[RiaIM] Chapter 4.1 Auditioning and entering in the cast~

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After overseeing 70 auditions in a day, the director and screenwriter were extremely exhausted.

This type of audition basically took into account the actors’ AI Script’s power of expression. Unless you had an excellent studio that specialized in AI Script analysis, it would likely be that everyone’s performance was about the same. The expressions and actions were about the same… nothing new.

Therefore, when Li Zhetian appeared in the audition room, everyone probably guessed that the second male lead role would belong to him.

Li Zhetian’s family invested 5 million Star Coins in 《Bloody Battle》, occupying half of the production team’s funds. Actually, at the beginning, the director already reserved the role of the male lead for Li Zhetian. After all, Li Zhetian was quite popular now and his acting skills were acceptable. Being the male lead was more than sufficient.

But who would have expected that Li Zhetian would take a fancy for the second male lead role.

There was no choice but to admit that the actors who came to audition for the second male lead were too unlucky.

— — This certainty lasted until the 71th person came for the audition. There had been a huge change.

A tall, straight, pure and handsome youngster’s face showed up in the room. Director Wang Long suddenly stared at him with wide eyes, carefully sizing up the other for a long time. The clothes on his body indeed closely matched with the role of ‘Chu Chen’. Charming features, noble temperament, white face, red lips… looking extremely like the spoilt son of a rich family.

After Chu Yan walked onto the stage and presented himself, Wang Long’s rare interest was raised. He then seriously asked him: “Which excerpt did you choose?”

Chu Yan nodded with a smile and then answered: “I chose the fourth one, Director Wang.”

The audition followed next.

Hearing that Chu Yan chose the fourth excerpt, Director Wang was surprised and sighed a few times in regret. The fourth excerpt’s difficulty was extremely high because it wasn’t a single person scene, but a rivalry scene.

The male actor playing Chu Chen’s big brother Chu Song was already decided. He was a fairly good second-tier actor. He had already recorded a holographic image of the fourth excerpt’s audition. If someone chose it, they could project it and let it act with the auditionees.

Previously, some people chose to play the fourth excerpt but their results were too terrible.

Not acting with a real person, but with a holographic image. The other’s expression, action, talking speed and mood couldn’t be completely predicted. Such that one time, it happened that the auditionee still hadn’t finished speaking, when big brother Chu Song already started to explain about the circumstances.

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With a worried mind, Director Wang and some other people lifted their heads to look at the stage.

When they announced ‘begin’, it seemed as if there was a ‘click’ and a change occurred. The youngster’s firm gaze was sternly watching the left front direction. Obviously at this moment he was wearing elegant clothes, but his waist was slightly bent and he was clenching his teeth with an unyielding expression.

In this moment: Chu Song’s tall and sturdy back suddenly emerged on the stage.

Under the light of the holographic image, the back was a little vague, but the character’s appearance and movements were expressed very meticulously. Chu Song’s face was ashen. His brows wrinkled tightly, trying to suppress the deep flames of fury. He glared at the youngster before his eyes and ranted: “Scoundrel, you still have the face to meet me?! You haven’t had enough of last time’s punishment. You dared to go as far as provoking Chen family’s son on the street and break his arm!”

When this sentence dropped, Director Wang immediately focused on Chu Yan on the other side.

But to his surprise, Chu Yan didn’t react. His stubborn expression was still closely looking at the virtual image. After a short while, grinding his teeth he exclaimed: “I didn’t!”

The actor playing the role of Chu Song naturally didn’t know what was currently happening, he just recorded in advance. After Chu Yan’s words, he suddenly clenched his fists tightly and with a hateful disappointed {n} expression, he scrutinized the youngster: “Didn’t do what? You didn’t break Chen Er’s arm? You didn’t shout ‘I am Chu family’s second young master, and I will beat you Chen Er’ in the middle of the street? Chu Chen, how could Chu family have such a social scum like you!”

{idiom 恨铁不成钢, to feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement}

He stopped speaking. Everyone of the director team was amazed. They watched as the youngster trembled on the stage. His whole figure staggered forward, as if he has been whipped by someone!

The majority of people wouldn’t carefully write the AI Script’s story. This excerpt was about Chu Song educating Chu Chen. Afterwards in the hardcopy, the old butler would take the whip, and while containing his tears, exert the punishment on the doted second young master.

Chu Song didn’t do the job himself and the old butler wasn’t in the specialized recording of the holographic screen test image. Therefore, whatever they wanted to show was completely up to the auditionee’s intention. Previously, some auditionees would simply continue to act with Chu Song, not caring about the third party’s existence at all.

But now, Chu Yan’s action clearly shocked the director’s team.

Especially the screenwriter. When he noted this scene, he was suddenly stupefied. After that, he excitedly eyed the stage — —

This was the scene he wrote!