therefore, whose words had a higher credibility?

“Number 71, Chu Yan, screen test”

The author has something to say:

XD little sisters, whose words are more trustworthy~

However you dared to claim that Fuwa {n} is short and small?!

Quickly search every Fuwa’s section’s numbers! You are suddenly falsely accusing Fuwa! Heaven, incredible!

Bullying Fuwa!

{note5: 5 mascots of the 2008 Olympics. I am not sure if she refers to them or to the protagonist or something else… When I asked the group, someone suggested that the author was trying to be cute by calling herself ‘lucky baby’… Well, I will leave it as Fuwa, so it depends on your preference}


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